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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Annual Report 2005/2006

Appendices: Statistical Information

  1. Papers
    IP05128 M Cisneros-Molina On explicit computation of transition probability densities for some transformed Markov diffusion processes
    IP05129 A Pillay, E Hrushovski and Y Peterzil Groups measures and the N I P
    IP05130 M Cisneros-Molina Risk measures for European derivatives on diffusion processes. A comparison analysis for WCS VaR and CVaR
    IP05131 J Ressayre O minimality and transgenics part 1
    IP05132 Y Ait-Sahalia, J Cacho-Diaz and T Hurd Portfolio choice in the presence of jumps diversification and the central limit theorem
    IP05133 L Lehner, S Liebling and O Reule AMR stability and higher order accuracy
    IP05134 L Lehner, J Pullin and M Anderson Black strings and arbitrary distortions
    IP05135 L Lehner, C Palenzuela and C Bona Geometrically motivated gage conditions for numerical relativity
    IP05136 E Hrushovski Valued fields metastable groups
    IP05137 B Kim and R Moosa Criteria for stable definability
    IP05138 B Kim Recovering the hyperdefinable group action in the group configuration theorem
    IP05139 Y Peterzil and E Hrushovski A question of Van den Dries and a theorem of Lipshitz and Robinson: not everything is re
    IP05140 M Tribelsky and B Lukyanchuk Anomalous light scattering by small particles
    IP05141 M Davis and D Hobson The range of traded option prices
    IP05142 M Davis and J Esparragoza A queueing network approach to portfolio credit risk
    IP05143 M Davis and T Björk Utility maximization with random parameters
    IP05144 J P Nicholas and L Mason Regularity at spacelike and null infinity
    IP05145 A Cairns, D Blake and K Dowd A two-factor model for stochastic mortality
    IP05146 A Cairns, D Blake and K Dowd Pricing death: frameworks for the valuationand securitization of mortality risk
    IP05147 A Cairns, D Blake and K Dowd Pricing the risk on longevity bonds
    IP05148 NMJ Woodhouse General Relativity
    IP05149 NMJ Woodhouse The isomonodromy problem
    IP05150 H Ringstroem Stability of exponential expansion
    IP05151 H Ringstroem Stability of power law expansion
    IP05152 R Lauterbach Symmetry breaking and absolute irreducibility
    IP05153 M Heinzle and C Uggla Dynamics of the spatially homogeneous biach type 1 Einstein-Vlasov Equations
    IP05154 D  Chillingworth and L Sbano Bifurcation from a normally degenerate manifold
    IP05155 J  Tyson and B Novak  Two switches and a clock control progression through the eukayotic cell cycle
    IP05156 J Tyson and B Novak Basic regulatory motifs in protein signaling networks.
    IP05157 S Zelik Multi-pulses and space time chaos in 1D cGL
    IP05158 CE Soteros and SG Whittington The statistical mechanics of random copolymers
    IP05159 E Orlandini, MC  Tesi and SG  Whittington Adsorption of a directed polymer subject to an elongational force
    IP05160 J  Rademacher Semi strong interaction Turing instability and growing domains.
