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20 - 24 Jan 2003

CPDw01 - Mathematical Challenges in Scientific & Engineering Computation

in association with the CPD programme
supported by the Engineeering and Physical Sciences Research Council of Great Britain

24 Jan 2003: Inverse electromagnetic scattering
P. Monk
24 Jan 2003: Challenges in scientific and engineering computation
M. Giles
23 Jan 2003: Integral equation methods for direct and inverse scattering by unbound surfaces
S. Chandler-Wilde
23 Jan 2003: Numerical methods for the solution of a system of eikonal equations wth Dirichlet boundary conditions
R. Glowinski
22 Jan 2003: Adaptive finite element methods for hyperbolic problems
E. Suli
20 Jan 2003: The role of error control and adaptivity in numerical computation
R. Rannacher
20 Jan 2003: Emerging areas for computational mathematics in industry
J. Ockendon

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2003CPD > CPDw01

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