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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Dynamics of Discs and Planets

Papers produced during 2009/10

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP09140 FC Adams The birth environment of the sun
IP09177 S Basu, M Gil and DJ Jeffrey A probability density function with a lognormal body and a power-law tail
IP09178 S Basu and WB Dapp Long-lived magnetic-tension-driven modes in a molecular cloud
IP09184 A Krivov, S Mueller and T Loehne The debris disk of Vega: Study-state collisional cascade, naturally
IP09185 A Krivov, C Vitense and T Loehne The Edgeworth-Kulper debris disk
IP09186 A Krivov Debris disks: Seeing dust, thinking of planetesimals and planets
IP09187 J Lissauer Retrospective book review: Astronomia Nova by Johannes Kepler
IP09188 M Duncan, C Capobianco and H Levison Planetesimal-driven embryo migration in the presence of a gas disk
IP09189 N Haghighipour, R Dvorak and E Pilat-Lohinger Planetary dynamics and habitable planet formation in binary star systems To appear in Planets in Binaries, Spriner pub company, Feb 2010
IP09190 N Haghighipour Dynamical constraints on the origin of main belt comets
IP09191 N Haghighipour Dynamics, origin, and activation of main belt comets
IP09192 J Burns and JN Cuzzi An evolving view of Saturn's rings
IP09193 J Burns Galileo's legacy continues: 1610 - 2010+
IP09194 JL Zhou, S Wang and G Zhao Dynamics and eccentricity formation of planets in OGLE-06-109L system ApJ, 706, 772-784 (2009)
IP09195 JL Zhou and H Zhang On the orbital evolution of Jupiter-Saturn pair embedded in a gaseous disk
IP09196 JL Zhou, H Liu and S Wang Forming planet systems with n-body similations I. Model and statistics comparing to observations
IP09198 K Rice, JH Mayo and PJ Armitage The role of disc self-gravity in the formation of protostars and protostellar discs Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
IP09199 M Bate and N Moeckel On the evolution of a star cluster and its multiple stellar systems following gas dispersal
IP09200 P Ivanov and JCB Papaloizou Inertial waves in rotating bodies: a WKBJ formalism for inertial modes and a comparison with numerical results