    IP05161 LP  Hughston, DC  Brody and A  Macrina Beyond hazard rates: a new framework for credit-risk modelling
    IP05162 LP  Hughston, DC  Brody and A Macrina An information-based approach to asset-pricing
    IP05163 LP  Hughston and DC  Brody Quantum noise and stochastic reduction
    IP05164 J  Louko and A Satz Accelerated particle detectors with spatial smearing
    IP05165 MF  Schatz Using homology to characterise symmetry in convection
    IP05166 MF Schatz Modal extraction in spatially extended systems
    IP05167 D Hafner Creation of fermions by rotating charged black-holes
    IP05168 D Lloyd, A Champneys and B Sandstede Untitled
    IP05169 Y Kabanov and M Saferian Markets with transaction costs: Mathematical theory
    IP05170 M Golubitsky Homogenous three cell systems
    IP05171 A Comanici and M Golubitsky Patterns on growing square domains via mode interactions
    IP05172 CS Morawetz Mixed equations and transonic flow
    IP05173 A Schmidt and KG Siebert Design of adaptive finite element software
    IP05174 A Dias, A Rodrigues and P Matthews Hopf bifurcation with S_n-symmetry
    IP05175 A Dias Hopf bifurcation with interior symmetry
    IP05176 F Nicolo Global characteristic problem for the Einstein vacuum equations with small data (II)
    IP05177 F Nicolo A local characteristic problem for the Einstein vacuum equations
    IP05178 A Yochelis, L Pismen andE Knobloch  Motion of mesoscopic droplets driven by phase transitions
    IP05179 V Moncrief Curvature propagation in general relativity
    IP05180 P Tod and O Robertshaw Lie point symmetries are the geodesic approximation for the Schrodinger Newton equation
    IP05181 D Pollack, J Isenberg and Y Choquet-Bruhat The constraint equations for the Einstein-Scalar field system on compact manifolds
    IP05182 M Cross, N Becker and J Schecl
    IP05183 V Moncrief Curvature propagation in general relativity
    IP05184 V  Moncrief and A Fischer Hamiltonian reduction of the Einstein equations of general relativity
    IP05185 V Moncrief and J Isenberg Symmetries of cosmological Cauchy horizons with non-closed orbits
    IP05186 M Dafermos and I Rodniaski The red-shift and radiation decay for black-hole spacetimes
    IP05187 M Dafermos A note on the collapse of small-data massless collisionless matter
    IP05188 M Dafermos and A Rendall Strong cosmic censorship for cosmological spacetimes with collisionless matter
    IP05189 J Neufeld, RC Bailey and JX Mitrovica The lobe and cleft instability of a gravity current
    IP05190 ZS Khan and SW Morris Subdiffusion and mixing in axial segregation
    IP05191 L Goehring, L Zhenquan and SW Morris An experimental investigation of columnar joints
    IP05192 R Hollerbach and G Rudiger New type of magnetorotational instability in cylindrical Taylor-Couette flow
    IP05193 MAH MacCallum Finding and using exact solutions of the Einstein equations
    IP05194 MAH MacCallum and MJ Pareja Local freedom in the gravitational field
    IP05195 MAH MacCallum and J Jezierski Conformal Yano-Killing tensors in asymptotically anti-de Sitter space
    IP05196 MAH MacCallum, M Mars and R Vera First and second order exterior metrics of stationary and axially symmetric slowly rotating stars
    IP05197 H Friedrich and Y Choquet-Bruhat Motion of isolated bodies
    IP05198 H Friedrich Characterizing asymptotically flat static vacuum solutions
    IP05199 J Isenberg The initial value foundation of Einstein's gravitational field equation
    IP05200 J Isenberg and A Clauser Areal foliation and AVTD behaviour in T symmetric spacetimes with positive cosmological constant
    IP05201 J Isenberg and B Berger Asymptotic behaviour of a class of expanding T symmetric cosmological spacetimes
    IP05202 JAV Kroon On smoothness-asymmetric null infinities
    IP06001 F Nicolo and G Caciotta Global characteristic problem for the Einstein vacuum equations with small initial data: (II) The existence proof
