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Monday Seminars, 2002

2003: Monday Seminars, 2003
25 Nov 2002: Special values of zeta-functions
Steve Lichtenbaum
11 Nov 2002: What is elliptic cohomology?
Douglas Ravenel
28 Oct 2002: An overview of certain phase transitions
Jeffrey Steif
21 Oct 2002: Lie groups and their classifying spaces
Bill Dwyer
14 Oct 2002: Global Information from local observation
Laszlo Lovasz
10 Jun 2002: A Hiker's View of K3: Geometric Aspects of Conformal Field Theory
Katrin Wendland
28 May 2002: Update on 3-folds
Miles Reid
20 May 2002: Complex Geometry and String Theory
Robert Dijkgraaf
11 Mar 2002: Geometry, Gravity and M-Theory
Gary Gibbons
25 Feb 2002: Invariant theory and moduli: from Cayley, Nagata to the Verlinde formula
Shigeru Mukai
18 Feb 2002: An introduction to spaces of arcs in the study of singularities
Mirceau Mustata
2001: Monday Seminars, 2001

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsRothschild Seminars > 2002

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