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11 - 15 Feb 2002

MTHw02 - M-Theory, Gravity and Geometry

in association with the MTH programme

15 Feb 2002: Probing black holes
G. Lifschytz
15 Feb 2002: Instanton corrections to circular Wilson loops in N = 4 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills
S. Kovacs
15 Feb 2002: Covariant quantization of the superstring and supermembrane
N. Berkovits
14 Feb 2002: The limits of uniqueness
H. Reall
14 Feb 2002: Moduli spaces of supersymmetric solutions
J. B. Gutowski
14 Feb 2002: Conifolds in M-Theory
G. Gibbons
14 Feb 2002: Orientifolds of curved backgrounds: Geometry and CFT
I. Brunner
14 Feb 2002: Holographic renormalisation
M. Bianchi
13 Feb 2002: WZ solitons near the CMS
P. Townsend
13 Feb 2002: The topological sector of the deconstructed six-dimensional theories
K. Lee
12 Feb 2002: Symmetries of M Theory
P. West
12 Feb 2002: Maldacena-Wilson loops
M. Staudacher
12 Feb 2002: Conformal topological Yang-Mills theory and de Sitter holography
P. de Medeiros
12 Feb 2002: Intersecting branes: phenomenology and geometry
B. Kors
12 Feb 2002: Fractional branes and N = 1 gauge theories
G. Ferretti
12 Feb 2002: K-theory and charges
M. Atiyah
11 Feb 2002: The enhancon made simple
S. Ross
11 Feb 2002: Exceptional theta series and the quantum BPS membrane
B. Pioline
11 Feb 2002: Hyperbolic Lie algebras
D. I. Olive
11 Feb 2002: Tachyons, supertubes and supersymmetric brane-anti-brane systems
D. Mateos
11 Feb 2002: Supergravity duals of wrapped branes
J. P. Gauntlett
11 Feb 2002: Thermality in AdS and dS spacetimes and holography
S. R. Das
11 Feb 2002: Non-local string theories
M. Berkooz

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2002MTH > MTHw02

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