    IP06002 F Nicolo A local characteristic problem for the Einstein vacuum equations
    IP06003 JS Wilson Finite axiomatization of finite soluble groups
    IP06004 AJ Lichtenberg, R Livi and M Pettini Dynamics of oscillator chains
    IP06005 AD Gilbert Advected fields in maps--III. Passive scalar decay in baker's maps
    IP06006 F Toninelli Some critical properties and finite-size estimates for the depinning transition of directed random polymers
    IP06007 R Stinchcombe Asymptotically exact scaling for nonequilibrium static and dynamic critical behaviour
    IP06008 G Biroli, A  Le Fevre and JP Bouchaud Field theory for interacting particle systems
    IP06009 H Zhang, D Sokoloff and I Rogachevskii The radial distribution of magnetic helicity in the solar convective zone: observations and dynamo theory
    IP06010 SV Berdyugina, D Moss and D Sokoloff Active longitudes nonaxisymmetric dynamos and phase mixing
    IP06011 MA Moore Interface free energies in p-spin glass models
    IP06012 L Berthier, JP Garrahan and P Sollich Fluctuation-dissipation relations in kinetically constrained models with multi-stage relaxation
    IP06013 L Bethier, G Biroli and JP Bouchaud Multi-point dynamic susceptibilities probing dynamic heterogeneity in glass-formers
    IP06014 JP Garrahan, R Jack and L Berthier Fluctuation-dissipation relations in plaquette spin systems with multi-stage relaxation
    IP06015 JP Garrahan, L Berthier and S Leonard Fluctuation-dissipation relations in the East model
    IP06016 A Cerny and J Kallsen On the structure of general mean-variance hedging strategies
    IP06017 K Variv, O Campas and KB Zeldovich Collective dynamics of molecular motors pulling on fluid membranes
    IP06018 K Variv and A Polkovnikov A mapping between DNA unzipping and unbinding of directed polymers in a random media
    IP06019 O Aharony, M Fabinger and GT Horowitz Clean time dependent string backgrounds from bubble baths
    IP06020 C Bachas and C Hull Null brane intersections
    IP06021 NJ Berkovits and J Maldacena N=2 superconformal description of superstring in Ramond-Ramond plane wave backgrounds
    IP06022 O Bergman, MB Green and MR Gaberdiel D-brane interactions in Type llB plane wave background
    IP06023 A Dabholkar and C Hull Duality twists orbifolds and fluxes
    IP06024 A Dabholkar and C Hull Duality twists Scherk-Schwarz reductions and gauged supergravity
    IP06025 SP de Alwis On potentials from fluxes
    IP06026 M Douglas and D Berenstein Seiberg duality for quiver gauge theories
    IP06027 SR Das, C Gomez and SJ Rey Penrose limit spontaneous symmetry breaking and holography in PP wave background
    IP06028 H Chen and M Grohe Constraint satisfaction with succinctly specified relations
    IP06029 H Chen and M Bordirsky Quantified equality constraints
    IP06030 A Hanany and S Franco Toric duality Seiburg duality and Picard-Lefschetz transformations
    IP06031 D Brecher, CV Johnson and KJ Lovis Penrose limits deformed pp-waves and the strings duals of N=1 large N gauge theory
    IP06032 ND Lambert Moduli and brane intersections
    IP06033 J Louis, S Gurrieri and A Micu Mirror Symmetry in Generalized Calabi-Yau Compactifications
    IP06034 P Kaste, R Minasian and M Petrini Kaluza-Klein bundles and manifolds of exceptional holonomy
    IP06035 CN Pope and NP Warner A Dielectric Flow Solution with Maximal Supersymmetry
    IP06036 GW Gibbons, SA Hartnoll and CN Pope Bohm and Einstein-Sasaki Metrics Black Holes and Cosmological Event Horizons
    IP06037 M Cvetic, GW Gibbons and H Lu Bianchi IX Self-dual Einstein Metrics and Singular G_2 Manifolds
    IP06038 JH Schwarz Comments on Superstring Interactions in a Plane-Wave Background
    IP06039 S Frolov and AA Tseytlin Semiclassical quantization of rotating superstring in AdS_5 x S^5
    IP06040 AA Tseytlin and K Zarembo Wilson loops in N=4 SYM theory: rotation in S5
