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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Mathematics and Physics of Anderson Localization: 50 Years After

Papers Produced or in Preparation

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP07248 MG Linton Reconnection of nonidentical flux tubes J. Geophys. Res., 111, A12S09, doi:10.1029/2006JA011891.
IP08178 D Brydges Rigorous methods in the statistical mechanics of phase transition
IP08181 S Molchanov and L Pastur Examples of the random Schrödinger operators with lattice spectrum Journal of Statistical Physics
IP08182 S Molchanov, V Tchoulaevski and Y Suhov Localisation of the interacting 1D particles
IP08208 J Schenker Spectral statistics: Eisenvector localisation for random band matrices
IP08215 A Mirlin, A Schuessler and I Gornyi Ballistic transport in disordered graphene
IP08216 F Wegner The inhomogeneous fixed-point ensemble revisited
IP08224 M Shcherbina and L Pastur Eigenvalue distribution of random matrices
IP08229 M Titov Scattering approach to the charge transport in graphene
IP08230 M Titov On the thermopower oscillations in mesoscopic Andreev inferometers
IP08231 I Gornyi, A Schuessler and P Ostrovsky Ballistic transport in disordered graphene Physical Review B
IP08237 J Froehlich, W de Roeck and A Pizzo Quantum Brownian motion in a simple model system
IP08238 V Janis and J Kolorenc Diffusion pole in the the translationally invariant diagrammatic description of noninteracting electrons in a random potential
IP08242 V Kagalovsky Exact location of multicritical point in class D
IP08245 M Feygelman, L Ioffe and V Kravtsov Fractal superconductivity near localisation threshold
IP08246 V Tchoulaevski and Y Suhov Eigenfunctions in a two-particle Anderson tight binding model Communications in Mathematical Physics
IP08247 V Tchoulaevski and Y Suhov Multi-scale analysis for random quantum systems with interaction Birkhauser
IP08248 A Huckleberry, A Puettmann and M Zirnbauer Haar-expectations of random characteristic polynomials
IP08249 R Kuehn Spectra of random Schroedinger operators and localisation on sparse random graphs
IP08250 R Kuehn Distribution of Eigenvectors of sparse random matrices
IP08255 M Zirnbauer, M Distertori and T Spencer Quasi-diffusion in a SUSY hyperbolic nonlinear model Comm. Math. Physics
IP08256 M Zirnbauer, A Alldridge and J Hilgert Chevaliey's restriction theorem for reductive symmetric superpairs
IP08257 M Zirnbauer and M Skvortsov Capacitance of thick disordered wires
IP08259 B Khoruzhenko and Y Wei O(N) colour-flavoured transformations and characteristic polynomials of real random matrices matrices Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
IP08260 B Khoruzhenko, D Savin and HJ Sommers Statistics of quantum transport in chaotic cavaties from Schur function expansions Physical Review B
IP08267 I Smolyarenko Differential identities for parametric correlation functions in disordered systems Physical Review E 78, 066218 (2008)
IP08268 T Spender, M Disertori and M Zirnbauer Quasi diffusion in 3D supersymmetric hyperbolic 6 model
IP08269 M Stoiciu The unfolding of the spectrum and Eigenvalue statistics for random Schrodinger operators
IP08270 I Goldshied The limiting distribution for e-v of non-Hermitition trididgonal matrices
IP08271 I Goldshied Constructive approach to products of random matrices: Lypanov experiment
IP09001 Y Wei and Y Fyodorov On the mean density of complex eigenvalues for an ensemble of random matrices with prescribed singular values Journal of Physics A, Fast Track Communications
IP09002 Y Wei and B Khoruzhenko Moments of absolute characteristic polynomials of a certain class of random matrices from a new approach
IP09003 Y Wei, B Khoruzhenko and Y Fyodorov Mean eigenvalues density function of complex random matrices of arbitrary separable potentials
IP09006 A Boutet de Monvel, V Tchoulaevski and P Stollman Localisation in a two-particle continuous Anderson model
IP09045 C Sadel and H Schulz-Baldes Random Dirac operators with time-reversal symmetry
IP09046 C Sadel and H Schulz-Baldes Spectral averaging techniques for Jacobi matrices with matrix entries
IP09229 F Wegner Inhomogeneous fixed point ensembles revisited