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9 - 20 Dec 2002

NSTw04 - Elliptic Cohomology and Chromatic Phenomena

in association with the NST programme

20 Dec 2002: An idea of homotopical algebraic geometry
G. Vezzosi
19 Dec 2002: Gamma-cohomology and E-infinity structures on some periodic spectra
A. Baker
18 Dec 2002: Towards higher chromatic analogues of elliptic cohomology: curves with high formal group laws
D. Ravenel
18 Dec 2002: Hierachy of Morava K-theories?
N. Minami
18 Dec 2002: Resolutions of the K(2) - local sphere
H. W. Henn
17 Dec 2002: What are the elliptic objects of K3 cohomology
J. Devoto
16 Dec 2002: Spin bordism, contact structure and the cohomolgy of p-groups?
C. Thomas
13 Dec 2002: Report on Mike Hopkins' work on Calabi-Yau cohomolgy
J. Morava
13 Dec 2002: Complex orientation and motivic Galois theory
J. Morava
12 Dec 2002: The elliptic genus of a singular variety
B. Totaro
12 Dec 2002: K(1)-local topological modular forms, the Witten orientation and E cellular structures
G. Laures
11 Dec 2002: On the M-theory action on a manifold with boundary
G. Moore
11 Dec 2002: Gerbes of chiral differential operators
V. Gorbounov
10 Dec 2002: The tengent complex for the moduli stack of formal groups
P. Goerss
9 Dec 2002: Two-vector bundles and elliptic objects
J. Rognes

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2002NST > NSTw04

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