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30 Sep - 4 Oct 2002

NSTw03 - K-theory and arithmetic

in association with the NST programme

4 Oct 2002: K-theory and classical conjectures in the arithmetic of cyclotomic fields
W. Gajda
4 Oct 2002: $K_4$ of curves and syntomic regulators
R. De Jeu
3 Oct 2002: Weil \'etale cohomology
S. Lichtenbaum
2 Oct 2002: de Rham discriminants
M. Taylor
1 Oct 2002: Finite-dimensional motives and the Beilinson-Bloch conjectures
C. Pedrini
30 Sep 2002: Noncommutative Iwasawa Theory
P. Schneider

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2002NST > NSTw03

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