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Monday Seminars, 2000

2001: Monday Seminars, 2001
4 Dec 2000: From molecular chaos to deterministic chaos by dimensional reduction
Ed Spiegel
27 Nov 2000: Scale-based geometry for problems in computer imaging
Jim Damon
20 Nov 2000: Modeling and analysing fluid dynamics in the Euler-Poincare framework
Darryl Holm
14 Nov 2000: Mechanical models for insect locomotion
Philip Holmes
6 Nov 2000: Applications of dynamical stability: Hamiltonian dynamics and fluid stirring
Philip Boyland
16 Oct 2000: The mathematics of M-Theory
Robbert Dijkgraaf
18 Sep 2000: Five spheres in mutual contact
Donald Coxeter
15 May 2000: Path Integrals for Spin: From Molecular Clusters to Holomorphic Line Bundles
Michael Stone
8 May 2000: Multi-dimensional continued fractions
Yurii Suhov
28 Feb 2000: Discrete Breathers: classical and quantum
Robert MacKay
14 Feb 2000: Nilpotent groups and non-conventional ergodic theorems
Hillel Furstenberg
31 Jan 2000: Quantum integrable models
Alexei Tsvelik
24 Jan 2000: Exotic dynamics in smooth and real-analytic category
Anatole Katok
1999: Monday Seminars, 1999

Newton InstituteWeb SeminarsRothschild Seminars > 2000

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