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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprints Produced during 2007/08

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI07057-AGA J Baker, M Loss, G Stolz Minimizing the ground state energy of an electron in a randomly deformed lattice
NI07058-AGA SA Fulling, P Kuchment, JH Wilson Index theorems for quantum graphs
NI07059-AGA JM Harrison, U Smilansky, B Winn Quantum graphs where back-scattering is prohibited
NI07060-AGA J Brüning, B Pavlov On calculation of Kirchhoff coefficients for Helmholtz resonator
NI07061-SIS G Akemann, PH Damgaard Determination of Fπ from distributions of Dirac operator eigenvalues with imaginary density
NI07063-HOP NO Babych, IV Kamotski, VP Smyshlyaev Homogenization of spectral problems in bounded domains with doubly high contrasts
NI07064-AGA MD Horton, HM Stark, AA Terras Zeta functions of weighted graphs and covering graphs
NI07065-HOP SN Chandler-Wilde, M Lindner Sufficiency of Favard's condition for a class of band-dominated operators on the axis
NI07066-HOP S Kamvissis From stationary phase to steepest descent
NI07067-HOP SN Chandler-Wilde, IG Graham, S Langdon, M Lindner Condition number estimates for combined potential boundary integral operators in acoustic scattering
NI07068-PLG M Bordewich, C Semple, A Spillner Optimizing phylogenetic diversity across two trees
NI07069-SIS S Hands, P Sitch, JI Skullerud Hadron spectrum in a two-colour baryon-rich medium
NI07070-PLG J Koolen, A Lesser, V Moulton Optimal realizations of generic 5-point metrics
NI07072-PLG S Hartmann, TJ Vision Using ESTs for phylogenomics: can one accurately infer a phylogenetic tree from gappy alignment?
NI07073-SIS J Bagger, N Lambert Gauge symmetry and supersymmetry of multiple M2-branes
NI07074-SIS C Chamon, C Hou, R Jackiw, C Mudry, S Pi, G Semenoff Electron fractionalization for two-dimensional Dirac fermions
NI07075-PLG J Byrka, KT Huber, S Kelk Worst-case optimal approximation algorithms for maximizing triplet consistency within phylogenetic networks
NI07076-SIS DE Berenstein, SA Hartnoll Strings on conifolds from strong coupling dynamics: quantitative results
NI07077-INI RE Hunt An anomalous flow: everywhere locally absolutely unstable yet globally stable
NI07078-HOP S Kamvissis, AS Fokas The focusing NLS equation on the half-line with periodic boundary conditions
NI07081-PLG M Bordewich, O Gascuel, KT Huber, V Moulton Consistency of topological moves based on the balanced minimum evolution principle of phylogenetic inference
NI07083-SIS R Ricci, AA Tseytlin, M Wolf On T-duality and the integrability for strings on AdS backgrounds
NI07084-NPA M Dumbser, D Balsara, EF Toro, C Munz A unified framework for the construction of one-step finite-volume and discontinuous Galerkin schemes on unstructured meshes
NI07085-SIS A Mikhailov, S Schäfer-Nameki Algebra of transfer-matrices and Yang-Baxter equations on the string worldsheet in AdS5 x S5
NI07086-PLG SJ Willson Robustness of topological supertree methods for reconciling dense incompatible data
NI07087-PLG M Bordewich, AG Rodrigo, C Semple Selecting taxa to save or sequence: desirable criteria and a greedy solution
NI07088-HOP CJ Gittelson, R Hiptmair, I Perugia Plane wave discontinuous Galerkin methods
NI07089-SIS L Del Debbio, B Lucini, A Patella, C Pico Quenched mesonic spectrum at large N
NI07090-PLG BQ Minh, S Klaere, A von Haeseler Phylogenetic diversity on split networks
NI07091-PLG L Freyhult, A Rej, M Staudacher A generalized scaling function for AdS/CFT
