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23 - 24 Feb 2003

CPDw02 - Computational Challenges in Micromagnetics and Superconductivity

in association with the CPD programme
supported by Hewlett-Packard

14 Feb 2003: Using PDE's to develop the application of superconductors
M. McCulloch
14 Feb 2003: Macroscopic models of superconductivity
J. Chapman
13 Feb 2003: Numerical analysis of stationary and nonstationary micromegnetism
A. Prohl
13 Feb 2003: An eddy current-micromagnetic model with application to disk write heads
P. Monk
13 Feb 2003: Weak and regular soultions for Landau-Lifschitz equations: existence and asymptotic behaviour
G. Carbou

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2003CPD > CPDw02

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