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Statistical Mechanics of Molecular and Cellular Biological Systems

Seminars given outside of the Institute 2003-04

Date Name Title Department   Institution
05/02/2004 Vilfan, A How bees buzz: A question of synchronisation Department of Physics TCM Group Cavendish Lab. University of Cambridge
05/02/2004 Ogunnaike, B Modeling the interaction of GF and Apoptosis subsystems in cancer Oncology (Cancer Systems Biology Group) University College Medical School
06/02/2004 Andelman, D DNA Condensation by counterions Cavendish Lab University of Cambridge
06/02/2004 Ogunnaike, B A new probabilistic framework for microarray data analysis Computer Science University College London
17/02/2004 Khatri B Theoretical Modeling of the Dynamic Response of Biomolecules to Brownian Noise  Cavendish Lab, TCM University of Cambridge
17/02/2004 Hawkins,R Coarse-grained model of entropic allostery Theory of Condensed Matter University of Cambridge
12/03/2004 Ou-Yang, Z Elastic Theory of Biomembranes Division of Engineering King's College London
02/04/2004 Makintosh, F Lectures at Nato School University of Edinburgh
06/04/2004 Golestanian Orientational Ordering of Rodlike Polyelectrolytes Physics University of Leeds
15/04/2004 Frenkel D Predicting homogeneous and heterogeneous crystal nucleation  Math and Biology Division National Institute for Medical Research
21/04/2004 Frenkel D Colloids as designer atoms Chemistry University of Cambridge
23/04/2004 Frischnkecht, AL Molecular theory of lipid bilayers Physics- IRC in Polymers University of Leeds
26/04/2004 Paulsson, J Towards a stochastic systems biology Applied & computational mathematics University of Warwick
01/05/2004 Mackintosh, F  Polymer physics & the cytoskeleton Applied Mathematics Imperial College London
04/05/2004 Frenkel D Slow dynamics in mesoscopic system Schlumberger Cambridge
05/05/2004 Frenkel D Crystal nucleation - 100 years after ostwald Cavendish Laboratory University of Cambridge
06/05/2004 Colby, RH Polyelectrolyte interactions with surfactants and proteins Research and Development Kodak Limited, Harrow, Middlesex
07/05/2004 Mogilner,A Two mathematical problems of mitosis Dept of Mathematics UMIST (Manchester)
10/05/2004 Flyvbjerg,H Cell motility as persistent random motion revisited Industrial Applied Mathematics University of Southampton
18/05/2004 Paulsson, J Towards a unified stochastic systems biology Anatomy University of Cambridge
20/05/2004 Colby, RH Polyelectrolyte solution rheology Chemical Engineering University of Cambridge
26/05/2004 Twarock, R Invitation to a panel discussion with Prof Baumeister Centre for Structural Biology Imperial College
26/05/2004 Poon, W Self-organised behavior in driven colloidal systems Center for non-linear dynamics University of Manchester
28/05/2004 Mayor,S Nanoscale clusters of gpi-anchored proteins Imperial College
02/06/2004 Howard, M How does a cell find its middle; models for precise protein localization in bacteria. Physics University of Birmingham
09/06/2004 Leihan, T Probing genetic network of bacteria: microarray data analysis Mathematics Imperial College London
10/06/2004 Mogilner,A Model of microtubule aster self-organisation Dept of Mathematics University of Dundee
11/06/2004 Fisher,M Molecular motors: observation and theory Mathematics and Physics University of Bristol
11/06/2004 Fisher, M Molecular motors; observation & theory Mathematics University of Bristol
15/06/2004 Fisher,M Molecular motors: observation and theory Department of Theoretical Physics Oxford University
15/06/2004 Fisher, M Molecular motors; observation & theory Theoretical Physics University of Oxford
16/06/2004 Ten Wolde, P Enhancement of regulatory control by over lapping operons Mathematics Imperial College London
17/06/2004 Makintosh, F Mechanics of small shells; microtubules & viruses Mathematics University of Oxford
28/06/2004 Fisher,M Molecular motors: observation and theory Physics and Chemistry University of Edinburgh
28/06/2004 Fisher, M Molecular motors; observation & theory Physics University of Edinburgh
16/07/2004 Ten Wolde, P Can regulatory control drive operons together in the cause of evolution MRC laboratory of molecular biology Cambridge MRC
Andelman, D 4 Talks- "Bourke Lectures" Cambridge/Oxford/Edinburgh/Bristol

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