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Papers produced or in preparation by Participants 2003-04


Preprint Number Authors Title
IP03077-IGS Makarov, N Zahn, D SLE on Riemann surfaces
IP03078-IGS Werner, W Conformal restriction and related questions
IP03079-IGS Werner, W SLTs as loop-soup Chester boundaries
IP03080-SKG Derevnin, D Mednykh, A Geometry of trefoil cone manifold
IP03081-SKG Harvey, WJ Bridson, S Lectures on the mapping class group
IP03082-SKG Schleimer, S Moriah, Y Monk, NAM Heegaard splittings of non-blaken manifolds
IP03083-SKG Wright, D Searching for the cusp
IP03084-SKG Wright, D Coset enumeration and gemoetric ordering
IP03085-IGS Hambly, B Martin, J L-Stable growth modules
IP03086-IGS Den Hollander, F Bovier, A Sharp asymptotics for Kawasaki dynamics on a finite box with open boundary
IP03087-IGS Den Hollander, F Whittington, SG Localisation transition for a copolymer in an emulsion
IP03088-IGS Lawler, G Discrete loop soup
IP03089-IGS Cerf, R Picarol, J The Walff crystal in Ising and Pecco-edition models
IP03090-IGS Slade, G Van der Hofstad, R Expansion in the inverse dimension for percolation critical values on the N-cube and $Z^N$
IP03091-IGS Slade, G Van der Hofstad, R Asymptotic expansion to all orders of $N^-1$ for percolation critical values on the N-Cube and $Z^N$
IP03092-IGS Zeitouni, O Guionnet, A Addendum to asymptotic for spherical integrals
IP03093-IGS Kesten, H Sidoravicius, V A shape thereom for the spread of an infection
IP03094-IGS Kesten, H Sidoravicius, V A phase transition in a model for the spread of an infection
IP03095-IGS Bovier, A Den Hollander, F Sharp asymptotics for Kuwasaki dynamics on a finite box with open boundary
IP03096-GPF Segall, P Rice, JR Nucleation of earthquake slip with rate-state friction and shear heating
IP03097-GPF Rudnicki, JW Rice, JR Dynamic slip weakening by induced pore pressure
IP03098-IGS Toth, B Valko, B Universal hydrodynamic limits for deposition models
IP03099-GPF Makse, H Brujic, J Thermodynamics of jammed matter
IP03100-GPF Makse, H Laregione, L Par fluctuations in growth matter
IP03101-IGS Spohn, H Ferrari, P Blumenfeld, R PNG growth and Gaussian multi-matrix models
IP03102-IGS Spohn, H Ferrari, P Fluctuations of an atomic ledge bordering a crystalline facet
IP03103-GPF Schaeffer, D Collins, I Mechanical models for thermoplasticity
IP03104-GPF Schaeffer, D Mullin, T Bifurcation behavior in Taylor vortices
IP03105-GPF Schaeffer, D Rudnicki, J Rate and state models for earthquake initiation
IP03106-IGS Blemer, P Kuijlaars, A Large N limit of Gaussian random matrices with external source
IP03107-GPF Kumaran, V Theory for granular flow down and inclined plane
IP03108-GPF Kumaran, V Steady states and stability of vibrated granular flows
IP03109-IGS Van den Berg, J Self-destructive percollation
IP03110-IGS Zahradnik, M Ioffe, D Entropy driven phase transitions in a polydisperse hard-rods system
IP03111-GPF Alexsandrov, S Harris, D Comparison of pressure dependent rigid-plastic models in a simple frictional flow
IP03112-GPF Shearer, M Schaeffer, DG Two-dimensional antiplane shear BVPs
IP03113-GPF Shearer, M LeFloch, PG Nucleation for systems of hyperbolic conservation laws
IP03114-GPF Shearer, M Gray, JMNT A scalar 2-d conservation law describing segregation in avalanche flow
IP03115-GPF Faria, SH Granular media modelled as mixtures with continuous diversity
IP03116-GPF Faria, SH Continuum approach to ice-rafted sedimentation
IP03117-GPF Faria, SH Continuum description of granular materials
IP03119-IGS Goldsheid, I Khoruzhenko, B Generalization of the Thoules formula
IP03120-IGS Goldsheid, I Bolthausen, E Asymptotic behaviour of RWRE on a strip
IP03121-IGS Foss, S Kovalevsky, A Fluid limits with continuum bifurcation
