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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

The Painlevé Equations and Monodromy Problems

Papers produced by Participants

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP06226 N Joshi, M Hay and J Hietarinta A Lax pair for a lattice modified KdV eqn, reductions to q-Painleve eqns and associated Lax pairs
IP06227 FW Nishoff, J Atkinson and J Hietarinta Journal of Physics A (letter to the editor)
IP06232 G Casale The Galois groupoid of Picard-Painleve VI equation
IP06242 PA Clarkson The symmetric fourth Painleve hierarchy and associated special polynomials
IP06243 AP Veselov and G Felder Polynomial solutions of the KZ equations and Schur-Weyl duality
IP06244 AP Veselov and M Feigin On geometry of V-systems
IP06245 PA Clarkson Asymptotics of the first Painleve equation
IP06282 S Okumura and K Okamoto The Painleve equation on finite field