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Monday Seminars, 2003

2004: Monday Seminars, 2004
29 Sep 2003: Granular flows and earthquake faulting
J. Rice
18 Aug 2003: Conformal invariance and the self avoiding walk
G. Lawler
30 Jun 2003: Cosmology: the large scale strucutre of the universe
J. Smoller
28 Apr 2003: Theoretical and numerical questions related to thin elastic plates and shells
F. Brezzi
10 Mar 2003: Progress in hyperbolic conservation laws
C. Dafermos
17 Feb 2003: Mathematical and computational aspects of nonconvex minimisation problems allowing for microstructure
C. Carstensen
3 Feb 2003: Mathematical models and computation of flux penetration in type II superconductors
C. Elliot
27 Jan 2003: Multifield theory for materials
T. Pence
2002: Monday Seminars, 2002

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsRothschild Seminars > 2003

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