    IP06041 M Vasiliev Nonlinear Equations for Symmetric Massless Higher Spin Fields in $(A)dS_d$
    IP06042 AJM Spencer Compression and shear of a layer of granular material
    IP06043 AJM Spencer A viscoplastic double-shearing theory
    IP06044 K Jain and J Krug Evolutionary regimes in rugged fitness landscapes
    IP06045 K Jain and S Franz Dynamics of influenza infection
    IP06046 K Jain, D Mukamel and F Bouchet Dynamics of systems with long range interactions
    IP06047 F Corberi Crossover between Ising and XY-like behaviour in the off-equilibrium kinetics of the one-dimensional clock model
    IP06048 AA Jarai Invasion percolation and the incipient infinite cluster
    IP06049 J van den Berg, O Haggstrom and J Kahn Some Conditional Correlation Inequalities for Percolation and Related Processes
    IP06050 N Alon, F de la Vega and R Kannan Random sampling and approximation of MAX-CSPs
    IP06051 M Karpinski, L Larmore and Y Nekritch Efficient algorithms for the construction of length-limited Huffman codes
    IP06052 F Ablayev and M Karpinski A lower bound for integer multiplication on randomised ordered read-once branching programs
    IP06053 P Berman, M Karpinski and A Scott Approximation hardness and satisfiability of bounded occurence instances of SAT
    IP06054 B Bollobas and I Leader Unions of shadows
    IP06055 S Bobkov and P Tetali Modified Log-Sobolev inequalities in discrete settings
    IP06056 G Brightwell, J van den Heuvel and L Stougie A linear bound on the diameter of the transportation polytope
    IP06057 M Ando and C French Discrete torsion for the supersingular orbifold sigma genus
    IP06058 R de Jeu and A Besser The syntomic regulator for $ K_4 $ of curves
    IP06059 T Dokchitser, R de Jeu and D Zagier Numerical verification of Beilinson's conjecture for K2 of hyperelliptic curves
    IP06060 R de Jeu and A Besser $ Li^{(p)} $-service? Implementing $ p $-adic polylogarithms
    IP06061 R de Jeu, A Besser and P Buckingham On the $ p $-adic Beilinson conjecture for number fields
    IP06062 JPC  Greenlees and BE Shipley Rational torus equivariant cohomology theories III: Quillen equivalence with the standard model
    IP06063 M Hovey Homotopy theory: relations with algebraic geometry group cohomology and algebraic $K$-theory
    IP06064 I Madsen and M Weiss The stable moduli space of Riemann surfaces: Mumford's conjecture
    IP06065 C Soule A bound on the torsion in the K-theory of algebraic integers
    IP06066 N Strickland and M Hovey Local cohomology of BP_*BP-comodules
    IP06067 B Totaro The torsion index of E_8 and other groups
    IP06068 B Totaro The torsion index of the spin groups
    IP06069 C Weibel Transfer functors on $K$-algebras
    IP06070 C Weibel A road map of motivic homotopy and homology theory
    IP06071 C Weibel Higher wild kernels and divisibility in the K-theory of number fields
    IP06072 Y Nobuaki Applications of Atiyah-Hirzebruch spectral sequence for motivic corbordism
    IP06073 N Schweikardt, S Kreutzer and M Otto The boundedness problem for first-order formulae on labelled trees.
    IP06074 C Beeri, A Eyal and S Kamenkowich BPQL - A query language for business processes
    IP06075 A Bulatov and E Skvortsov Efficiency of local search
    IP06076 A Bulatov, F Borner and H Chen Constraint satisfaction games
    IP06077 A Bulatov, A Atserias andV Dalmau  (Not yet known)
    IP06078 V Goranko Infinite state model checking in modal logic
    IP06079 A Krokhin, F Boerner and A Bulatov The complexity of constraint satisfaction games
    IP06080 A Krokhin and V Dalmau Majority constraints have bounded path duality
    IP06081 A Rakos, D Mukamel and E Levine Dynamical scaling for probe particles in a driven fluid
    IP06082 PG Kolaitis, A Atserias and A Dawar On preservation under homomorphisms and unions of conjunctive queries
    IP06083 V Popkov and G Schutz Reflection maps in driven diffusive models with more than one particle specie.
