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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Newton Institute Correspondents' Bulletin No 5


No. 5 - January 2004


Welcome to the Newton Institute Correspondents' Bulletin!

This bulletin will be sent in January, May and September each year and will contain information regarding the Newton Institute and its activities. We hope you will find it a useful way of keeping in touch and a helpful source of information to distribute to your colleagues. We will also send you occasional updates on particular topics.

1. Comments always welcome!
As always, the Director is very happy to receive comments or suggestions regarding the Newton Institute and its activities, including possibilities for future programmes. He can be contacted by e-mail at

2. Annual Meeting of Newton Institute Correspondents
The next meeting of the Newton Institute Correspondents is scheduled to take place in the summer. The exact date is yet to be confirmed, but the event will include an interesting scientific talk. More details will be sent to Correspondents shortly.

3. New programmes approved
Since the last bulletin approval has been given for the following programmes in 2006.
Logic and Algorithms (16 January - 7 June 2006)
Spectral Theory and Partial Differential Equations (17 July - 11 August 2006)
Noncommutative Geometry (24 July - 22 December 2006)

A full list of current and future programmes at the Newton Institute can be found at

4. Workshop announcements
The following workshops have now been finalised for 2004. Please follow the links for further information.
Quantum Information Theory Present Status and Future Directions (23 -27 August 2004)
Random Matrix Theory and Arithmetic Aspects of Quantum Chaos (28 June - 2 July 2004)
Matrix Ensembles and L-Functions (12 - 16 July 2004)
Protein-protein Interactions in Vitro and in Vivo (21 - 23 June 2004)

5. Scientific programme reports available

Final scientific reports on the following past programmes at the Newton Institute are now available
Nonlinear Hyperbolic Waves in Phase Dynamics and Astrophysics 27/01/03 - 11/07/03
Computational Challenges in Partial Differential Equations 20/01/03 - 04/07/03
New Contexts for Stable Homotopy Theory 02/09/02 - 20/12/02
Computation, Combinatorics and Probability 29/07/02 - 20/12/02
Foams and Minimal Surfaces 29/07/02 - 23/08/02

Links can be found at

6. Annual Report 2002/03

The Institute Annual Report for 2002/03 is now available to view or download from

7. Reminders

The Correspondents' web page (containing a list of all Correspondents, past bulletins and other information) is at

The web page listing Newton Institute participants who are willing to travel to other institutions to give seminars, etc., is at

The next bulletin will be sent in May. We hope you find these bulletins a useful way of keeping in touch and a helpful source of information to distribute to your colleagues.

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