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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Statistical Theory and Methods for Complex, High-Dimensional Data

Papers produced by Participants

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP08051 HH Zhou Adaptive estimation of covariance matrices by block thresholding
IP08052 L Forzani,RD Cook Likelihood-based sufficient dimension reduction
IP08053 L Forzani,RD Cook A further note to "smoothed functional inverse regression"
IP08054 J Kent,A Mosamam Semi-reproducing Kernal Hilbert spaces, splines and increment kriging
IP08055 J Kent,KU Mardia,G Hughes Statistical inference using pseudo-likelihood
IP08056 J Kent,RD Cook A likelihood interpretation of partial least squares
IP08062 J Clarke,B Clarke Adaptive combined average predictors
IP08063 A Kovac,M Meise Minimising total variation
IP08064 C Taylor,MD Marzio Local polynomial regression for circular data
IP08065 C Taylor, KV Mardia,JT Kent Multivariate analysis (second/revised edition)
IP08066 C Taylor,KV Mardia,JY Kent Statsitical estimation using composite likelihoods
IP08067 EJ Wegman,YH Said A directed graph model of ecological alcohol systems incorporating spatiotemporal effects
IP08068 Yh Said Estimating spatiotemporal effects for ecological alcohol systems
IP08069 WF Wieczorek,YH Said,EJ Wegman Spatial and computational models of alcohol use and problems
IP08070 EJ Wegman,YH Said Text mining with application to fraud discovery
IP08071 C Butucea,C Matias,A Poeut Adaptivity in convolution models with partially known noise distribution
IP08074 CP Robert,N Chopin,J Rousseau Harold Jeffrey's theory of probability revisited
IP08075 B Nadler A statistical approach to image segmentation
IP08076 B Nadler,S Kritchman Determining the number of components in a factor model from limited noisy data
IP08079 D Cook,D Swayne,A Buja Interactive and dynamic graphics for data analysis with examples using (R) and (GG)obi
IP08080 D Cook Incorporating exploratory methods using dynamic graphics into multivariate statistics classes
IP08081 D Cook,M Lawrence,EK Lee Multivariate exploratory analysis and visualisation for systems biology
IP08082 D Cook,J Hobbs,H Wickham Glaciers melt as mountains warm
IP08083 D Cook It's the brain that needs sweetness, not the eye!
IP08084 D Cook Dynamic graphics
IP08085 D Cook Should large dining parties pay a flat rate tip? A story about statistics and data
IP08090 A Maurer,M Pontil A uniform lower error bound hafspace learning
IP08091 F Bunea,M Wegkamp,A Tsybakov Non-asymptotic variable selection via the Lasso and the elastic net
IP08092 F Bunea,M Wegcamp,A Tsybakov Sparse oracle inequalities in density estimation
IP08093 M Wegkamp,M Yuan SVM with a reject option
IP08094 M Wegkamp,F Bunea,A Tsybakov Sparse oracle inequalities for density projection estimators
IP08097 JA Wellner,L Dumbgen,S van de Geer Nemirovski's inequality revisited
IP08098 HG Mueller,P Hall,F Yao Estimation of functional derivatives
IP08099 HG Mueller,B Liu Estimating derivatives for samples of sparsely observed functions, with application to online auction dynamics
IP08100 M Pontil,A Caponnetto,E De Vito Entropy conditions for Lr-convergence of empirical processes
IP08101 M Pontil Uniform error bounds for K-dimensional coding in Hikbert spaces
IP08102 M Pontil,M Herbster Fast prediction on a tree
IP08103 I Murray,R Salakhutdinov Evaluating probabilities under high-dimensional latent variable models
IP08106 B Rajaratnam,A Young Bootstrap methods for the ML approach (marginal likelihood)
IP08107 B Rajaratnam Improved estimation in graphical models
IP08108 B Rajaratnam,M Titterington Sparse estimation of mixtures
IP08114 M Titterington,P Hall,J Xue Tilting methods for assessing the influence of components in a classifier
IP08115 M Titterington,P Hall,J Xue Median-based classifiers for high-dimensional data
IP08116 M Titterington Neural networks
IP08129 HC van Houwelingen,J Goeman Global testing of association and/or predictability in regression problems with p>>n predictors
IP08130 HC van Houwelingen Fitting survival models with p>>n predictors: beyond proportional hazards
IP08133 JQ Shi,G Yi Penalised Gaussian process regression
IP08134 JQ Shi,B Wang,M Titterington Gaussian process regression and reproducing Kernel Hilbert space
IP08135 PJ Wolfe Schur complements and quadratic forms: technical memo
IP08136 PJ Wolfe Dimension reduction and quadratic forms: lecture notes
IP08137 PJ Wolfe On the approximation of quadratic forms and their use in estimating matrix products
IP08140 G Kutyniok,DL Donoho Microlocal analysis of the geometric separation problem
IP08147 A Tsybakov,F Bunea,M Wegkamp Sparse density estimation with C1 penalties
Ip08148 A Tysbakov Introduction to nonparametric estimation
IP08149 G McLachlan,J Baek Clustering of high-dimensional data via finite mixture models
IP08150 G McLachlan The EM alogrithm: The top ten algorithms in data mining
IP08151 S Olhede,A Sykulski,G Parliots Multiscale inference for high frequency data
IP08152 S Olhede,J Lilly Higher-order properties of strategic wavelets
IP08153 S Olhede,B Whitikar A statistical framework to characterise microstructure in HARDT
IP08154 A Young,TJ DiCiccio Objective Bayes and conditional inference in multi-dimensional exponential families
IP08155 A Young Routes to higher-order accuracy in parametric inference
IP08156 A Young,TJ DiCiccio,B Rajaratnam Bootstrap and composite likelihood inference
IP08159 J Jin,D Donoho Higher criticism thresholding opitmal feature selection when useful features are rare and weak
IP08160 P Bickel,JB Brown,H Zhang A nonparametric model for genome
IP08161 P Bickel Comment on Fan and Li
IP08162 P Bickel Comment on Gneitine et al
IP08163 P Bickel,DH Yan Sparsity facilitates inference
IP08164 D Donoho,J Tanner Counting the faces of randomly-projected hypercubes and orthants with applications
IP08165 D Donoho,M Shahram,JL Starck Healpix wavelets, fast multi-scale methods for the sphere
IP08166 D Donoho,J Tanner Finite-N bounds proving existence in problems of neighbourhoods and compressed sensing
IP08167 I Johnstone,Z Ma Second order accuracy for Tracy Widom law for GOE
IP08168 S Gullas,P Bickel,L Levina Sparsity for EOF, application to climate
IP08169 S Guillas,MJ Lai Spatial functional regression using biramak spins
IP08170 V Koltchinskii Oracle inequalities in empirical risk minization and sparse recovery problems
IP08171 J Tanner,D Donoho Finite dimensional bounds for polytope fare numbers
IP08179 R Samworth,J Fan,Y Wu Ultra-high dimensional variable selection: beyond the linear model
IP08184 J Tanner,D Donoho Counting the pages of randomly-projected hypercubes and orthans, with applications
IP08185 M Titterington,B Wang Variational Bayesian ingerence for partially observed dynamical systems
IP08186 M Titterington,NL Hjort On expectation propagation and the probabilistic editor in some simple mixture problems
IP08188 A Tsybakov Introduction to nonparametric estimation
IP08189 S Guillas,P Bickel,L Levina Sparsity for EOF, application to climate