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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Newton Institute Correspondents' Bulletin No 13


No. 13 - September 2006


Welcome to the Newton Institute Correspondents' Bulletin!

This bulletin will be sent in January, May and September each year and will contain information regarding the Newton Institute and its activities. We hope you will find it a useful way of keeping in touch and a helpful source of information to distribute to your colleagues. We will also send you occasional updates on particular topics.

1. New Director
Sir John Kingman, the current Director of the Institute, will retire on 30 September 2006. Sir David Wallace, previously Vice-Chancellor of Loughborough University and currently Treasurer and Vice-President of the Royal Society, will take up the post on 1 October. More information about Sir David can be found at

Sir John would like to thank all Institute Correspondents for the considerable time and effort that they have devoted to their duties during his tenure, and for the invaluable role that they have played in disseminating the work of the Institute.

The Director, whether current or future, will always be very happy to receive comments or suggestions regarding the Newton Institute and its activities, including possibilities for future programmes. He can be contacted by e-mail at <>


2. Director's visits to UK universities
Sir David intends to arrange a series of visits to as many Universities and other institutions as possible during his tenure, in order to spread the word about what the Institute has to offer; to understand how the Institute might adapt to the needs of other institutions; and to get a feel for the most exciting up-coming scientific research areas. Sir David would greatly value invitations along these lines. As well as meeting mathematicians, he might speak to figures in University management such as pro-Vice Chancellors.

All Correspondents are encouraged to consider arranging such a visit through the Director's Administrative Assistant, Kate Gilbert: <>

3. Annual Meeting of Correspondents 2006
The Annual Meeting of Correspondents was held on 23 June 2006 and attended by 37 Correspondents or their substitutes. The minutes from this meeting are available from the following link as a pdf file Correspondents' Meeting 2006.pdf (71KB). The meeting was, as always, extremely constructive, and the Institute is grateful to those who were able to attend. In particular, Sir David was very pleased to be able to meet Correspondents and to get a feel for their ideas and concerns.

At the meeting, the Institute promised to draft some text that Correspondents can use to explain the work of the Institute to their colleagues, particularly those in other departments. This text will be sent to Correspondents within the next few weeks.

4. Programme announcements
The following new programme has now been confirmed for 2008. Please follow the links for further information.

Combinatorics and Statistical Mechanics (14 January to 4 July 2008)


5. Scientific programme reports available
Draft scientific reports on the following past programmes at the Newton Institute are now available:

Global Problems in Mathematical Relativity

Pattern Formation in Large Domains


6. Reminders

a. The Correspondents' web page (containing a list of all Correspondents, past bulletins and other information) is at

b. The Newton Institute strongly encourages its long-term participants from overseas to visit other UK institutions during their stay. The Institute will pay the travel costs (but not accommodation, etc.) for such visits on request. Please alert the organisers of your local seminar series to this possibility, and direct them to the web page listing those participants who are interested in receiving invitations to travel: <>

c. The Institute aims to maximise the opportunities it offers to junior researchers, and therefore operates a Junior Membership scheme. To be eligible for Junior Membership of the Institute you must be a Research Student or within 5 years of having received a PhD (with appropriate allowance for career breaks), and you must work or study in a UK University, in a UK academic institution or in a R&D group in industry or commerce. Junior Members may apply for special grants to allow them to attend workshops, conferences and summer schools. Correspondents are strongly encouraged to advertise the Junior Membership scheme to suitable candidates. Further details are available on our website at

The next bulletin will be sent in January.  We hope you find these bulletins a useful way of keeping in touch and a helpful source of information to distribute to your colleagues.

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