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Monday Seminars, 2001

2002: Monday Seminars, 2002
26 Nov 2001: The theory of Integrable Systems applied to the classical problems of Differential Geometry: N-orthogonal co-ordinate systems and spaces of diagonal curvature
Vladimir Zakharov
19 Nov 2001: How the immune systems uses mathematics to recognize invading pathogens
David Rand
20 Oct 2001: Mathematical and computational challenges posed by models of biological systems
Hans Othmer
15 Oct 2001: An elementary perspective on axiom systems, in general for Euclid in particular
Martin Kruskal
18 Jun 2001: Elliptic equations for composite materials
Louis Nirenberg
11 Jun 2001: Topology and Sobolev spaces
Haim Brezis
14 May 2001: Some unsolved analytic problems in random process theory
Sir John Kingman
30 Apr 2001: A global view of dynamics and recent related results
Jacob Palis
23 Apr 2001: Eleven great problems of mathematical fluid dynamics
Victor Yudovich
12 Mar 2001: New results on inverse mean curvature flow and the Penrose inequality
Gerhard Huisken
5 Mar 2001: Smog and Rain on a windy day
Gregory Falkovich
26 Feb 2001: Combinatorics and polynomials arising from geometric symmetries
Arun Ram
18 Feb 2001: Solar activity and climatic change
Nigel Weiss
22 Jan 2001: Plane-like minimal surfaces in periodic media
Luis Caffarelli
2000: Monday Seminars, 2000

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsRothschild Seminars > 2001

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