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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Inverse Problems

Papers and Preprints

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP11074 A Himonas and AS Fokas Well-posedness of initial-boundary value problems for evolution equation
IP11075 A Ruiz, P Pedro Caro and D Dos Santos Ferrera Local estimates for Radon transform and the partial data Calderon inverse problems Preprint elsewhere
IP11076 A Kirsch The factorization method and the born approximation
IP11077 A Kirsch and O Scherzer Simulaneous reconstruction of absorption density and wave speed with photoacoustic measurements
IP11078 A Kirsch and A Ruiz The factorization method for an inverse fluid-solid interaction scattering problem
IP11082 Unknown Uniqueness Theorems in Inverse Obstacle Scattering Journal article
IP11083 O Ivanyshyn, T Johansson and R Kress The 3-D Inverse scattering problem of obstacle reconstruction from its scattering cross section Journal article
IP11084 G Paternain and G Uhlmann Tensor tomography on surfaces
IP11085 M Langer and V Lotoreichik Schroedinger operators with delta and delta'-potentials supported on hypersurfaces
IP11086 y Ohyama Monodromy evolving deformations and confluent Halphen's systems NI11043
IP11087 O Ivanyshyn Reconstruction of perfectly conducting 3D obstacles from phaseless far field data
IP11088 T Johansson, R Kress and BD Sleeman The 3-D Inverse Scattering Problem of Obstacle Reconstruction from its Scattering Cross Section
IP11090 G Teschl and J Eckhardt Uniqueness Results for Schrodinger Operators on the Line with Purely Discrete Spectra
IP11092 M Eastham, BM Brown and KM Schmidt Spectral theory of periodic differential systems
IP11097 G Nakamura and R Potthast Inverse Modelling
IP11098 G Nakamura, B Sleeman and H Wang On uniqueness of an inverse problem for electromagnetic scattering with oblique incidence
IP11099 G Nakamura, H Heck and H Wang Linear sampling method for identifying cavities in a heat conductor
IP11101 H Langer, C Fulton and A Luger Mark Krein's method of directing functionals and singular potentials Mathematische Nachrichten
IP11102 H Langer, M Brown and M Langer Sturm--Liouville operators with inner singularities and Pontryagin spaces
IP11103 AA Shkalikov and AM Savchuk Dirac operators with summable potentials Arxiv
IP11107 O Scherzer and A Kirsch Simultaneous Reconstructions of Absorption Density and Wave Speed with Photoacoustic Measurements
IP11108 S Naboko, A Boutet de Monvel and J Janas Elementary models pf unbounded Jacobi matrices with a few bounded gaps in the essential spectrum Operators and Matrices
IP11109 P Kuegler Mean correction for parameter estimation in biochemical reaction networks
IP11110 KH Omre and J Saetrom Uncertainty quantification in the ensemble Kalman filter
IP11119 PD Ledger hp-Adaptive finite element Computations for the Electrical Impedance Tomography Problem
IP12001 M Haque Spatiotemporal complexity of the Beddington-DeAngelis predator-prey model
IP12002 H Isozaki, Y Kurylev and M Lassas Conic singularities, generalized scattering matrix and inverse scattering on asymptotically hyperbolic surfaces
IP12003 R Felea, C Nolan and R Gaburro Microlocal analysis of SAR with moving targets
IP12004 LH Chen On the localization of transmission eigenvalues for spherically stratified media
IP12005 LH Chen An inverse uniqueness result on spherically stratified media with interior transmission eigenvalues
IP12010 H Woracek and M Langer Indefinite Hamiltonian systems whose Titchmarsh--Weyl coefficients have no finite generalized poles of non-negative type
IP12011 H Woracek and M Langer Direct and inverse spectral theorems for a class of Hamiltonian systems with two singular endpoints
IP12012 H Woracek and S Simonov Spectral multiplicity of couplings of boundary triples by standard interface conditions
IP12033 C Clason L-infinity fitting for inverse problems with uniform noise
IP12105 P Kugler Moment fitting for parameter inference in repeatedly and partially observed stochastic biological models PLOS ONE (, August 2012, Vol 17, Issue 8, e43001, pages 1-20
NI11043 Y Ohyama Monodromy evolving deformations and confluent Halphen's systems
NI12015 J Eckhardt and G Teschl Uniqueness results for one-dimensional Schrödinger operators with purely discrete spectra
NI12016 J Eckhardt and G Teschl Singular Weyl-Titchmarsh-Kodaira theory for Jacobi operators
NI12054 G Alessandrini and E Sincich Cracks with impedance, stable determination from boundary data