IP03122-IGS Foss, S Baccelli, F Tails in stochastic monotone-separable networks
IP03123-GPF Behringer, R Utter, B Self-diffusion in dense granular shear flows
IP03124-GPF Behringer, R Utter, B Transients in sheared granular matter
IP03125-GPF Behringer, R Dutt, M Effects of surface friction on a two-dimensional granular system: Part 1, Cooling bound system
IP03126-IGS Vershik, AM Inverse limit of semisimple algebras
IP03127-IGS Vershik, AM Tsilevich, N Fourier analysis of infinite symmetric group
IP03128-IGS Vershik, AM Cameron, P Group of automorphisms off universal graph
IP03129-GPF Eglit, M Modelling of snow entrainment in avalanche dynamics
IP03130-IGS Rozikov, UA Suhov, YM Giffs measures for SOS models on a Cayley tree
IP03131-IGS Rozikov, UA Suhov, YM Reconstruction thresholds for random processes
IP03132-IGS Rozikov, UA A three state hard-core model on a Cayley tree
IP03133-GPF Spencer, AJM Compression and shear of a layer of granular material between rough plates
IP03134-GPF Spencer, AJM A viscoplastic theory of granular material mechanics
IP03135-GPF Hoyle, R Nonlinear Patterns
IP03136-IGS Ioffe, D Hryniv, O On a birth of a critical droplet
IP03137-IGS Ioffe, D Hryniv, O Random interfaces: Fluctuations of extensive observables
IP03138-IGS Ioffe, D Velenik, Y Entropy driven phase transition in hard-rods lattice systems
IP03139-IGS Bolthausen, E Goldshied, I Lingering random walks in dimension one
IP03140-IGS Bolthausen, E Ioffe, D Effective conductancy of percolation models
IP03141-IGS Bolthausen, E Kistler, N On a non-hierarchical version of the generalized random energy model
IP03142-GPF Khakhar, DV Orpe, A Flow, mixing and segregation in rotary kilns
IP03143-GPF Khakhar, DV Hajra, SK Sensitivity of granular segregation of mixtures in quaisi - 2nd fluidized layer
IP03144-GPF Cui, X Rapid granular flow past cylinders
IP03145-GPF Cui, X Numerical computations of fast granular flow past obstacles
IP04001-ICB Callard, RE Stark, J Fratricide: a mechanism for T memory-cell homeostasis
IP04002-ICB Mogilner, A Oster, G Force generation by actin polymerization II: the elastic ratchet and tethered filaments
IP04003-ICB Bottino, D Mogilner, A Hughes, C How nematode sperm crawl
IP04004-ITS Boiti, M Pempinelli, F Extended resolvent and inverse scattering with an application to KPI
IP04005-ITS Boiti, M Bruschi, M A discrete Schrodinger spectral problem and associated evolution equations
IP04006-ITS Boiti, M Pempinelli, F Integrable discretizations of the sine-Gordon equation
IP04007-ITS Athorne, C Eilbeck, JC Identities for the classical genus two \wp function
IP04008-ITS Eilbeck, JC Enolskii, VZ Forrester, PJ The hyperelliptic \zeta -function and the integrable massive Thirring model
IP04009-ICB Monk, NAM Oscillatory expression of Hes1, p53 and NF-kB driven by transcriptional time delays
IP04010-ICB Ovaskainen, O Cornell, SJ Biased movement at a boundary and conditional occupancy times for diffusion processes
IP04011-ICB Hardy, K Stark, J Mathematical models of the balance between apoptosis and proliferation
IP04012-IGS Pellegrinotti, A Boldrighini, C On the diffusive threshold for directed polymers in random environment
IP04013-ICB Van Baalen, M Jansen, VAA Common language or Tower of Babel?  On the evolutionary dynamics of signals and their meanings
IP04014-ICB Page, K Maini, PK Pattern formation in spatially heterogeneous Turing reaction-diffusion models
IP04015-GPF Ocone, R On non-Hamiltonian statistical mechanics
IP04016-GPF Ocone, R Modelling test fluidisation: comparison with tomography measurements
IP04017-GPF Foster, MR Duck, PW Galsgaard, K Falkner-Skan boundary layers in a dilute monodisperse suspension
IP04018-GPF Harris, D Alexandrov, S Pressure dependent plasticity
IP04019-IGS Wagner, W Explosion in coagulation models
IP04020-IGS Schlosman, S Ioffe, D Droplet condensation
