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Open for Business

Open for Business events form part of the Institute's mission to foster links between academic research and the business world. The aim is to bring together academic researchers in the mathematical sciences with industrial, commercial and government organisations and individuals to enable discussions and networking.

Turing Gateway to Mathematics

The Turing Gateway to Mathematics (TGM) is a national initiative that aspires to facilitate the flow of knowledge and ideas from the mathematical sciences to potential users - in short, acting as a gateway! With activities ranging from specific projects to more extensive training and research programmes, the Gateway can help bridge the gap between academic mathematicians, business, government, and other disciplines. As well as focusing on widening access to mathematics generally, the TGM can also help shorten pathways to impacts and strengthen education and training in areas where maths skills are needed.

Rothschild Seminars

NM Rothschild & Sons have generously granted the Isaac Newton Institute an endowment to support visits from pre-eminent mathematicians around the world. Rothschild Visiting Professors give keynote seminars at the Institute as part of our Rothschild Seminar series.

Women in Mathematics

Women in Mathematics Day is an annual event organised by the London Mathematical Society. Sessions include talks and posters by women mathematicians in a variety of appointments and at different career stages. In 2013 and 2010, this event took place at the Isaac Newton Institute.

Science Festival

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