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IP02102-NST H Esnault , S Bloch
The additive dilogarithm

IP02103-CMP G Brightwell , B Bollobas
How many graphs are unions of K- cliques?

IP02104-CMP G Brightwell , P Winkler
Extremality of Gibbs measures on the Bethe lattice

IP02105-CMP R Martin , P Berenbrink , P Goldberg et al
Utilitarian link assignment

IP02106-CMP J Fill , S Janson
The number of bit comparisons used by Quicksort

IP02107-CMP A Rucinski , S Janson , K Oleszkiewics
Upper tails for subgraph counts in random graphs

IP02108-CMP A Rucinski , C Greenhill , N Wormald
Random hypergraph processes with degree restrictions

IP02109-CMP EL Wilmer , AD Scott , AD Radcliffe
Reversals, tranpositions & pancake flips over finite alphabe ts

IP02110-CMP EL Wilmer , AD Scott
Shuffling genomes

IP02111-CMP S Janson , A Rucinski , K Oleszkrewicz
Upper tails for subgraph counts in random graphs

IP02112-CMP S Janson , P Chassaing
The centre of mass of the ISE

IP02113-CMP S Janson , J Fill
The number of bit comparisons in Quicksort

IP02114-CMP S Janson
Large deviations for sums of partly dependant variables

IP02115-FMS F Morgan
Instabilities of cylindrical bubble clusters

IP02116-FMS KY Szeto , X Fu , WY Tam
Mean varience in the shell stucture of two-dimensional trivalent cellular patterns

IP02117-FMS KY Szeto , X Fu
Relation between correlation and single cell statistics for two-dimensional trivalent cellular structure

IP02118-FMS D Reinelt , S Hilgenfeldt , A Kraynik et al
Exact results for coarsening of isotropic bubbles

IP02119-FMS JM Sullivan , S Cox , D Weaire
Pressures in a periodic foam

IP02120-FMS S Hyde , C Oguey
Self-assembly of 3-arm mikto copolymers

IP02121-FMS K Brake , F Morgan
Instabilities of cylindrical bubble clusters

IP02122-FMS N Rivier , DA Reinelt
Ordered foams under uniaxial compression: Detachment of superfluid bubbles

IP02123-FMS N Rivier , C Oguey
Stratifications in 2D foams

IP02124-FMS N Rivier , F Wooten
The importance of odd circuits in covalent glasses

IP02125-FMS G Schliecker
On the interplay between cell areas and topologies in foams

IP02126-NST J McClure , J Smith
Cosimplicial spaces and little n-cubes

IP02127-NST J McClure
Cosimplicial objects and operads;a survey

IP02128-CMP P Winkler , M Luczak
Building uniform subsets of a Cayley tree

IP02129-CMP P Winkler , G Brightwell
A second threshold for the hard-core modes on a Beche lattice

IP02130-CMP T Luczak
Phase transition in the cluster-scaled model of a random graph

IP02131-CMP A Jara
Invasion percolation and the incipient infinite cluster in 2D

IP02132-NST I Madson , M Weiss
Stable moduli space of Reimann surfaces

IP02133-NST B Kahn
Number of points of function fields over finite fields

IP02134-NST U Jannsen , S Saito
Kato complexes and higher class field theory

IP02135-NST P Schneider , J Coates
Links between GL and cyclotonic Iwasawa theory

IP02136-NST C Weibel , S Friedlander , Grayson
Handbook on K-theory

IP02144-NST L Hesselholt , T Geisser
On the K-theory of a henselian complete discrete valuation field with non-perfect residue field

IP02153-NST B Shipley , J Greenlees
Rational torus equivariant

IP02154-CMP L Stougie
A polynomial bound on the diameter of the transportation polytope

IP02155-CMP L Stougie , M Cryan , M Dyer et al
Random walks on the vertices of transportation polytopes with contrast number of sources

IP02156-CMP L Stougie , M E Dyer
Complexity of stochastic programming problems

IP02157-CMP D Randall , N Bhatnagan , E Mossel
Tempering can be exponentially slower than metropolis

IP02158-CMP D Randall
Tempering and swapping on mean field models

IP02159-CMP M Simonovits , Z F\"uredi
Triple systems not containing Fano configuration

IP02160-CMP M Simonovits , C Luczak
On the Andrasfai-ErdöS-Tso's theorum

IP02161-CMP J Van den Berg , R Brouwer
Self-destructive percolation

IP02162-NST M Hanamura
Homology correspondences and realization of mixed motives

IP02163-NST M Hanamura
Mixed motives over a variety

IP02167-NST M Hovey
Homotopy theory of comodules over a Hapf algebroid

IP02168-NST M Hovey
Chromatic phenomena in the algebra of BP.BP comodules

IP02169-NST M Hovey , N Stickland
Local cohomology of BP.BP comodules

IP02170-NST M Hovey , N Stickland
Cellular model structures on Abelion model categories

IP02171-NST M Hovey , N Stickland
Comodules and Landweber exact homology theories

IP02172-NST S Lichtenbaum
The Weil-Etale cohomology of rings of integers

IP02173-CMP M Cryan , M Dyer
A polynomial-time algorithm to approximately count contingency tables with cell bounds, when the number of rows is constant

IP02174-CMP E Vigoda , M Dyer , A Frieze
The Glauber dynamics for the ising and hard-core models

IP02175-CMP E Vigoda , T Hayes
A non-Markovian coupling technique

IP02176-CMP E Vigoda , M Jerrum , JB Son et al
Elementary bounds on Poincare' and Log-Sobolev constants for decomposable Markov chains

