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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Analysis on Graphs and its Applications

Papers produced by Participants

Preprint No. Author(s) Title and publication details
IP07004 KM Schmidt, BM Brown and M Langer The HELP inequality on graphs of infinite volume
IP07012 J Bruning The nodal count on tori
IP07020 M Langer and H Woracek Dependence of the Titchmarch-Weyl coefficient on singular interface conditions
IP07042 H Stark, A Terras and D Newland Zeta functions of weighted grphs and covering graphs
IP07043 A Terras A stroll through the garden of graph Zeta functions
IP07044 A Terras, D Newland and H Stark Zeta functions of weighted graphs and covering graphs
IP07046 T Kottos Optical networks of ultracold-atoms
IP07047 EB Davies Spectral properties of matrices associated with some direct graphs
IP07048 and P Kuchment Inversion formulas for thermoconstic tomography
IP07049 S Avdonin and P Kurasov Inverse problems on quantum trees Inverse Problems
IP07050 P Kurasov and S Avdonin Inverse problems for quantum trees Inverse Problems and Imaging
IP07051 P Kurasov Schrödinger operators on graphs and geometry I essentially bounded potentials
IP07052 J Bolte and S Endres The trace formula for quantum graphs with general self-adjoint boundary conditions
IP07055 L Boulton On spectral pollution and the approximation of Eigenvalues of slf-adjoint operators
IP07056 G Rozenblioum and S Sobolev Analysis of the spectrum of a singulary perturbed Landau operator
IP07057 G Rozenblioum and A Pushnitski Eigenvalue splitting of the Landau Hamiltonian in the exterior of a compact obstacle
IP07058 J Harrison, P Kuchment and A Sobolev On occurance of spectral edges for periodic operators inside the Brillouin zone J. Phys. A. 40 (2007)
IP07059 J Harrison, G Berkolaiko and M Noraes Full counting statistics of chaotic cavities form classical action correlations
IP07060 SA Fulling, KA Milton and P Parashar- How does Casimir Energy Full?
IP07061 SA Fulling, L Kaplan and JH Wilson Vacuum energy and repulsive Casimir forces in quantum star graphs
IP07062 SA Fulling, P Kuchment and JH Wilson Index theory for quantum graphs
IP07063 J von Below An index theory for locally finite graphs Lin. Alg. Appl
IP07065 V Kostrykin, R Schrader and J Potthoft Contraction semigroups on metric graphs
IP07066 V Kostrykin, F Lledō and K Makarov The hyperfinite factor and random Schrödinger operators
IP07067 V Kostrykin, L Grubic and K Veselic On the perturbation theory for indefinite quadratic forms
IP07079 R Frank, T Ekholm and H Kovarik Eigenvalue estimates for Schrödinger operators on regular metric trees
IP07080 R Frank, A Laptev and S Molchanov Eigenvalues estimates for magnetic Schrödinger operators in domains
IP07081 R Schrader, V Kostrykin and J Potthoft Fellen processes on metric graphs
IP07082 R Schrader, V Kostrykin and J Potthoft Brownian motion on star graphs
IP07083 R Schrader, V Kostrykin and M Schmidt KdV equations on metric graphs
IP07084 A Zuk and A Lobotzky Property tau
IP07085 A Zuk Automata groups
IP07086 H Langer, M Langer and A Markus The Virozus-Mebaer condition and spectrum of definite type for self-adjoint operator functions
IP07087 S Zhou and R Mondragon Structural constraints in complex networks New journal of Physics
IP07089 M Solomyak and L Friedlander On the spectrum of the Dirichlet Leplacian in a narrow strip Israel Journal of Mathematics
IP07090 M Solomyak and L Friedlander On the Dirichlet spectrum in an infused narrow strip
IP07095 A Sobolev and L Parnovski Band-gap structure of the polyharmonic operator with a 'strong' periodic perturbation
IP07096 A Sobolev and G Rozenblum Discrete spectrum in the gaps of the perturbed Landau operator
IP07099 L Bartholdi Algorithms for spiders
IP07100 L Bartholdi Growth and Brownian motion on groups
IP07101 U Smilansky and A Karasik 3D scanning technology as a standard archaeological tool for pottery analysis: practice and theory Journal of Archaeological Sciences
IP07102 Unknown Periodic binary harmonic functions on lattices Advances in applied mathematics
IP07103 Unknown Convolution equations in lattics in prime characteristics
IP07104 Unknown Periodic harmonic functions on lattices and point count
IP07105 M Marletta, M Levitin and J Boulton A PT symmetric periodic problem with boundary and interior singularities
IP07107 A Teplyaev and J Kigami Gaussian heat kernel estimates on some self-affine fractals
IP07108 U Smilansky Quantum chaos on discrete graphs Journal of Physics A
IP07109 J Kigami Tree of resistance forms
IP07111 S Langdon, D Huybrechs and SN Chandler-Wilde A fully discret collation method for high frequency scattering by convex polygons
IP07112 M Freidlin Metastability in nearly Hamiltonian systems
IP07113 T Sunada Crystal structures similar to the diamond crystal
IP07114 T Sunada Discrete Geometric Analysis
IP07115 T Sunada Discrete Abel-Jacobi maps
IP07116 M Levitin and L Boulton Trends and Tricks in Spectral Theory
IP07117 M Levitin and M Marletta On a PT symmetric periodic problem