IP04021-IGS Schlosman, S Rybko, A Poisson hypothesis
IP04022-IGS Schlosman, S Van Enter, A Provable transitions
IP04023-IGS Norris, JR Coagulation of Brownian particles
IP04024-GPF Mullin, T Schaeffer, DG A new bifurcation in Taylor-Couette flow
IP04025-IGS Penrose, M Yukich, JE Normal approximation in geometric probability
IP04026-IGS Penrose, M Sudbury, A Exact and approximate results for desposition and annihilation processes
IP04027-GPF Harris, D Grekova, EF A well posed model for the flow of granular materials
IP04028-GPF Harris, D Some properties of a new model for slow flow of granular materials
IP04029-SMC Ogunnaike, B Elucidating the digital control mechanism employed for DNA damage repair by the p53-MdNZ system
IP04030-IGS Bogachev, L Limit laws for norms of I.I.D. samples with Weibull tails
IP04031-RMA Koyama, S-Y Kurokawa, N The double Riemann zeta functions
IP04032-RMA Koyama, S-Y The first eigenvalue problem and tensor products of zeta functions
IP04033-SMC Ou-Yang, Z Olmsted, PD Elastic theory of chiral polymers
IP04034-SMC Ou-Yang, Z Mohammad-Rafiee, F Kink mechanism of DNA
IP04035-SMC Khatri, B Kawakami, M Batey, J Viscoelastic properties of single polysacchoride molecules determined by analysis of thermal oscillations of an atomic microscope cantilever
IP04036-RMA Strombergsson, A Sarnack, P A minimum problem for the Epstein zeta function
IP04037-SMC Turner, M Daniels, DR The force generated by biological membranes on a polymer rod and its response: statics and dynamics
IP04038-SMC Baumgaertner, A Rieth, M Molecular simulation of biological machines
IP04039-FMS Weaire, D Kern, N Pressures in periodic foams
IP04040-FMS Cox, SJ Graner, F Large two-dimensional clusters of equal-area bubbles: the influence of the boundary in determining the minimum-energy configuration
IP04041-FMS Cox, SJ Graner, F Three-dimensional bubble clusters: Shape, packing, and growth rate
IP04042-RMA Heath-Brown, R Prime number theory and the Riemann zeta function
IP04043-RMA Leboeuf, P Monastra, A Counting the excited energy states of nuclei
IP04044-RMA Rubinstein, M Conrey, B Integral moments of L-functions
IP04045-RMA Rubinstein, M Conrey, B Half integral weight forms and random matric theory
IP04046-RMA Rubinstein, M Compilation of L-functions
IP04047-RMA Rubinstein, M Conrey, B Moments of G
IP04048-RMA Forrester, P Gamburd, A Counting formulas associated with some random matrix averages
IP04049-RMA Ki, H The Riemann=- function under repeated differentiation
IP04050-SMC Mohammad-Rafiee, F Golestanian, R Elastic correlations in the structure of nucleosomal DNA
IP04051-SMC Mohammad-Rafiee, F Liverpool, T Helical twist deformation of F-actin bundles
IP04052-SKG Agol, I Tameness of hyperbolic 3-manifolds
IP04053-RMA Ozluk, AE Snyder, C Dedekind  $\zeta$ - function of imaginary quadratic number fields and random matrix theory
IP04054-RMA Nikeghbali, A Hughes, C Zeros of random polynomials cluster near the unit circle
IP04055-RMA Nikeghbali, A Conrey, B Four shifted movements of L functions and applications
IP04057-SMC Rao, M Sarasij, RC Chirality induced budding: a raft-mediated mechanism for endocytosis and morphology of caveolae
IP04058-SMC Rao, M Sunil Kumar, PB Ordered phases and instabilities in a two-component fluid membrane
IP04060-RMA Watkins, M Conrey, B Second-order effects in random matrix theory
IP04061-RMA Watkins, M Rank distribution in a family of cubic twists
IP04062-RMA Watkins, M Cremona, J Computing osogenies of elliptic curves
IP04063-RMA Farmer, D Rhoades, R Differentiation evens out zero spacing
IP04064-RMA Farmer, D Conrey, B Pempinelli, F Integral moments of L-functions
IP04065-RMA Khoruzhenko, B Fyodorov, Y Moments of random determinants of complex random matrices