    IP06084 B Sandstede and A Scheel Curvature effects on spiral spectra: Generation of point eigenvalues near branch points
    IP06085 T Wilke and R Küsters Transducer-based analysis of cryptographic protocols
    IP06086 T Wilke and C Fritz Simulation relations for alternating parity automata and parity games
    IP06087 T Wilke and R Kusters  Introduction to modern cryptography
    IP06088 DJ Evans. DJ Searles and EM Sevick The fluctuation theorem and nonequilibrium free energy theorems
    IP06089 E Mittag, DJ Evans and SR Williams Verification of time-reversibility requirement for systems satisfying the Evans-Searles fluctuation theorem
    IP06090 SR WilliaE Mittags, DJ Evans and  Negative entropy production in oscillatory systems
    IP06091 V Popkov, D Mukamel and M Evans PDE - friendly bridge model
    IP06092 V Popkov and G Schutz Viscosity regularizations in driven diffusive systems
    IP06093 P Sollich, N Wilding and M Fasolo Phase behaviour and particle-size cutoff effects in polydisperse fluids
    IP06094 P Sollich, R Fantoni and D Gazzillo Perturbation theory for the Percus-Yevick solution for weakly polydisperse sticky hard spheres
    IP06095 P Sollich, R Jack and P Mayer Subdiffusive propagation of independent excitations in a kinetically constrained model with continuous degrees of freedom
    IP06096 P Pudlak, A Chattopadhyay and N Goyal Lower bound for circuits with MOD m gates
    IP06097 P Pudlak Godel and computability
    IP06098 H Spohn Heat flow in 1D weakly anharmonic chains
    IP06099 H Spohn Motion of electrons in adiabatically perturbed periodic structures
    IP06100 M Henkel, H Hinrichsen and S Lubeck Non-equilibrium phase transitions
    IP06101 M Henkel, M Pleimling and R Sanctuary Ageing and the glass transition
    IP06102 B Schmittmann and RKP Zia Dynamic equivalence classes of nonequilibrium steady states
    IP06103 B Schmittmann, DA Adams and RKP Zia Coarsening of clouds in a far-from-equilibrium model system
    IP06104 W Hodges Tarski's theory of definition
    IP06105 W Hodges and J Vaananen Dependence of variables construed as an atomic formula
    IP06106 S Dantchev, B Martin and S Szeider Parameterized proof complexity
    IP06107 R Livi, D Mukamel and F Ginelli Contact processes with long range interactions
    IP06108 R Livi, H Kunz and A Suto Dynamics of Helix-coil transition in DNA
    IP06109 R Livi, R Zillmer and A Politi Desynchronised stable states in diluted neural networks
    IP06110 R Livi, R Franzosi and GL Oppo Probing the dynamics of Boss-Einstein condensates
    IP06111 A Corli and H Fan The Riemann problem for reversible reactive flows with metastability
    IP06112 EV Ferapontov and KR Khusnutdinova Onintegrability of (2+1)-dimensional quasilinear systems
    IP06113 EV Ferapontov and KR Khusnutdinova The characterisation of 2-component (2+1)-dimensional integrable systems of hydodynamic type J.
    IP06114 EV Ferapontov and KR Khusnutdinova Hydrodynamic reductions of multi dimensional dispersionless PDEs: the test for integrability
    IP06115 EV Ferapontov, KR Khusnutdinova and SP Tsarev Ona class of three-dimensional integrable Lagrangians
    IP06116 EV Ferapontov and KR Khusnutdinova Double waves in multi-dimensional systems of hydrodynamic type: the necessary condition for integrability
    IP06117 H Frid and PG Lefloch Uniqueness for multidimensional hyperbolic systems with commuting Jacobians
    IP06118 BL Keyfitz Self-similar solutions of two-dimensional conservation laws
    IP06119 RJ LeVeque The dynamics of pressureless dust
    IP06120 D Bernardini and TJ Pence Uniaxial modeling of multivariant shape-memory materials with internal sublooping using dissipation functions
    IP06121 D Serre Stability of nonlinear waves in scalar conservation laws
    IP06122 R Levy and M Shearer Kinetics and nucleation for driven thin film flow
    IP06123 M Shearer, TP Witelski and DG Schaeffer Boundary-value problems for hyperbolic equations related to steady granular flow
    IP06124 JMNT Gray, M Shearer and AR Thornton Time dependent solutions for particle-size segregation in shallow granular avalanches
    IP06125 M Shearer and RE Wieman Time-periodic elastoplastic shear-banding related to granular flow
    IP06126 M Kwiatkouska Probabilistic model checking of complex biological pathways
    IP06127 AJ Hogg and D Pritchard The effects of drag on dam break and other shallow inertial flows
    IP06128 JM Huntley, TW Martin and MD Mantle Nuclear magnetic resonance measurements of phase-resolved velocity distributions within a three-dimensional vibro-fluidized granular bed
    IP06129 RD Wildman, TW Martin and JM Huntley Experimental investigation and kinetic theory based model of an annular granular shear flow
    IP06130 H Viswanathan, RD Wildman and JM Huntley Comparison of kinetic theory predictions with experimental results for a vibrated three-dimensional granular bed
    IP06131 RM Iverson Regulation of landslide motion by dilatancy and pore pressure feedback
    IP06132 JM Pasini and JT Jenkins Aeolian transport with collisional suspension.
