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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

The Nature of High Reynolds Number Turbulence

Papers Produced or in Preparation

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP08225 P Manneville Decay of turbulence in wall flows: a spatiotemporal approach Phys. Rev. Lett
IP08236 E Lindborg Two comments on the quasigeostrophic model for the atmospheric energy spectrum Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences
IP08241 S Kida and N Nakazawa Super-rotation flow in a processing sphere Theoretical and computational fluid dynamics
IP08243 RJ Donnelly The discovery of second sound Physics Today or Physics World
IP08244 RJ Donnelly Comparison or DNS studies of vortex rings and experiment JFM
IP08251 A Leonard On the motion of thin vortex tubes Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics
IP08252 C Tran and L Blackbourn Number of degrees of freedom of 2D turbulence
IP08253 C Tran, D Dritschel and R Scott Transfer asymmetry and degree of nonlinearity
IP08254 A Schekochihin, T Yousef and S Nazarenko Weak turbulence of Alfven waves revisited
IP08258 A Leonard On the motion of thin vortex tubes Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics
IP08261 J Herring and Y Kimura Energy spectra of stratified turbulence
IP08262 P Davidson, K Morishita and Y Kaneda On the generation and flux of entropy in isotropic turbulence Journal of Turbulence
IP08263 P Davidson and P Krogstad A simple model for the Log-Lau region of a boundary layer Physics of Fluids
IP08264 M Farge, K Yoshimatsu and N Okamoto Intermittancy and scale-dependent statistics in fully developed turbulence
IP08265 M Farge, J Ruppery-Felsot and P Petitjeaus Wavelet tools to study intermittancy: application to vortex bursting
IP08266 C Caulfield, W Tang and R Kerswell Maximal buoyancy flux: Richardson number and mixing efficiency predictions
IP09004 M Nagata and T Ichikawa Transition in plane Couette flow with streamwise system rotation Journal of Fluid Mechanics
IP09005 M Nagata and K Deguchi Nonlinear solution of the sliding Couette flow problem
IP09047 D McComb Scale-invariance and the inertial-range spectrum in three-dimensional stationary, isotropic turbulence
IP09053 A Leonard The development of intense vortex structures in homogeneous turbulence Journal of Fluid Mechanics