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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Director: Professor Sir John Kingman FRS
20 Clarkson Road, Cambridge, CB3 0EH, U.K.
Telephone: (1223) 335999 Fax: (1223) 330508
NI02023-FMS D Weaire , N Kern , SJ Cox

Periodicity of cell pressures in periodic foams

NI02024-CMP S Janson

Large deviations for sums of partly dependent random variables

NI02025-CMP M Karonski , T Luczak , A Thomason

Edge weights and vertex colours

NI02026-NST VP Snaith

Stark's conjecture and new Stickelberger phenomena

NI02027-CMP S Janson , E Mossel

Robust reconstruction on trees is determined by the second eigenvalue

NI02028-NST A Case , V Snaith

Explicit Brauer induction and the Glauberman correspondence

NI02029-NST O Neiße , V Snaith

Explicit Brauer induction for symplectic and and orthogonal representations

NI02030-NST JF Jardine

Cubical homotopy theory: a beginning

NI02031-NST L Hesselholt

Galois cohomology of Witt vectors of algebraic integers

NI02032-NST D Burns , B Köck , V Snaith

Refined and L-adic Euler characteristics of nearly perfect complexes

NI02033-CMP L Stougie

A polynomial bound on the diameter of the transportation polytope

NI02034-NST JF Jardine

Generalised sheaf cohomology theories

NI02035-CMP S Janson , K Oleszkiewicz , A Ruci\'nski

Upper tails for subgraph counts in random graphs

NI02036-NST VP Snaith

The upper triangular group and operations in algebraic K-theory

NI02037-NST VP Snaith

Relative K0, annihilators, Fitting ideals and the Stickelberger phenomena

NI02039-NST JE McClure , JH Smith

Cosimplicial objects and little n-cubes.I.

NI02040-CMP C Greenhill , A Rucinski , NC Wormald

Random hypergraph processes with degree restrictions

NI02041-NST V Snaith

Galois structure of vanishing cycles

NI02042-CMP W Fernandez de la Vega , M Karpinski , C Kenyon

Polynomial time approximation schemes for metric MIN-BISECTION

NI02043-CMP LA Goldberg , R Martin , M Paterson

Random Sampling of 3-colourings in z2 *

NI02044-CMP J Van den Heuvel , L Stougie

A quadratic bound on the diameter of the transportation polytope

NI02045-CMP D Stark

The vertex degree distribution of random intersection graphs

NI02046-CMP W Fernandez de la Vega , M Karpinski , C Kenyon et al

Approximation schemes for clustering problems in finite metrics and high dimensional spaces

NI02047-CMP M Karpinski

On approximability of minimum bisection problem

NI02049-NST JPC Greenlees

Rational torus-equivariant stable homotopy I calculating groups of stable maps

NI02050-NST JPC Greenlees

Rational torus-equivariant stable homotopy II the algebra of localization and inflation

NI02051-NST JF Jardine

Simplicial approximation

NI02052-NST M Ando

The sigma orientation for analytic circle equivariant elliptic cohomology

NI02053-CMP W Fernandez de la Vega , M Karpinski

9/8-Approximation Algorithm for Random MAX-3SAT

NI02054-NST A Baker , B Richter

Γ-Cohomology of rings of numerical polynomials and E[infinity] structures on K-theory

NI02055-CMP L Lovásv , S Vempala

The geometry of logoncave functions and an 0* (n3)sampling algorithm

NI02056-CMP L Lovásv , S Vempala

Hit-and-run is fast and fun

NI02057-CMP A Járai

Invasion percolation and the incipient infinite cluster in 3D

NI02058-NST T Geisser , L Hesselholt

The de Rham-Witt complex and p-adic vanishing cycles

NI02059-CMP N Fountoulakis

On the structure of the core of sparse random graphs

NI03001-NST A Besser , R De Jeu

The syntomic regular for k-theory of fields

NI03002-CMP GR Brightwell , p Winkler

A second threshold for the hard-core model on a Bethe lattice

NI03003-CPD A Buffa , R Hiptmair

A coercive field integral equation for electromagnetic scattering

NI03004-CPD C Carstensen
An adaptive mesh-refining algorithm allowing for an H1-stable L2-projection onto courant finite element spaces

NI03005-CPD M Ainsworth
Discrete dispersion relation for hp-version finite element approximation at high wave number

NI03006-CMP M Jerrum , JB Son , P Tetali et al

Elementary bounds on Poincaré and log-Sobolev constants for decomposable Markov chains

NI03007-CPD T Huttunen , P Monk , F Collino et al

The ultra weak variational formulation for elastic wave problems

NI03008-CPD M Ainsworth et al

Robust a posteriori error estimation for non-conforming finite element approximation

NI03009-CMP B Bollobás , GR Brightwell et al

How many graphs are unions of k-cliques?

