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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Design and Analysis of Experiments

Papers and Preprints

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP11071 J Lopez-Fidalgo Dose- nding designs for a model with covariateS
IP11072 CS Cheng and PW Tsai Multistratum Fractional Factorial Designs Statistica Sinica, vol, 21, 2011
IP11079 WF Rosenberger, N Flournoy and LM Haines A graphical method for comparing response-adaptive randomization procedures
IP11080 A Dean Non-regular Split-plot Designs Journal article
IP11081 J Rougier and D Higdon Why computer experiments work - or do not Journal article
IP11091 K Mylona, P Goos and B Jones Optimal design of blocked and split-plot experiments for fixed effects and variance component estimation
IP11094 T Kahle, J Rauh and S Sullivant Lattice walks for hierarchical models of cycles and bipartite graphs
IP11095 T Kahle, H Maruri and H Wynn Design Polytopes
IP11096 WG Muller and M Stehlik Discussion of Gilmour and Trincas paper in JRSSC Journal of the Royal Statistical Society C
IP11100 P Druilhet and RA Bailey Optimal designs for full-interaction interference model
IP11104 JP Morgan and X Deng Experimental Design WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
IP11105 JP Morgan, A Dean and S Ghosh J N Srivastava and Experimental Design Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference
IP11106 JP Morgan and D Preece Multi-layered Youden Rectangles
IP11111 A Zhigljavsky, L Pronzato and E Bukina An asymptotically optimal gradient algorithm for quadratic optimization with low computational cost Optimization letters
IP11112 A Zhigljavksy, L Pronzato and E Bukina Gradient algorithms for solving linear equations with fast AN ASYMPTOTICALLY OPTIMAL RICHARDSON ITERATION METHOD USING O(log K) INNER PRODUCT Numerical Linear Algebra with Applications
IP11114 CA Vivacqua, LL Ho and ALS de Pinho Multi-Stratum Designs for Physical Prototype Testing
IP11115 CA Vivacqua and ALS de Pinho Repeated measurements analysis of unreplicated two-level factorial designs augmented with a center point and a control treatment
IP11120 H Grossmann Automating the analysis of variance for orthogonal designs
IP11121 H Grossmann Some remarks on the Street-Burgess method for generating choice designs
IP11122 H Grossmann Algorithmic choice designs for paired comparisons of partial profiles
IP11124 ALS de Pinho and CA Vivacqua Analysis for repeated crossover designs
IP11125 H Maruri Aguilar, E Saenz de Cabezon and H Wynn Betti numbers of polynomial hierarchical models for experimental designs
IP11126 H Maruri Aguilar, E Saenz de Cabezon and H Wynn Alexander duality in experimental designs
IP11127 H Maruri Aguilar and C Trandafir Optimality and sequential barycentric points
IP11129 S Biedermann and M Yang A new algorithm for deriving optimal designs: general and efficient
IP11130 S Biedermann and M Yang Design of experiments, Chapman & Hall / CRC series of Handbooks on Modern Statistical Methods
IP11132 V Fedorov, N Flournoy and Y Wu Best intention designs in dose-finding studies
IP11133 RD Hilgers, RA Bailey and K Schiffl A note on robustness of $D$-optimal block designs for two-color microarray experiments
IP11134 A Sajjad and RA Bailey Optimality in nearly minimal block designs
IP11135 A Sajjad Using electric resistances to find A-optimal block designs when concurrence graphs are sparse
IP11136 N Flournoy, C May and P Secchi Response-adaptive designs in clinical trials for targeting the best treatment: an overview International Statistiacal Review
IP12008 A Dean, D Draguljic and D Woods Screening strategies in the presnece of interactions
IP12009 A Dean, JP Morgan and S Ghosh J.N. Srivastava and experimental design
IP12013 A Dean, D Draguljic and T Santner Non-collapsing maximin designs for hyper-polygonal regions
IP12015 AC Atkinson, B Bogacka and D Ucinski Comparison of optimum adaptive experimental designs for dose-finding in early phase clinical trials
IP12016 AC Atkinson, M Riani and G Fanti Carbon dating of the Shroud of Turin: partially labelled regressors and the design of experiments
IP12017 AC Atkinson Bias and loss: the two sides of a biased coin