IP07118 M Levitin, R Beuguna and L Parnovski Eigenvalues of Laplacian and zeros of the Fourier transform
IP07119 M Langer, BM Brown and K-M Schmidt The HELP inequality on trees
IP07120 M Langer, H Langer and A Markus The Virozub-Matsaev condition and spectrum of definite type for self-adjoint operator functions
IP07121 M Langer and J Behrndt A note on the adjoint of symmetric operator
IP07122 J Christiansen, BM Brown and K-M Schmidt On the spectrum of a q-Sturn Liouville operator
IP07123 G Stolz, J Baker and J Bellissard Minimising the ground state energy of an electron in a randomly deformed lattice
IP07124 G Stolz and R Sims Level statistics for centinuum Anderson models
IP07125 S Molchanov On the analytical continuation of random analytical functions
IP07128 L Friedlander and M Solomyak On the spectrum of the Lapacian in a narrow strip
IP07129 L Friedlander and M Solomyak Spectrum of the Laplacian in a narrow strip II
IP07130 MSP Eastham, BM Brown and IW Wood An example on the discrete spectrum of a star graph
IP07131 JP Keating Resummation and the semiclassical theory of spectral statistics
IP07132 WD Evans, A Balinsky and S Hundertmarit Improved Hardy-Sobolev inequalities
IP07133 WD Evans, A Balinsky and Y Saito Dirac-Sobolev embeddings and zero modes
IP07134 WD Evans Spectral asymptotics of the Neumann Laplacian on rooms and passages
IP07136 P Kuchment, J Harrison and A Sobolev On Occurance of spectral edges for periodic operators inside the Brillonin zone J. Phys. A: Math. Theor
IP07137 P Kuchment and L Kunyansky Mathematics of thermoacoustic and photoacoustic tomography European J. Appl. Math.
IP07138 P Kuchment and M Agranovsky Uniqueness of reconstruction and inversion procedure for thermoacoustic and photoacoustic tomography Inverse Problems
IP07139 P Kuchment and L Wang On reconstruction formulas and algorithmns in thermoacoustic and photoacoustic tomography Chapter in book "Photoacoustic imaging and spectroscopy"
IP07140 P Kuchment Periodic partial differential equations and their applications
IP07141 P Kuchment and G Berkolaiko Introduction to quantum graphs
IP07142 P Kuchment and A Raich Green's function estimates for periodic operators inside spectral gaps
IP07143 H Stark and A Terras Zeros of zeta functions of covering graphs and the Ramanujan property
IP07144 P Kuchment, S Fulling and J Wilson On index theory on quantum graphs
IP07167 G Berkolaiko, JM Harrison and M Novaes Full counting statistics of chaotic cavities from classical action correlations
IP07168 G Berkolaiko, JM Harrison and JH Wilson Vacuum energy on quantum graphs: dependence on the bond lengths
IP07169 P Exner and M Fraas A remark on helical waveguides Physics letters A
IP07170 P Exner and C Cacciapuoti Nontrivial edge coupling from Dirichlet network squeezing: the case of a bent waveguide Journal of Physics A: Math. Theory
IP07171 P Exner and M Fraas On the clause point and absolutely continuous spectrum for Hamiltonians with concentric $\delta$ - shells Letters in Math. Physics
IP07172 P Exner and P Seba A hybrid plane with spin orbit interaction Russian J. math. Phys.
IP07173 P Exner and O Post Quantum networks modelled by graphs Proceedings of Aarhus workshop 2007
IP07174 M Kelbert and Y Suhov Asymptotic properties of Markov processes on Cayley trees Isaac Newton Institute Volume
IP07175 M Kelbert and Y Suhov Models of Random Processes and Applications CUP
IP07176 M Kelbert, Y Suhov and G Gruell Problem of optimal choice of new business in the large deviation regime
IP07177 S Warzel, M Aizenman and F Germinet On Bernoulli decompositions for random variables, concentration counds, and spectral localization PTRF
IP07178 R Sims and G Stolz Poisson statistics for one-dimensional, continuum Anderson models
IP07179 R Sims and B Nachtergaele Locality in quantum spin systems
IP07180 A Hansson and A Laptev Sharp spectral inequalities for the Helsenberg Laplacian
IP07184 I Wood, M Brown and M Eastham An example on the discrete spectrum of a star graph
IP07186 S Novikov Dynamical systems and differential forms. Low dimensional systems
IP07226 V Smyshlyaev and P Kuchment Slowing down and transmission of waves in high contrast periodic media via "non-classical homogenization Proceedings of Waves, 2007, the 8th international conference on mathematical and numerical aspects of waves
IP07296 SA Fulling, KA Milton and P Parashar How does Casimir energy fall? Physical Review AD 76
IP07297 SA Fulling, L Kaplan and JH Wilson Vacuum energy and repulsive Casimir forces in quantum star graphs Physical Review A 76
IP07298 SA Fulling, P Kuchment and JH Wilson Index theory for quantum graphs Journal of Physics A
IP07302 A Laptev and A Hansson Sharp spectral inequalities for a class of hypoelliptic operators Proceedings of H. Weyl conference in Bielefeld 2006, Cambridge University Press
IP07305 S Yuri and V Chulaevsky Wegner bounds for a two-particle tight binding model Communications in Mathematical Physics
IP07333 Z Sunik and R Grigorchuk Schreier spectrum of the Hanoi Towers group on three pegs