    IP06133 RR Kerswell Dam break with Coulomb friction: a model of granular slumping?
    IP06134 S Kreutzer and A Dawar a Homomorphism preservation and fixed-point logics
    IP06135 S Kreutzer and A Dawar Generalising automaticity to model properties of finite structures
    IP06136 S Kreutzer, A Dawar and M Grohe Approximation schemes for first-order definable approximation problems
    IP06137 S Kreutzer and P Hunter Digraph measure: Kelly games orders and decompositions
    IP06138 S Kreutzer, A Dawar and M Grohe size of existential formulas on trees
    IP06139 K Mallick, M Evans and P Ferrari Exact solution of the N-colour TASEP
    IP06140 K Mallick, S Majumdar and M Evans Statistics of minima on a hierarchical lattice
    IP06141 T Mullin, Y Li and C Del Pino An experimental study of fixed points and chaos in the motion of spheres in a Stokes flow
    IP06142 J Ashmore, C del Pino and T Mullin  Cavitation in a lubrication flow between a moving sphere and a boundary
    IP06143 PM Reis, G Erhardt and A Stephenson Gases liquids and crystals in granular segregation
    IP06144 H Shen and B Sankaran Internal structures in granular shear flows
    IP06145 H Akiyoshi, H Miyachi and M Sakuma Variations of McShane's identity for punctured surface groups
    IP06146 D Futer Involutions of knots that fix unknotting tunnels
    IP06147 K Ohshika and H Miyachi On topologically tame Kleinian groups with bounded geometry
    IP06148 Y Choi, K Rafi and C Series Lines of minima and Teichmueller geodesics
    IP06149 RKP Zia and B Schmittmann Dynamic equivalence classes of nonequilibrium steady states
    IP06150 R Stinchcombe and RJ Harris Scaling approach to related disordered stochastic and free-fermion models
    IP06151 R Stinchcombe and T Hanney Real space renormalisation group approach to driven diffusive systems
    IP06152 G Dziuk, K Deckelnick and CM Elliot Computation of geometric partial differential equations and mean curvature flow.
    IP06153 MR Evans, SN Majumdar and RKP Zia Factorized steady states in mass transport models on an arbitrary graph
    IP06154 JR Raymond and MR Evans Flocking regimes in a simple lattice model
    IP06155 H Vollmer A note on the complexity of clone membership
    IP06156 S Grosskinsky Equivalence of ensembles for zero-range invariant measures
    IP06157 A Bray, L Cugliandolo and A Sicilia Exact results for coarsening dynamics of two dimensional curvature-driven growth
    IP06158 M Evans, SN Majumdar and RKP Zia Canonical analysis of condensation in factorised steady states
    IP06159 G Schutz, D Mukamel and A Rakos Dynamical scaling of probe particles in a driven fluid
    IP06160 G Schutz and R Harris Hydrodynamics of the zero-range process in the condensation regime
    IP06161 G Schutz and S Grosskinsky Spontaneous symmetry breaking in a discrete-time bridge model
    IP06162 SN Majumdar, S Gupta and M Barma Tagged particle correlations in the asymmetric exclusion process
    IP06163 SN Majumdar, C Sire and DS Dean Exact solution of a biological evolution model
    IP06164 SN Majumdar and O Martin The statistics of number of minima in a random energy landscape
    IP06165 SN Majumdar, AJ Bray and P Sollich Hard particles and random minima: bethe lattice and mean field
    IP06166 SN Majumdar and DS Dean Maximum Eigenvalue distribution in random matrices
    IP06167 M Barma, R Stinchcombe and M Grynberg Directed diffusion of reconstituting dimers
    IP06168 Z Racz Finite size scaling in extreme statistics
    IP06169 S Franz and A Montanari Dynamic and mosaic length...
