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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Partial Differential Equations in Kinetic Theories

Papers produced

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP10087 S Succi, M Mendoza and H Herrmann Derivation of the Lattice Boltzmann model for relativistic hydrodynamics
IP10088 S Succi, S Ansumali and S Orszag A glimpse of very high Reynolds number physics using Lattice Boltzmann model
IP10090 V Mendez, I Gomez-Portillo and D Campos Role of dispersal kernels and life-cycle duration in the invarion dynamics of plants
IP10091 G Dimarco and L Paraschi Exponential Runge-Kutta methods for stiff kinetic equations
IP10097 S Rjasanow Article in conference proceedings volume
IP10098 S Rjasanow, M Bisi and G Spiga Numerics of a granular gas in a host medium
IP10099 F Golse and K Aoki
IP10200 K Aoki and F Golse On the speed of approach to equilibrium for a collionless gas
IP10201 K Aoki, P Charrier and P Degond A hierarchy of models related to nanoflows and surface diffusion
IP10202 K Aoki, S Kosuge and S Takata Stedy flows of a highly rarefied gas induced by non-uniform wall temperature
IP10203 A Bobylev and A Windfall Kinetic modelling of economic games with large numbers of participants
IP10205 Y Zhou and A Buckingham Navier-Stokes scaling of astrophysical flows
IP10206 Y Zhou Minimum state of MHD turbulence
IP10210 A Arnold, I Gamba and MP Gualdani The Wigner-Fokker-Planck equation: stationary states and large time behaviour
IP10211 C Schmeiser, B Perthame and M Tang Travelling plateaus for a hyperbolic Keller-Segel system with attraction and repulsion: existence and branching instabilities
IP10212 S Mancini, JA Carrillo and S Cordier A slow-fast reduction of a Fokker-Planck model arising in neuroscience
IP10213 M Bostan Quasi-neutral regimes for strongly magnetized plasmas
IP10214 M Bostan Gyro-kinetic Vlasov equation in three dimensional setting. Second order approximation To appear in SIAM Journal of Multiscale Models and Simulations
IP10215 M Bostan Transport equations with disparate advection fields. Applications to the gyro-kinetic models in plasma physics To appear in Journal of Differential Equations
IP10216 B During and M Fournie On the stability of a compact finite difference scheme for option pricing
IP10219 R Esposito, Y Guo and R Marra Validity of the Boltzmann equation with an external force
IP10220 R Esposito, Y Guo and R Marra Exponential stability for the Vlasov-Boltzmann equation for a binary mixture on an interval
IP10274 A Majorana A numerical model of the Boltzmann equation related to the discontinuous Galerkin method
IP10276 J Haskovec and R Erban From individual to collective behaviour of coupled velocity jump processes - a locust example
IP10279 A Juengel and S Hittmeir Cross diffusion preventing blow-up in the two-dimensional Keller-Segel model ASC Report 04/2010, Institute for Analysis and Scientific Computing, Vienna University of Technology, Wien 2010
IP10280 M Bruna-Estrach and SJ Chapman Excluded-volume effects in the diffusion of hard spheres
IP10282 I Gasser On a solar updraft tower formula
IP10283 N Brilliantov, C Saluena and L Almazan Mechanisms of cluster formation in granular gases Submitted to Mathematical Modelling of Natural Phenomena, not yet accepted
IP10284 N Brilliantov and C Saluena Collapse of granular polymers in agitated granular fluids
IP10285 F Bolley, JA Canizo and JA Carrillo TBA
IP10287 X Yang The solutions for the boundary layer problem of Boltzmann equation in a half-space
IP10288 X Yang and C Bardos On the classification of Knudsen layer problems for gas mixtures
IP11002 C Sparber, S Jin and P Markowich Mathematical and numerical methods for semiclassical Schroedinger equations To appear in Acta Numerica 2011
IP11003 C Sparber, M Hintermueller and D Marahrens Optimal control of nonlinear Schroedinger equations
IP11004 C Sparber, T Paul and P Markowich On the dynamics of Bohmian measures
IP11007 X Dong and W Bao Numerical methods for computing ground state and dynamics of nonlinear relativistic Hartree equation for boson stars
IP11008 X Dong and W Bao Wave-integration-factor pseudospectral method for Klein-Gordon-Zakharov system with high plasma frequences
IP11009 R Erban and J Haskovec From individual to collective behaviour of coupled velocity jump processes: a locust example
IP11010 J Canizo, F Bolley and J A Carillo Stochastic mean-field limit: non-Lipshitz forces & swarming Mathematical Models and metholds in the Applied Sciences, 2011
IP11011 J Canizo, M J Caceres and S Mischler Rate of convergence to an symptotic profile for the self-similar fragmentation and growth-fragmentation equations Journal de Mathemathiques Pures et Appliquees,2011