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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Algebraic Lie Theory

Papers Produced or in Preparation

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP09048 R Farnsteiner Jordan types and Auslander-Reiten sequences
IP09049 H Hiss, M Geck and G Malle Parameters of Iwahori-Hacke algebras associated to cuspidal unipotent representations of classical groups
IP09050 J Michel and G Malle Constructing representations of Hecke algebras for complex reflection groups
IP09051 G Malle and J Michel Constructing representations of cyclotomic Hecke algebras for complex reflection groups
IP09052 G Malle and D Testerman Algebraic groups and finite groups of Lie type
IP09054 G Malle, M Broue and J Michel Unipotent degrees for exceptional complex reflection groups
IP09055 A Molev and A Kleshchev A Khovanov-Lauda type presentation for the Schur algebras
IP09056 C Stroppel and C Korff A combinatorial description of the $\hat{\mathfrak{al}}(n)_k$ fusion ring
IP09057 D Hernandez and B Leclerc Cluster algebras and quantum affine algebras
IP09058 S Ryom-Hansen On the denominators of Young's seminormal basis
IP09059 PH Tiep and RM Guralnick A problem of Koll\'ar and Larsen on finite linear groups and crepant resolutions
IP09060 PH Tiep, RM Guralnick and G Navarro Real character degrees and real class sizes
IP09065 S Khoroshkin and M Nazarov Mickelsson algebras and representations of Yangians isomorphism
IP09066 A Kleshchev and J Brundan Graded decomposition numbers for cyclotomic Hecke algebras Advances in Mathematics
IP09067 A Kleshchev Representation theory of symmetric groups and related Hecke algebras
IP09068 A Kleshchev and D Nash On graded characters and graded decomposition numbers for Hecke algebras and symmetric groups
IP09069 P Fiebig and G Williamson On the modular smoothness of Schubert varieties
IP09070 P Fiebig and T Arakawa A linkage principle for critical level representations of affine Kac-Moody algebras
IP09075 M Geck and N Jacon Representations of Hecke algebras at roots of unity Springer Verlag
IP09076 M Geck On the endomorphism algebra of a generalised Gelfand-Graev representation
IP09087 G Williamson, D Juteau and C Mautner Parity sheaves
IP09088 G Williamson and B Webster A geometric construction of coloured HOMFLYPT homology
IP09089 G Williamson and P Fiebig The p-smooth locus of Schubert varieties
IP09098 S Goodwin, G Roehrle and G Ubly On 1-dimensional representations of finite W-algebras of exceptional type
IP09099 S Goodwin Translation for finite W algebras
IP09183 L Lafforgue Construire des noyaux de la fonctorialite? Definintion generale cas de l'identite de GL2 et construction generale conjecturale de leurs coefficients de Fourier