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Preprints published 2003-04


Preprint Number Authors Title
NI03056-IGS K\"onig, W M\"orters, P Brownian intersection local times: exponential moments and law of large masses
NI03060-GPF Faria, SH Kipfstuhl, S Preferred slip band orientations and bending observed in the Dome Concordia ice core
NI03064-GPF Hogg, AJ Pritchard, D The effects of hydraulic resistance on dam-break and other shallow inertial flows
NI03065-IGS Klokov, SA Veretennikov, AY Mixing and convergence rates for a family of Markov processes approximating SDEs
NI03066-IGS Veretennikov, AY On ergodic measures for McKean-Vlasov stochastic equations
NI03071-GPF Reis, PM Mullin, T Segregation phases in a vibrated binary granular layer
NI03072-GPF Hutter, K Wang, Y Valenik, Y The Savage-Hutter avalanche model How far can it be pushed?
NI03074-GPF Pudasaini, S Hutter, K Rapid motion of free-surface avalanches over natural terrains and their simulations through curved and twisted channels
NI03075-IGS Pechersky, EA Suhov, YM Witleski, T Large deviation in a two-servers system with dynamic routing
NI03076-GPF Hogg, AJ Pritchard, D Cross-shore suspended sediment transport under tidal currents
NI03077-GPF Chugunov, VA Gray, JMNT Thornton, A Exact solutions of the Savage-Hutter equations for one-dimensional granular flows
NI03078-IGS Ben Arous, G Bogachev, LV Limit theorems for random exponentials
NI03079-IGS Veretennikov, AY On ergodic measures for McKean-Vlasov stochastic equations 2
NI03080-GPF Jenkins, JT Koenders, MA The incremental response of random aggregates of identical round particles
NI03081-GPF Jenkins, JT Koenders, MA Hydrodynamic interaction of rough spheres
NI03082-GPF Davis, M K\"ohler, HJ Hydraulic failure and soil-structure deformation due to wave and draw down loading
NI03083-GPF H\'akonard\'ottir, KM Hogg, AJ Flying avalanches
NI03085-IGS T\'oth, B Valk\'o, B Perturbation of singular equilibria of hyperbolic two-component systems: a universal hydrodynamic limit
NI03086-IGS Maes, C On the origin and the use of fluctuation relations for the entropy
NI03088-IGS Penrose, MD Wade, A Random minimal directed spanning trees and Dickman-type distributions
NI03089-GPF Reis, PM Ehrhardt, G Gases, liquids and crystals in granular segregation
NI04001-IGS Van der Hofstad, R Slade, G Asymptotic expansions in $n^{-1}$ for percolation critical values on the $n$-cube and $\mathbb{Z}^n$
NI04002-IGS Van der Hofstad, R Slade, G Expansion in $n^{-1}$ for percolation critical values on the $n$-cube and $\mathbb{Z}^n$: the first three terms
NI04003-IGS Bogachev, LV Zarbaliev, SM Approximation of convex curves by random lattice polygons
NI04004-SMC Komura, S Shirotori, H Lateral phase separation in mixtures of lipids and cholesterol systems
NI04005-IGS Penrose, MD Yukich, JE Normal approximation in geometric probability
NI04006-IGS Wagner, W Explosion phenomena in stochastic coagulation- fragmentation models
NI04007-NPA Titarev, VA Toro, EF ADER schemes for three-dimensional nonlinear hyperbolic systems
NI04008-NPA Toro, EF MUSTA: A multi-stage numerical flux
NI04009-CPD Barrett, JW Garcke, H Finite element approximation of a phase field model for surface diffusion of voids in a stressed solid
NI04010-CPD Guo, B Approximation theory for the {\it p}-version of the finite element method in three dimensions in the framework of the Jacobi-weighted Besov spaces
NI04011-RMA Keating, JP Mezzadri, F Random matrix theory and entanglement in quantum spin chains
NI04012-NPA Romenski, E Toro, EF Compressible two-phase flows: Two-pressure models and numerical methods
NI04013-SMC Liverpool, TB Marchetti, MC Bridging the microscopic and the hydrodynamic in active filament solutions
NI04014-SMC Sear, RP Highly specific protein-protein interactions, evolution and negative design
(revised edition)
NI04015-RMA Pastur, L Vasilchuk, V On the moments of traces of matrices of classical groups
NI04016-SMC Twarock, R Mathematical models for tubular structures in the papilloma-polyoma family of viruses
NI04017-RMA Hughes, CP Nikeghbali, A The zeros of random polynomials cluster uniformly near the unit circle
NI04018-SMC Tang, L-H Flat histogram Monte Carlo for low temperature simulations
NI04020-RMA Hughes, CP Mock-Gaussian behaviour
NI04021-RMA Heinzner, P Huckleberry, A Symmetry classes of disordered fermions
NI04022-IGS Bogachev, LV Limit laws for norms of i.i.d. samples with Weibull tails
NI04023-SMC Hawkins, R McLeish, TCB Coarse-grained model of entropic allostery

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