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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Correspondents' Bulletin - S.E. July 2002


Special Edition - July 2002


We are grateful to those who could attend the recent meeting of Newton Institute Correspondents held on 2nd July (during our 10th Anniversary celebrations), and for their comments and suggestions. We are of course always willing to hear from correspondents on any topic by e-mail.

1. Seminars elsewhere
As mentioned at the meeting, the Newton Institute has now implemented a method of "advertising" the names of programme participants who are willing to travel to other Universities or institutions during their stay in the UK if they are invited to give seminars there. Your colleagues with responsibility for organizing seminar series may be interested in this facility. We hope that this will be of help in enabling UK Universities to benefit from the expertise of particular Newton Institute visitors, and we will cover the travel costs for such visits ourselves. See "PARTICIPANTS WILLING TO GIVE SEMINARS ELSEWHERE" below for full details.

2. Announcements to Correspondents
The Correspondents present at the meeting requested more information on forthcoming workshops and programmes, including full contact details and a checklist of which non-mathematics departments might also be interested (so that they could pass on the details to colleagues in those departments within their institution). It was agreed that this information would be sent out in individual e-mails for easy forwarding, rather than in a single "digest". We shall shortly put this system into operation, so when you receive announcements please do distribute them within your University.

3. Monday Newton Institute Seminars
Remember that our regular "Monday Newton Institute Seminars" series, in which eminent speakers are asked to give talks of broad interest to a range of mathematical scientists, can be heard on the web (courtesy of an EPSRC grant for the purpose). The soundtrack is available in MP3 and RealAudio formats, and stills of the speaker or copies of their transparencies can be viewed simultaneously. (There is no video as the technology is not yet up to it.) See and click on "Monday Seminars".

4. Participants willing to give seminars elsewhere
The web page lists those of our overseas participants during the remainder of 2002 who have agreed to travel to UK Universities and other institutions during their stay in order to give seminars. The Newton Institute will fully cover the travel costs (but not accommodation, etc) for such visits on request, providing that a formal invitation has been received by the participant. It is hoped that this scheme will enable seminar organizers around the UK to find out easily who is at the Newton Institute in their fields and to arrange for them to visit.

Note that the dates listed against each name are the dates of their visit to the Newton Institute. Participants will usually be happiest to visit other Universities at either the start or the end of this period, and may well be prepared to extend it slightly in either direction. The e-mail address for each participant can be obtained by clicking on their name.

The programme organizers have also been asked to give their personal recommendations from among the names listed. From the programme on "Computation, Combinatorics and Probability", there were no special recommendations. From the programme on "Foams and Minimal Surfaces", both Brakke and Morgan (for a more general view of the subject) were suggested. In the case of "New Contexts for Stable Homotopy Theory", the names suggested were Hesselholt, Kahn, Lichtenbaum, McClure, Schwede and Weibel. Feedback on this new system will be most gratefully received!

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