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22 - 26 Sep 2003

GPFw01 - Flow regimes, transitions and segregation in granular and particle-laden flows

in association with the GPF programme

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For the full list of seminars given during this programme, see:

26 Sep 2003: A super-stable granular heap in a thin channel
N. Taberlat
26 Sep 2003: Dry shear flows
H. Shen
26 Sep 2003: Granular leidenfrost phenomenon: density inversion in a granular gas
P. G. Eshuis
26 Sep 2003: Transitions between regimes
M. Cates
26 Sep 2003: Avalance onset on a 2d granular packing: preliminary results
M. A. Aguirre
25 Sep 2003: Elastic, frictional deformations
M. Koenders
25 Sep 2003: Dynamics of 3D sheared/vibrated flows
K. Daniels
25 Sep 2003: Granular piles and marginal rigidity
R. Blumenfeld
24 Sep 2003: Times scales in dense granular flows
D. Z. Zhang
24 Sep 2003: Diffusion and elastic energy measurements in dense granular shear flows
B. Utter
24 Sep 2003: Modelling and computing geophysical mass flows
E. B. Pitman
24 Sep 2003: Shear induced transitions in over-damped particle flow, ordering and thickening
J. Melrose
24 Sep 2003: Debris flows
R. Iverson
24 Sep 2003: Dense flows of dry grains
F. Chevoir
24 Sep 2003: Discrete particle model: approximating the shape of natural particles
J. Calatoni
23 Sep 2003: Dry avalanches
O. Pouliquen
23 Sep 2003: Particle segregation
M. Louge
23 Sep 2003: Thermodynamics of segregating granular mixtures
N. Kirchner
23 Sep 2003: Segregation in 2D inclined chute flows
R. Delannay
22 Sep 2003: Sand ripples formation in a laminar boundary layer flow
A. Valance
22 Sep 2003: Transition from saltation to sheet flow in aeolian sediment transport
J. Passini
22 Sep 2003: The dynamics of thrown granula beds & Fluid driven separation in binary granular mixtures
P. J. King & M. R. Swift
22 Sep 2003: Continuum models for aeolian sand ripples
R. Hoyle
22 Sep 2003: An experimental investigation of bed load transport mechanisms for shallow water flow down steep slopes
T. Boehm

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2003GPF > GPFw01

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