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Rothschild Seminars

A series of occasional talks aimed at a general scientific audience

28 March 2011: The power and weakness of randomness, when you are short on time
Wigderson, A (IAS, Princeton)
8 June 2010: Evolution of Biological Complexity
Goldstein, R
24 May 2010: Renormalisation Group Method in Fluid Dynamics
Sinai, Y
18 May 2009: QRT maps and elliptic surfaces
Duistermaat, J J
11 May 2009: Langlands' functoriality viewed as a kind of function theoretic Poisson formula problem
Lafforgue, L
2 Jun 2009: New Discretization of Complex Analysis
Sergei Petrovich Novikov
2 Jun 2008: Atomism and Quantization
Juerg Froehlich
2 Jun 2008: Maps and graphs on surfaces
C. Thomassen
17 Mar 2008: More Unknowns than equations? Not a problem! Use Sparsity!
D. Donoho
3 Dec 2007: Phylogenetic Nets: Examples and Theoretical Results
A. Dress
8 Oct 2007: The coming revolutions in fundamental physics
D. Gross
18 Jun 2007: On the spectra and dynamics of operators with disorder
M. Aizenman
4 Jun 2007: Universality for mathematical and physical systems
P. Deift
2006: Rothschild Seminars, 2006
2005: Rothschild Seminars, 2005
2004: Rothschild Seminars, 2004
2003: Rothschild Seminars, 2003
2002: Rothschild Seminars, 2002
2001: Rothschild Seminars, 2001
2000: Rothschild Seminars, 2000
1999: Rothschild Seminars, 1999

Newton InstituteWeb Seminars > Rothschild Seminars

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