    IP06170 S Franz and G Parisi Local spin glass order in 1D
    IP06171 S Franz On the dynamics of Kac p-spin glasses
    IP06172 JF Lynch Models of biological regulatory networks
    IP06173 J Marcinkowski On the expressive power of graph logic
    IP06174 BD Bonner, IG Graham and VP Smyshlyaev The computation of conical diffraction coefficients in high-frequency acoustic wave scattering
    IP06175 IG Graham and W McClean Anisotropic mesh refinement the conditioning of Galerkin boundary element matrices and simple preconditioners
    IP06176 V Dominguez, IG Graham and VP Smyshlyaev A hybrid numerical-asymptotic boundary integral method for
    high-frequency acoustic scattering
    IP06177 IG Graham, PO Lechner and R Scheichl Domain Decomposition for Multiscale PDEs
    IP06178 L Grasedyck, IG Graham and W Hackbusch Panel-Clustering for Boundary Elements  on A Priori Defined Degenerate Meshes
    IP06179 W McClean and V Thomee Time discretization of an evolution equation vial Laplace transforms
    IP06180 P Monk, M Ainsworth and W Muniz Dispersive and dissipative properties of discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods for the second order wave equation.
    IP06181 R Nochetto, G Akrivis and CH Makridakis A posteriori error estimates for the Crank-Nicholson method for parabolic equations
    IP06182 R Nochetto, JM Cascon and K Siebert Convergence of adaptive FEM in H(div;Omega)
    IP06183 T Gudi and AK Pani Discontinuous Galerkin methods for quasilinear elliptic problems of non-monotone type
    IP06184 L Prigozhin Variational inequalities in critical-state problems
    IP06185 CM Elliot, D Kay and V Styles A finite element approximation of a variational formulation of Bean's model for superconductivity
    IP06186 C Bernardi and E Suli Time and space adaptivity for the second-order wave equation
    IP06187 P Houston, JA Robson and E Suli  Discontinuous Galerkin finite element approximation of quasilinear elliptic boundary value problems 1
    IP06188 A Veeser and F Fierro A posteriori error estimators gradient recovery by averaging and superconvergence
    IP06189 M Jurdzinski and A Trivedi Strategy improvement for optimal time reachability games
    IP06190 D Niwinski and A Arnold On continuous reductions of game languages
    IP06191 L Hella, A Dawar and M Suonio Fixed-point logics with generalized quantifers on unordered structures
    IP06192 L Hella and J Vaananen The size of a formula as a measure of complexity
    IP06193 L Hella, M Sevenster and T Tulenheimo A generalised quantifier approach to CSP
    IP06194 F Ritort Non equilibrium fluctuations in small systems: From physics to biology
    IP06195 A Dawar, A Atserias and M Groher Preservation under extensions on well-behaved finite structures
    IP06196 N Alechina and T Agotnes Knowing minimum/maximum n formulae
    IP06197 N Alechina and T Agotnes The dynamics of syntactic knowledge
    IP06198 C Godreche From urn models to zero-range processes: statics and dynamics
    IP06199 C Godreche Nonequilibrium phase transition in a non integrable zero-range process
    IP06200 C Godreche, M Barma and SN Majumdar  Tagged particle correlations in the symmetric simple exclusion process: finite size effects
    IP06204 A Brandenburg The case for a distributed solar dynamo shaped by near surface shear
    IP06205 A Brandenburg Importance of magnetic helicity in dynamos
    IP06206 A Brandenburg, B Dintrans and NEL Haugen Shearing and embedding box simulations of the magnetorotational instability
    IP06207 A Brandenburg, NEL Haugen and PJ Kapyla The problem of small and large scale fields in the solar dynamo
    IP06208 A Brandenburg, NEL Haugen and AJ Mee Nonhelical turbulent dynamos: shocks and shear
    IP06222 R Trefler and K Namjoshi Compositional reasoning for multiprocess synchronous protocols
    IP06223 J Vaananen Dependence logic
    IP06233 PA Bonatti, C Lutz and A Murano The complexity of enriched Mu-calculi
    IP06234 G Pan and MY Vardi Fixed-parameter hierarchies inside PSPACE
    IP06235 O Kupferman, N Piterman and MY Vardi Safraless compositional synthesis
    IP06248 SF Tolic-Nørrelykke, E Schäffer and J Howard Calibration of optical tweezers with positional detection in the back-focal-plane
    IP06254 G Grimmett, S Janson and PF Scudo Weak limits of quantum random walks


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