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14 - 17 Apr 2003

CPDw04 - Interphase 2003: Numerical Methods for Free Boundary Problems

in association with the CPD programme

17 Apr 2003: Two models of phase transition
U. Weikard
17 Apr 2003: Adaptve finite element methods for phase field problems
A. Schmidt
17 Apr 2003: Computing epitaxial growth with attachment-detachment kinetics
O. Lakkis
17 Apr 2003: A posteriori error control for the Allen-Cahn problem: circumventing Gronwall's inequality
D. Kessler
17 Apr 2003: Finite element methods for surface diffusion
E. Baensch
16 Apr 2003: Full-contact in a posteriori error estimation for obstacle problems
A. Veeser
16 Apr 2003: Monotone multigrid for Allen-Cahn equations
R. Kornhuber
16 Apr 2003: Relatavistic motion by mean curvature
M. B. Hindmarsh
16 Apr 2003: Computations of form and stability of rotating drops with finite elements
C-J Heine
16 Apr 2003: Eikonal equations with discontinuities: uniqueness and numerical approximation
K. Deckelnick
16 Apr 2003: Surface restoration via Willmore-flow
U. Clarenz
16 Apr 2003: Modified Allen-Cahn equation and applications
M. Benes
15 Apr 2003: Modelling and simulation of the sublimation growth of SiC bulk single crystals
J. Sprekels
15 Apr 2003: On active contours, edge detection and segmentation
R. Kimmel
15 Apr 2003: Phase field models for dendritic growth
N. Goldenfeld
15 Apr 2003: Numerical methods for conformally parametrized surfaces
G. Dziuk
14 Apr 2003: Numerical analysis of models for diffusion induced grain boundary motion
V. Styles
14 Apr 2003: Finite element approximation of saturated/unsaturated flow and reactive solute transport in porous media
F. A. Radu
14 Apr 2003: Finite element approximation of a void electromigration model
R. Nurnberg
14 Apr 2003: A semi-Lagrangian scheme for mean curvature motion
M. Falcone

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2003CPD > CPDw04

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