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Sir Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Preprints Produced during 2006/07

The three-letter code attached to the preprint number indicates the scientific programme during which the paper was written. Click on the code to see the programme details.

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
NI06033-STP S Fournais, B Helffer Strong diamagnetism for general domains and applications
NI06034-STP B Helffer Four lectures in semiclassical analysis for non self-adjoint problems with applications to hydrodynamic instability
NI06035-PDS GM Schutz, RJ Harris Hydrodynamics of the zero-range process in the condensation regime
NI06036-NCG G Gong, Q Wang, G Yu Geometrization of the strong Novikov conjecture for residually finite groups
NI06037-LAA S Lindell A normal form for first-order logic over doubly-linked data structures
NI06038-PDS A Rakos, E Levine, D Mukamel et al Dynamical scaling for probe particles in a driven fluid
NI06039-PDS A Bar, Y Kafri, D Mukamel Loop dynamics in DNA denaturation
NI06040-LAA S Cook, J Krajicek Consequences of the Provability of NP subset P/poly
NI06041-NCG D Kreimer Dyson Schwinger equations: From Hopf algebras to number theory
NI06042-GMR J Louko, A Satz Excited by a quantum field: Does shape matter?
NI06043-NCG S Barannikov Noncommutative Batalin-Vilkovisky geometry and matrix integrals
NI06044-PEM SE Harris, PA Clarkson Painleve analysis and similarity reductions for the magma equation
NI06045-GMR Y Choquet-Bruhat, J Isenberg,
D Pollack
The constraint equations for the Einstein-scalar field system on compact manifolds
NI06046-GMR R Beig, PT Chrusciel The asymptotics of stationary electro-vacuum metrics in odd space-time dimensions
NI06047-GMR M Dafermos, AD Rendall Strong cosmic censorship for T2-symmetric cosmological spacetimes with collisionless matter
NI06048-GMR M Dunajski, S West Anti-self-dual conformal structures in neutral signature
NI06049-STP M Brozos-Vazquez, P Gilkey Complex Osserman algebraic curvature tensors and Clifford families
NI06050-GMR Y Choquet-Bruhat, J Isenberg,
D Pollack
Applications of theorems of Jean Leray to the Einstein-scalar field equations
NI06051-NPA G Vignoli, VA Titarev, EF Toro ADER schemes for the shallow water equations in channel with irregular bottom elevation
NI06052-LAA P Hell, J Nesetril On the density of Trigraph Homomorphisms
NI06053-NPA CE Castro, EF Toro Alternative solvers for the derivative Riemann problem for hyperbolic balance laws
NI06054-LAA S Dantchev, B Martin, S Szeider Parameterized proof complexity: A complexity gap for parameterized tree-like resolution
NI06055-LAA R Alur Marrying words and trees
NI06056-NCG F D’Andrea, L Dabrowski, G Landi The isospectral Dirac operator on the 4-dimensional quantum euclidean sphere
NI06057-NCG JT Stafford, M Van Den Bergh Noncommutative resolutions and rational singularities
NI06058-NCG D Rogalski, JT Stafford A class of noncommutative projective surfaces
NI06059-NCG D Rogalski, JT Stafford Naive noncommutative blowups at zero-dimensional schemes
NI06060-GMR BL Chen, PG LeFloch Injectivity radius of Lorentzian manifolds
NI06061-GMR PG LeFloch, M Yamazaki Entropy solutions of the Eular equations for isothermal relativistic fluids
NI07001-LAA A Dawar, M Grohe, S Kreutzer Locally excluding a minor
NI07002-LAA A Atserias, A Bulatov, A Dawar Affine systems of equations and counting infinitary logic
NI07003-LAA A Dawar, M Grohe, S Kreutzer, N Schweikardt Model theory makes formulas large
NI07004-HOP V Dominguez, IG Graham, VP Smyshlyaev A hybrid numerical-asymptotic boundary integral method for high-frequency acoustic scattering
NI07005-HOP A Iserles, SP Norsett From high oscillation to rapid approximation III: Multivariate expansions
NI07006-AGA J Harrison, P Kuchment, A Sobolev, B Winn On occurrence of spectral edges for periodic operators inside the Brillouin zone
NI07007-NPA M Dumbser, C Enaux, EF Toro Explicit finite volume schemes of arbitrary high order of accuracy for hyperbolic systems with stiff source terms
NI07008-STP B Helffer, YA Kordyukov The periodic magnetic Schrödinger operators: spectral gaps and tunneling effect
NI07009-HOP D Cohen, E Hairer, CH Lubich Long-time analysis of nonlinearly perturbed wave equations via modulated Fourier expansions
NI07010-LAA K Kulesza Machines, computations and time; when P can be equal NP
NI07011-NPA E Toro, A Hidalgo ADER finite volume schemes for nonlinear diffusion-reaction equations
NI07012-HOP R Hiptmair, P Meury Stabilized FEM-BEM coupling for Maxwell Transmission problems
NI07013-NCG T Gateva-Ivanova, S Majid Matched pairs approach to set theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation
NI07014-NCG E J Beggs, S Majid Bar categories and star operations
NI07015-NCG S J Brain, S Majid Quantisation of twistor theory by cocycle twist
NI07016-AGA V Adamyan, B Pavlov, A Yafyasov Modified Krein formula and analytic perturbation procedure for scattering on arbitrary junction
NI07017-AGA M Helm, I Veselić A linear Wegner estimate for alloy type Schrödinger operators on metric graphs
NI07018-AGA T Antunović, I Veselić Spectral asymptotics of percolation Hamiltonians on amenable Cayley graphs
NI07019-AGA SN Oshepkova, OM Penkin The maximum principle for elliptic inequalities on stratified sets
NI07020-AGA MJ Gruber, DH Lenz, I Veselić Uniform existence of the integrated density of states for random Schrödinger operators on metric graphs over Z^d
NI07021-AGA P Kuchment, L Kunyansky Mathematics of thermoacoustic and photoacoustic tomography
NI07022-AGA S Avdonin, P Kurasov Inverse problems for quantum trees
NI07023-AGA SA Fulling, L Kaplan, JH Wilson Vacuum energy and repulsive Casimir forces in quantum star graphs
NI07024-HOP S Ervedoza, E Zuazua Perfectly matched layers in 1-d : energy decay for continuous and semi-discrete waves
NI07025-AGA J von Below An index theory for uniformly locally finite graphs
NI07026-HOP E Hairer, CH Lubich Spectral semi-discretisations of weakly nonlinear wave equations over long times
NI07027-AGA L Petrova, B Pavlov The problem of fitting of the zero-range model of the tectonic plate under a localized boundary stress
NI07028-AGA IA Semenikhin, BS Pavlov, VI Ryzhii Plasma waves in two-dimensional electron channels: propagation and trapped modes
NI07029-HOP D Cohen, E Hairer, CH Lubich Conservation of energy, momentum and actions in numerical discretizations of nonlinear wave equations
NI07030-AGA C Bennewitz, BM Brown, R Weikard Inverse spectral and scattering theory for the half-line left definite Sturm-Liouville problem
NI07031-HOP LI Ignat, E Zuazua Convergence of a two-grid algorithm for the control of the wave equation
NI07032-HOP S Kamvissis, G Teschl Stability of the periodic Toda lattice under short range perturbations
NI07033-NCG T Gateva-Ivanova, S Majid Set theoretic solutions of the Yang-Baxter equation, graphs and computations
NI07034-AGA U Smilansky Quantum chaos on discrete graphs
NI07035-HOP IH Sloan Finite-order integration weights can be dangerous
NI07036-AGA L Friedlander, M Solomyak On the spectrum of the Dirichlet Laplacian in a narrow strip
NI07037-HOP BN Ryland, RI McLachlan On multisymplecticity of partitioned Runge-Kutta methods
NI07038-AGA A Karasik, U Smilansky 3D scanning technology as a standard archaeological tool for pottery analysis: practice and theory
NI07039-AGA T Antunović, I Veselić Equality of Lifshitz and Van Hove exponents on amenable Cayley graphs
NI07040-HOP C Castro, F Palacios, E Zuazua An alternating descent method for the optimal control of the inviscid Burgers equation in the presence of shocks
NI07041-AGA N Bajorin, T Chen, C Emmons, M Hussein, M Khalil, P Mody, B Steinhurst, A Teplyaev Vibration modes of 3n-gaskets and other fractals
NI07042-AGA T Sunada Crystals that nature might miss creating
NI07043-AGA M Aizenman, F Germinet, A Klein, S Warzel On Bernoulli decompositions for random variables, concentration bounds, and spectral localization
NI07044-HOP SN Chandler-Wilde, P Monk Wave-number-explicit bounds in time-harmonic scattering
NI07045-HOP E Hairer, RI McLachlan, A Razakarivony Achieving Brouwer's law with implicit Runge-Kutta methods
NI07046-HOP G Ariel, B Engquist, R Tsai A multiscale method for highly oscillatory ordinary differential equations with resonance
NI07047-AGA JH Wilson Vacuum energy in quantum graphs
NI07048-AGA T Antunović, I Veselić Sharpness of the phase transition and exponential decay of the subcritical cluster size
NI07049-HOP A Abdulle, B Engquist Finite element heterogeneous multiscale methods with near optimal computational complexity
NI07050-HOP T Li, A Abdulle, W E Effectiveness of implicit methods for stiff stochastic differential equations
NI07051-HOP D Cohen, B Owren, X Raynaud Multi-symplectic integration of the Camassa-Holm equation
NI07052-HOP RI McLachlan, DRJ O'Neale Comparison of integrators for the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam problem
NI07053-GMR V Husain, J Louko, O Winkler Quantum gravity and the Coulomb potential
NI07054-HOP S Giani, IG Graham A convergent adaptive method for elliptic eigenvalue problems
NI07055-NPA L F Dinu, MI Dinu Nondegeneracy, from the prospect of wave-wave regular interactions of a gasdynamic type: some remarks
NI07056-AGA MJ Gruber, I Veselić The modulus of continuity of Wegner estimates for random Schrödinger operators on metric graphs