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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Annual Report 2004/2005

Appendices: Statistical Information


Seminars given Outside the Institute 2004/05 - Quantum Information Science


31/08/2004 Laflamme, R Quantum information Nortel Networks (Harlow)
06/09/2004 Knight, P From bits to qubits Glasgow Caledonian University
13/09/2004 Lo, K Decoy state quantum key distribution Royal Holloway,  University of London
20/09/2004 Knight, P Manipulating Quantum bits on atom chips. University of Cambridge
12/10/2004 Jozsa, R A perspective on recent developments in quantum algorithms GCHQ Cheltenham
16/10/2004 Howe, RE Branching laws via branching algebra University of Cambridge
21/10/2004 Braunstein, S Introduction to Quantum Computation Heriot-Watt University
09/11/2004 Kauffman, L Topological Entanglement and Quantum Entanglement  Birkbeck College, London
16/11/2004 Bennett, C Quantum Channels and their Capacities University of Oxford
17/11/2004 Horodecki, M Locking of Entanglement Loughborough University
23/11/2004 Kauffman, L Virtual knot theory University of Cambridge
20/12/2004 Kauffman, L Braiding, spin networks and topological quantum computation University of Oxford

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