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18 - 22 Aug 2003

IGSw02 - Random Walks in Random Environment

in association with the IGS programme
Supported by The European Science Foundation (ESF) through its project Random Dynamics in Spacially Extended Systems

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

22 Aug 2003: Survival probability of a test particle in a random vicious environment
O. Zaboronski
22 Aug 2003: Some particle systems with moving catalysts
H. Kesten
22 Aug 2003: Random walk representation and fluctuation theory of phase separation lines
D. Ioffe
22 Aug 2003: Stochastically evolving networks
B. Hughes
22 Aug 2003: Spending its life at the bottom: the local time of recurrent RWRE
22 Aug 2003: Estmates for random walks in symmetric random environment applied to stochastic interface
T. Delmotte
21 Aug 2003: Some proofs for vertex reinforced jump process
S. Volkov
21 Aug 2003: Recovering information from a randomly mixed up message-text II
H. Matzinger
21 Aug 2003: Recovering information from a randomly mixed up message-text I
H. Matzinger
21 Aug 2003: Intermittency in a catalytic random medium
F. Hollander
21 Aug 2003: Homogenisation of random walks in asymmetric random environment
J. G. Conlon
20 Aug 2003: Localisation transition of friendly walkers
N. Yoshida
20 Aug 2003: Random Schroedinger operators with scaled Gibbsian potentials
F. Merkl
20 Aug 2003: Brownian directed polymers in random environment
F. M. Comets
20 Aug 2003: Fluctuation exponents and large deviations for directed polymers in a random environment
P. Carmona
19 Aug 2003: Polymer absorption - random copolymers and random surfaces
S. Whittington
19 Aug 2003: Large deviations for random walks in mixing random environment, and other (non-markov) random walks
F. Rassoul-Agha
19 Aug 2003: Random walks in space-time random environments
C. Boldrighini
19 Aug 2003: Few random walk problems
I. Benjamini
18 Aug 2003: Unviversal probabililty distributions of the free energy of directed polymers in a random medium
B. Derrida
18 Aug 2003: Biased random walk on percolation clusters
N. Bereger
18 Aug 2003: Random walks on percolation clusters
M. Barlow

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2003IGS > IGSw02

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