NI07092-PLG BR Holland, S Benthin, PJ Lockhart, V Moulton, KT Huber Using supernetworks to distinguish hybridization from lineage-sorting
NI07093-SIS M Grigoriev, AA Tseytlin Pohlmeyer reduction of Ads5 x S5 superstring sigma model
NI07094-SIS O Aharony, K Peeters, J Sonnenschein, M Zamaklar Rho meson condensation at finite isospin chemical potential in a holographic model for QCD
NI07095-SIS R Roiban, AA Tseytlin Spinning superstrings at 2-loops: strong-coupling corrections to dimensions of large-twist SYM operators
NI07097-SIS S Bhattacharyya, VE Hubeny, S Minwalla, M Rangamani Nonlinear fluid dynamics from gravity
NI07098-SIS Y Burnier, M Laine, M Vepsäläinen Heavy quarkonium in any channel in resummed hot QCD
NI07099-PLG AWM Dress, KT Huber, J Koolen, V Moulton Block realizations of finite metrics and the tight-span construction I: the embedding theorem
NI07100-AGA R Sims, G Stolz Eigenvalue correlations in continuum one-dimensional Anderson models
NI08002-SIS P Benincase, A Buchel, MP Heller, RA Janik On the supergravity description of boost invariant conformal plasma at strong coupling
NI08003-SIS RA Janik, M Trzetrzelewski Supergravitations from one loop perturbative N = 4 SYM
NI08004-SIS T Quella, V Schomerus, T Creutzig Boundary spectra in superspace sigma-models
NI08007-AGA MJ Gruber, M Helm, I Veselić Optimal Wegner estimates for random Schrödinger operators on metric graphs
NI08008-SIS K Zarembo Quantum giant magnons
NI08009-AGA MJ Gruber, DH Lenz, I Veselić Uniform existence of the integrated density of states for combinatorial and metric graphs over Z^d
NI08010-HOP SN Chandler-Wilde, P Monk The PML for rough surface scattering
NI08011-SIS G D'Appollonio, T Quella The diagonal cosets of the Heisenberg group
NI08012-HOP S Langdon, M Mokgolele, SN Chandler-Wilde High frequency scattering by convex curvilinear polygons
NI08013-CSM DG Wagner Weighted enumeration of spanning subgraphs with degree constraints
NI08014-HOP SN Chandler-Wilde, IG Graham Boundary integral methods in high frequency scattering
NI08015-CSM J Cibulka, J Hladký, MA Lacroix, DG Wagner A combinatorial proof of Rayleigh monotonicity for graphs
NI08016-SIS M Cirafici, A Sinkovics, RJ Szabo Cohomological gauge theory, quiver matrix models and Donaldson-Thomas theory
NI08017-HOP SN Chandler-Wilde, M Lindner Limit operators, collective compactness and the spectral theory of infitinte matrices
NI08018-SCH J Baek, GJ McLachlan Mixtures of factor analyzers with common factor loadings for the clustering and visualisation of high-dimensional data
NI08020-HOP V Michel, AS Fokas A unified approach to various techniques for the non-uniqueness of the inverse gravimetric problem and wavelet-based methods
NI08021-SCH CP Robert, N Chopin, J Rousseau Harold Jeffreys' Theory of Probability revisited
NI08022-SCH CP Robert, MA Beaumont, J–M Marin, J–M Cornuet Adaptivity for ABC algorithms: the ABC-PMC scheme
NI08024-CSM B Jackson, A Sokal Zero-free regions for multivariate Tutte polynomials (alias Potts-model partition functions) of graphs and matroids
NI08025-CSM ØJ Rødseth, JA Sellers, H Tverberg Enumeration of the degree sequences of non-separable graphs and connected graphs
NI08026-CSM T Gateva-Ivanova, S Majid Quantum spaces associated to multipermutation solutions of level 2
NI08027-CSM B Jackson Counting 2-connected deletion-minors of binary matroids
NI08028-CSM PJ Cameron, D Johannsen, T Prellberg, P Schweitzer Counting defective parking functions
NI08029-CSM PJ Cameron Oligomorphic permutation groups
NI08030-CSM B Bollobás, S Janson, O Riordan Sparse random graphs with clustering
NI08031-LAA JF Lynch A logical characterization of individual-based models