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Monday Seminars, 2006

3 Dec 2007: Phylogenetic Nets: Examples and Theoretical Results
A. Dress
8 Oct 2007: The coming revolutions in fundamental physics
D. Gross
18 Jun 2007: On the spectra and dynamics of operators with disorder
M. Aizenman
4 Jun 2007: Universality for mathematical and physical systems
P. Deift
11 Dec 2006: Uncertainty and evidence in likelihoods for genetic linkage
E. Thompson
4 Dec 2006: 1953: An unrecognized summit in human genetic linkage analysis
E. Thompson
13 Nov 2006: Noncommutative Geometry and the Structure of Space-Time
A. Connes
5 Jun 2006: Computational Complexity and Proofs of Combinatorial Principles
S. Cook
15 May 2006: Picocanonical Ensembles: A theoretical description of metastable states
D. Dhar
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Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsRothschild Seminars > 2006

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