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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Strong Fields, Integrability and Strings

Papers produced by Participants

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP07203 SY Kim,P de Forcrand,T Takaishi Z(3) Potts model and hot/dense QCD with heavy quark
IP07208 S Hands,P Sitch,J Skullerud Hadron spectrum in a two-colour Baryen-Rich medium
IP07209 K Kondo Work in progress (not yet in the definite form)
IP07210 B Bringoltz,M Teper Strings is su(n) gauge theories in 2+1 dimensions: beyond the fundamental representation
IP07217 K Intriligator Aspects of meta-stable SUSY breaking
IP07218 O Aharony,K Peeters,J Sonnenstein Holographic isospin chemical potentials
IP07219 A Vainshtein,M Shifman Highly excited mesons, linear kegge trajectories and patttern of the chiral symmetry breaking
IP07287 G Policastro,A Starinets From AdS/CFT to hydrodyamics: Supersymmetric sound
IP07288 G Policastro,PA Grassi,E Scheidegger Counting of chiral operators and non-abelian quotients
IP07292 PA Grassi,G Policastro,E Scheidegger Counting gauge invariant operators using non-Abelian localization formula
IP07306 K Splittorff,JJM Verbaarschot The approach to the thermodynamic limit in lattice QCD at \mu\neq0
IP07307 A Starinets,D Som,M Stephanov Not yet known 25/09/07
IP07321 P de Forcrand,M Stephanov,U Wenger The phase diagram for QCD at finite isospin density
IP07322 P de Forcrand,S Kim,O Philipsen A QCD critical point at small chemical potential: is it there or not?
IP07323 P de Forcrand,A Kurkela,A Vuorinen Center-symmetric, dimensionally reduced SU(2) Yang-Mills at finite temperature
IP07330 G Akemann,PH Damgaard Determination of Fii from distribution Dirac operator eigen values with imaginary density
IP07331 CS Chu,PM Ho Time-dependant AdS/CFT duality II: holographic reconstruction of bulk metric and possible resolution of singularity
IP07334 C Park,BH Lee,DD Tolla Marginal deformations as lower dimensional d-brane solutions in open string field theory
IP07335 C Park,BH Lee,RR Nayak On the giant Magnon and single spike solutions on $AdS_3 \times S^3$
IP07337 P Orland Composite strings in (2+1) - dimensional anistropic weakly-coupled Yang-Mills theory
IP07338 L Del Debbio,H Panagopoulos,F Sannino Higher representation on the lattice: perturbative studies
IP07339 L Del Debbio,B Lucini,A Patella Quenched meson spectrum at large-N
IP07343 M Wolf,R Ricci,AA Tseytlin On T-duality and integrability for strings on AdS backgrounds
IP07344 T Hollowood,G Shore The causal structure of QED in curved spacetime
IP07346 F Ferrari Phases, irreducible polynomial equations and Galois groups in super Yang-Mills theories
IP07347 I Gomez,J Gunnesson,R Heinaudlz The Ising model and proven N=Y Yang-Mills
IP07348 GW Semenoff,R Jackiw,C Chamon Electron fractionalization for two-dimensional Dirac fermions
IP07349 GW Semenoff,G Grignani Fermion zero modes of the finite size giant magnon
IP07350 GW Semenoff,B Ramadanovic Supersymmetry and magnon spectrum in N=2, 4 Yang-Mills theory
IP07351 M Headrick Hedgehog black holes and the Polyakov loop at strong coupling
IP07352 D Waldram,PP Pacheco Exceptional generalised geometry and superpotentials
IP07353 T Quella,G D'Appollonio The diagonal cosets of the Heisenberg group
IP07354 T Quella,V Schomerus Boundary spectra in 5-models on PSU (1, 1/2)
IP07357 D Berenstein,S Hartnoll Strings on conifolds from strong coupling dynamcs: quantitative results
IP07358 D Berenstein,R Cottai,R Leonardi Numerical tests of AdS/CFT at strong coupling
IP07359 A LeClair The gl(1|1) supercurrent algebra: the role of twist and logarithmic fields
IP07360 A LeClair Critical points of disordered Dirac fermions: the quantum Hall transitions revisited
IP07367 K Zarembo Thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz in the Bogolyubov limit
IP07376 A Brandhuber,P Heslop,G Travaglini Not known yet
IP07377 N Mann,C Keeler Wrapping diagrams for the Konishi operator
IP07379 A Tseytlin,R Ricci,M Wolf On T-duality and integrability for strings in AdS background
IP07384 R Janik,P Benincasa,A Buchel On the supergravity description of boost invariant conformal plasma at strong coupling
IP07385 R Janik,M Trzetrzelewski Supergravitons from one loop perturbative N=4 SYM
IP07386 D Tong,C Pedder,J Sonner The geometric phase and gravitational precession of D-Branes
IP07387 D Tong,C Pedder,J Sonner The geometric phase in supersymmetric quantum mechanics
IP07388 N Evans,E Threlfall Quasinormal modes of the Sakai-Sugimoto model at high temperature
IP08050 SP Kumar,T Hollowood,A Naqvi N=4 SYM on S^3 at near critical chemical potential