IP04066-RMA Zirnbauer, M Conrey, B Byrne, K Auto correlation of ratios of characteristic polynomials and of L-functions
IP04067-RMA Hughes, C Farmer, D Cox, SJ The maximum size of the Riemann zeta function on the critical line
IP04068-RMA Hughes, C Miller, S Low-lying zeros of L-functions with orthogonal symmetry
IP04069-RMA Hughes, C Goner, S Keating, JP A new statistical model for the Riemann zeta function
IP04070-RMA Hughes, C The fourth moment of the Riemann zeta function times a Dirichlet polynomial
IP04071-RMA Hughes, C Nikeghbali, A Zoros of linear combinations of characteristic polymonial
IP04072-RMA Duenez, E Steven, W Orr,  Low-lying zeros of a GL(6) family of L-functions
IP04073-RMA Duenez, E Steven, W Farmer, DW Twisting and symmetry groups
IP04074-RMA Duenez, E The family of Rankin-Selberg convolutions of L-functions of modular forms
IP04075-SMC Poon, W Colloids as big atoms
IP04076-SMC Poon, W Theofanidou, E Olmsted, PD Spermidine-induced condensation of yoyo-1- labelled in DNA flow
IP04077-SMC Poon, W Voigtmann, T Is the glass transition driven by energy or entropy
IP04078-RMA Snaith, N Mezzadri, F Recent perspectives in random matrix theory and number theory
IP04079-SMC Harden, JL Mackintosh, FC Budding and domain shape transformations in mixed lipid films ans bilayer  membranes
IP04080-SMC Mogilner, A Rubinstein, B Multiscale 2D modeling of a motile simple shaped cell
IP04081-SMC Mogilner, A Citelekoglu,  Model of coupled transient changes of Rae, Rho adhesions and stress fibors alignment in Endothelial cells responding to shear stress
IP04082-SMC Blossy, R Dynamics of a conformational switch
IP04083-SMC Blossey, R Kuttler, C Stochastic dynamics of the phage using formal computer languages
IP04084-RMA Perez-Abreu, V Subgaussian ensembles of random matrices
IP04085-RMA Perez-Abreu, V Barndorff-Nielsen, O Random matrices and infinite divisibility
IP04086-RMA Gonch, S Goldston, D On the order of S(t)
IP04087-RMA Gonch, S Hughes, C A new statistical model of the zeta-function
IP04088-RMA Gonch, S Farmer, D Nazdi, FR The maximum size of the Riemann zeta-function
IP04089-RMA Gamburd, A Forrester, P Counting formulas associated with some random martix averages
IP04090-RMA Gamburd, A Khoruzheuho, B Characteristic polynomials of non-hernitiau random matrices
IP04091-RMA Gamburd, A The distribution of largest eijenvalue for elements in the group ring of SU/2)
IP04092-RMA Snaith, N Derivatives of random matrix characteristic polynomials with applications to elliptic curves
IP04093-RMA Snaith, N Conrey, JB Averages of ratios of characteristic polynomials for the compact classical groups
IP04094-RMA Snaith, N Hughes, CP  Finding zeros of finite field L-Functions localized within q-n/4 of the critical point
IP04095-RMA Snaith, N Conrey, JB Integral moments of families of L-functions
IP04096-RMA Vaughan, RC A variance for k-free numbers in arithmetic progressoins
IP04097-RMA Beresnevich, V Dickinson, D Nardi, FR Diophantine approximation on planar curves and the distribution of rational points with Appendix Sums of two squares near perfect squares by RC Vaughan
IP04098-RMA Vaughan, RC Moments for primes in arithmetic progressions, 1
IP04099-RMA Vaughan, RC Moments for primes in arithmetic progressions, 2
IP04100-RMA Vaughan, RC Moments for primes in arithmetic progressions, 3
IP04101-RMA Vaughan, RC Wooley, TD Waring's problem
IP04102-SMC Lichter, S Liverpool, T Protein folding as a cooperative Markov process
IP04103-MRT Neukirch, T Titov, VS Pr\"ahofer, M Magnetic pinching of HFT's III.  Quasi-static forcefree evolution
IP04104-SMC Twarock, R Mathematical models for tubular malformations during virus assembly of  Papovaviridal
IP04105-SMC Twarock, R Viral tiling theory: classification of viral capsids based on tiling theory

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