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16 - 20 Dec 2002

CMPw03 - Topics in Computer Communication and Networks

in association with the CMP programme

20 Dec 2002: Fixed point models for performance engineering in enterprise IP networks
R. Gibbens
19 Dec 2002: Building low-diameter peer-to-peer networks
E. Upfal
19 Dec 2002: Network design with selfish agents
E. Tardos
19 Dec 2002: Selfish routing and the price of anarchy
T. Roughgarden
19 Dec 2002: On REM and SAM-estimation of congestion price using probabilistic packet marking
J-Y Cai
19 Dec 2002: Assessing routing behaviour into a shared resource: simulation vs. the Nash equilibrium
A. Brooms
18 Dec 2002: Measurements on the web graph
P. Raghavan
18 Dec 2002: A limit process for long-range dependent arrival models under critical scaling
I. Kaj
18 Dec 2002: Web graphs: models and algorithms
C. Cooper
18 Dec 2002: Asymptotic properties of a simple TCP model
N. Carlsson
17 Dec 2002: On the quality of competitive equilibria in games with submodular social objective functions
A. Vetta
17 Dec 2002: Admission control and routing to parallel queues via Whittle's restless bandit index policy
J. Nino-Mora
17 Dec 2002: Internet resource allocation and a network congestion game
R. Johari
16 Dec 2002: Price equilibria for a congestion game with incomplete information
B. Voecking
16 Dec 2002: Congestion pricing and capacity expansion games
F. Kelly

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsProgrammes & Workshops2002CMP > CMPw03

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