NI03010-CPD C Carstensen , R Lazarov , S Tomov

Explicit and averaging a posteriori error estimates for adaptive finite volume methods

NI03011-NPA EF Toro , VA Titarev

TVD fluxes for the high-order ADER schemes

NI03012-NPA D Serre

Hyperbolicity of the non-linear models of Maxwell's equations

NI03013-CPD T Von Petersdorff , C Schwab

Numerical solution of parabolic equations in high dimensions

NI03014-NPA PG LeFloch , M Shearer

Nonclassical Riemann solvers with nucleation

NI03015-NPA GQ Chen , M Feldman

Steady transonic shocks and free boundary problems in infinite cylinders for the Euler equations

NI03016-CPD D Boffi , L Gastaldi

Stability and geometric conservation laws for ALE formulations

NI03017-CPD F Brezzi , LD Marini , A Russo

On the choice of a stabilizing subgrid for convection-diffusion problems

NI03018-NPA D Drikakis

Advances in turbulent flow computations using high-resolution methods

NI03019-CPD M Costabel , M Dauge , S Nicaise

Singularities of eddy current problems

NI03020-CPD PJ Davies , DB Duncan

Stability and convergence of collocation schemes for retarded potential integral equations

NI03021-NPA H Li , P Marcati

Existence and asymptotic behavior of multi-dimensional quantum hydrodynamic model for semiconductors

NI03022-NPA E Romenski , D Zeidan , A Slaouti et al

Hyperbolic conservative model for compressible two-phase flow

NI03023-CPD K Eriksson , C Johnson , A Logg

On explicit time-stepping for stiff odes

NI03024-NPA PG LeFloch , MD Thanh

The Riemann problem for fluid flows in a nozzle with discontinuous cross-section

NI03025-NPA P Goatin , PG LeFloch

The Riemann problem for a class of resonant hyperbolic systems of balance laws

NI03026-NPA EI Romenski , EF Toro

Shock waves in compressible two-phase flows

NI03027-CPD K Mikula

Computational solution, applications and analysis of some geometrical nonlinear diffusion equations

NI03028-CPD AK Pani , JY Yuan , PD Damázio

On linearized backward Euler method for the equations of motion arising in the Oldroyd model

NI03029-CPD J Sun , F Collino , PB Monk et al

An eddy current and micromagnetism model with applications to disk write heads

NI03030-CPD B Guo , N Heuer

The optimal convergence of the hp version of the boundary element method with quasiuniform meshes for elliptic problems on polygonal domains

NI03031-NPA VA Titarev

Towards fully conservative numerical methods for the nonlinear model Boltzmann equation

NI03034-CPD K Deckelnick , CM Elliott

Uniqueness and error analysis for Hamilton-Jacobi equations with discontinuities

NI03035-CPD B Guo

Best approximation for the p-version of the finite element method in three dimensions in the framework of the Jacobi-weighted Besov spaces

NI03036-CPD AK Pani , JY Yuan

Semidiscrete finite element Galerkin approximations to the equations of motion arising in the Oldroyd method

NI03037-NPA EF Toro

Multi-stage predictor-corrector fluxes for hyperbolic equations

NI03038-CMP G Grimmett

The random-cluster model

NI03039-CMP G Grimmett , S Janson

On smallest triangles

NI03040-CMP G Grimmett , S Winkler

Negative correlation of edge events on uniform spanning forests

NI03041-CPD O Lakkis , RH Nochetto

A posteriori error analysis for the mean curvature flow of graphs

NI03042-CPD CM Elliott , D Kay , V Styles

Finite element analysis of a current density - electric field formulation of Bean's model for superconductivity

NI03043-CPD M Ainsworth

Dispersive behaviour of high order discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods

NI03044-CPD CM Elliott , B Gawron , S Maier-Paape et al

Discrete dynamics for convex and non-convex smoothing functionals in PDE based image restoration

NI03045-CPD A Spira , R Kimmel

An efficient solution to the Eikonal equation on parametric manifolds

NI03046-NPA GQ Chen , EF Toro

Centred schemes for nonlinear hyperbolic equations

NI03047-CPD BD Bonner , IG Graham , VP Smyshlyaev

The computation of conical diffraction coefficients in high-frequency acoustic wave scattering

NI03048-CPD A Bermúdez , P Gamallo , R Rodríguez

Finite element methods in local active control of sound

NI03049-CPD S Langdon , SN Chandler-Wilde

A wavenumber independent boundary element method for an acoustic scattering problem

NI03050-CPD JM Melenk

HP-interpolation of non-smooth functions

NI03051-CPD JW Barrett , R Nürnberg

Finite element approximation of a degenerate Stefan problem with Joule heating

NI03052-NPA VA Titarev , EF Toro

Eno and Weno schemes based on upwind centred TVD fluxes

NI03053-CPD L Prigozhin , V Sokolovsky

AC losses in type-II superconductors induced by non-uniform fluctuations of external magnetic field

NI03054-NPA GQ Chen , M Feldman

F AC losses in type-II superconductors induced by non-uniform fluctuations of external magnetic field

NI03055-CPD P Monk , GR Richter

A discontinuous Galerkin method for linear symmetric hyperbolic systems in inhomogeneous media

NI03057-NPA VA Titarev , EF Toro

Finite-volume weno schemes for three-dimensional conservation laws