IP12024 P Pedone, D Romano and G Vicario New sampling procedures in coordinate metrology based on Kriging-based adaptive designs Statistics for Innovation, Erto P. Ed., ISBN 978-88-470-0814-4, Springer Verlag, 103-121
NI11024 B Jones and P Goos An algorithm for finding D-efficient equivalent-estimation second-order split-plot designs
NI11032 K Mylona and P Goos Penalized generalized least squares for model selection under restricted randomization
NI11033 F Torti, D Perrotta and AC Atkinson Benchmark testing of algorithms for very robust regression
NI11042 AC Atkinson, A Biswas and L Pronzato Covariate-balanced response-adaptive designs for clinical trials with continuous responses that target allocation proportions
NI11044 A Baldi Antognini, A Giovagnoli and M Zagoraiou Some recent developments in the design of adaptive clinical trials
NI11047 RA Bailey and PJ Cameron Using graphs to find the best block designs
NI11048 AC Atkinson and B Bogacka Optimum designs for the equality of parameters in enzyme inhibition kinetic models
NI11049 H Dette, M Hallin and T Kley Of copulas, quantiles, ranks and spectra an $L_1$-approach to spectral analysis
NI11050 H Dette, A Pepelyshev and A Zhigljavsky Optimal design for linear models with correlated observations
NI11051 S Delvaux and H Dette Zeros and ratio asymptotics for matrix orthogonal polynomials
NI11052 D Braess and H Dette Optimal discriminating designs for several competing regression models
NI11053 H Dette, C Kiss and N Benda Optimal designs for dose finding studies with an active control
NI11054 H Dette, VB Melas and P Shpilev T-optimal designs for discrimination between two polynomial models
NI11055 SW Hyun, M Yang and N Flournoy A procedure for finding an improved upper bound on the number of optimal design points
NI11056 LM Haines and AE Clark The construction of optimal designs for dose-escalation studies
NI11057 AC Atkinson, VV Fedorov and AM Herzberg Optimal experimental design for generalized regression models
NI11058 M Riani, AC Atkinson and D Perrotta Calibrated very robust regression
NI11059 H Rabie and N Flournoy Optimal designs for contingent response models with application to toxicity-efficacy studies-a technical report
NI11060 H Moon, T Santner and A Dean Two-stage sensitivity-based group screening in computer experiments
NI11061 D Dragulji\'c, TJ Santner and AM Dean Non-collapsing space-filling designs for bounded non-rectangular regions
NI11062 JD Svenson and TJ Santner Multiobjective optimization of expensive black-box functions via expected maximin improvement
NI11063 J Svenson, T Santner and A Dean Estimating sensitivity indices from computer simulator output
NI11064 RA Bailey and J Reiss Design and analysis of experiments testing for biodiversity effects in ecology
NI11065 VV Fedorov, N Flournoy and Y Wu Best intention designs in dose-finding studies
NI11066 C May and C Tommasi Model selection and parameter estimation in non-linear nested models: a sequential generalized DKL-optimum design
NI12001 HY Wang and N Flournoy Inference on a new sigmoid regression model with unknown support and unbounded likelihood function
NI12002 D Dragulji\'c, DC Woods and AM Dean Screening strategies in the presence of Interactions
NI12003 PM van de Ven and DC Woods Optimal blocked minimum-support designs for non-linear models
NI12005 CJ Brien, RA Bailey and TT Tran Quasi-Latin designs and their use in glasshouse experiments
NI12006 H Dette and J Kunert Optimal designs for the Michaelis Menten model with correlated observations
NI12007 H Dette and C Kiss Optimal designs for rational regression models
NI12009 N Flournoy, LM Haines and WF Rosenberger A graphical method for comparing response-adaptive randomization procedures
NI12012 A Lane, P Yao and N Flournoy Information in a two-stage adaptive optimal design
NI12023 RA Bailey, K Schiffl and RD Hilgers A note on robustness of D-optimal block designs for two-colour microarray experiments
NI12024 L Lee Ho, CA Vivacqua and AL Santos de Pinho Split-plot type designs for physical prototype testing
NI12074 H Gro▀mann Automating the analysis of variance of orthogonal designs
NI12076 M Prus and R Schwabe Optimal designs for the prediction of individual effects in random coefficient regression
NI12080 U Gra▀hoff, H Holling and R Schwabe Optimal design for count data with binary predictors in item response theory