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7 - 11 Apr 2003

CPDw03 - Multiscale Modelling , Multiresolution and Adaptivity

in association with the CPD programme
Supported by the European Commission, Research DG, Human Potential Programme, High-Level Scientific Conferences

11 Apr 2003: Adaptive moving mesh techniques for moving boundary value problems
J. Mackenzie
11 Apr 2003: Anisotropic mesh refinement based upon error gradients
P. Jimack
10 Apr 2003: Convergence rates for adaptive FEM
E. Von Schwerin
10 Apr 2003: Adaptive monte carlo algorithm for killed diffusion
K-S Moon
10 Apr 2003: Geological modelling: multiphysics data to multiscale models
C. Farmer
10 Apr 2003: Scientific computing of reflexed minimization models in 3 applications
C. Carstensen
10 Apr 2003: Wavelet-based adaptive convex optimization
C. Canuto
9 Apr 2003: Adaptive convex optimization: Convergence results
K. Urban
9 Apr 2003: Adaptive wavelet methods for control problems with PDE constraints
A. Kunoth
9 Apr 2003: Easily inverted approximation type preconditioners for almost-diagonal matrices arising from two-dimensional elliptic operators
S. C. Hawkins
9 Apr 2003: Adaptive wavelet methods for control problems with PDE constraints
W. Dahmen
8 Apr 2003: Adaptive solution of operator equations using wavelet frames
R. Stevenson
8 Apr 2003: Adaptive discretization of optimization problems with PDE constraints
R. Rannacher
7 Apr 2003: Multiscale computation for flow through heterogeneous media
T. Hou
7 Apr 2003: Pseudo residual free bubbles and subgrids
F. Brezzi

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2003CPD > CPDw03

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