IP02177-CMP E Vigoda , M Dyer , A Frieze
Removing the degree requirement for sampling colorings

IP02178-NST S Bloch , H Esnault
The additive dilogarithm

IP02179-NST S Bloch , H Esnault , A Beilinson
Periods of linear differential equations

IP02180-NST J Greenlees
Rational torus equivariant cohomology theories I

IP02181-NST J Greenlees
Rational torus equivariant cohomology theories II

IP02182-NST J Rognes
Etale maps of S-algebras

IP02183-NST J Rognes
Galois extensions of commutative S-algebras

IP02184-NST J Rognes
K(n) - compact groups

IP02185-NST J Rognes
Two vector bundes and elliptic objects

IP02186-CMP M Karpinski
Approximation hardness of bounded occurence uniform SAT

IP02187-CMP M Dyer
Approximate counting by dynamic programming

IP02188-CMP M Dyer , AM Frieze , E Vigoda
Glauber dynamics for ising and hard core models

IP02189-CMP J Van den Heuvel
A quadratic bound on the diameter of the transportation polytype

IP02190-CMP MF Anton
An elementary invariant problem and general linear group cohomology restricted to the diagonal subgroup

IP02191-NST DC Ravenel , H Nakai
The method of infinite descent II

IP02192-NST DC Ravenel
Toward higher chromatic analogs of elliptic cohomology

IP02193-NST V Snaith , A Case
Explicit Brauer induction and the Glauberman correspondence

IP02194-NST V Snaith , D Burns , B K\"ock
Refined l-adic Euler characteristics of nearly perfect complexes

IP02195-NST V Snaith
The upper triangular group and operations in algebraic K-theory

IP02196-NST V Snaith
Relative k0 annihilators, fitting ideals and Stickelberger phenomena

IP02197-NST V Snaith
Galois structure of vanishing cycles

IP02198-NST V Snaith
Equivariant Motivic phenomena

IP02199-NST J McCleary
Hochschild homology and closed geodesics

IP02205-NST N Strickland
Multicurves and equivariant cobordism

IP02206-NST N Strickland
Realising formal groups

IP02207-NST N Strickland , M Harvey
The derived functions of Ln

IP02208-NST N Strickland , M Harvey
Comodules of Landwebes exact homology theories

IP02209-NST N Strickland
Arithmetic equivariant elliptic cohomology

IP02213-NPA MD Thanh , P LeFloch
The Riemann problem for fluid flows in a nozzle with discontinuous cross-section

IP02215-NPA T Pence , D Bernadini
Thermome chemical modelling of shape memory materials with dissipation functions: sublooping and reorientation

IP02216-NPA T Pence , D Bernadini
Multifield modeling of Martensitic transformation

IP02217-NPA M Shearer , PG LeFloch
A nonclasssical Riemann solver with nucleation

IP02218-NPA M Shearer , R Levy
Dynamic contact angles for driven thin liquid films

IP03001-NPA H Fan , A Corli , XP Lin
Continuous dependence on initial data for Cauchy problems for reversible reactive flows with metastability

IP03002-NPA H Fan , Q Du , Y Liu
Normal band formation in naoscale superconductivity cylinders

IP03003-NPA N Bedjaoui , PH LeFloch
Kinetic relations with strongly non-linear diffusive- dispersive turns

IP03004-CPD L Prigozhin , V Sokolovsky
Penetration of non-uniform magnetic field fluctuations into type II superconductors and the AC losses

IP03005-NPA A Corli , H Fan
Continuous dependence on initial data for cauchy problem for reversible flows with meta-stability

IP03006-CPD D Silvester , HP Elman , AJ Wathen
Finite elements and fast iterative solvers

IP03007-NPA EV Ferapontov
Integrability of 2 and 1 dimensional conservation laws

IP03008-NPA SK Godunov , VM Gordienko
The simplest Galilean-invariant and thermodynamically consistent conservation laws

IP03009-NPA T Asakura
Wave-front tracking for the equations of isentropic gas dynamics

IP03010-NPA T Asakura
Wave-front tracking for polytropic gas equations

IP03011-CPD W D/"orfler , M Ainsworth
Reliable a posteriori error control for nonconforming finite element approximation of Stokes flow

IP03014-CPD K Siebert , A Schmidt
Albert an adaptive finite element toolboxalar fields n isotropic turbulence

IP03014-CPD K Siebert , A Schmidt
Albert an adaptive finite element toolbox

IP03015-CPD K Siebert , R Nochetto , A Schmidt et al
Pointwise a posteriori error estimates for monotone semilinear equations

IP03016-NPA W Domanski
New asymptopic equations for interactions of tansverse waves in a cubic crystal

IP03017-CPD M Falcone
An introduction to semi-Lagrangian schemes for second order Hamilton-Jacobi equations

IP03018-CPD D Kessler , R Nochetto , A Schmidt
Duality approach to posterioro error control for the Allen-Cahn problem

IP03019-CPD W Dahmen , A Cohen , R DeVore
Stability of conservation laws in the Hausdorff metric

IP03020-CPD W Dahmen , A Kunoth
Adaptive dual weighted residual techniques in the wavelet context

IP03021-CPD A Schmidt , Z Chen , RH Nochetto
Adaptive finite element methids for diffuse interface models

IP03022-CPD A Schmidt , RH Nochetto , KG Siebert et al
Pointwise a posteriori error estimates for monotone semilinear equations

IP03023-CPD A Schmidt , D Kessler , RH Nochettop
A duality approach to a posteriori error control for the Allen-Cahn problem

IP03024-NPA K Trivisa , P LeFloch
Continuous Glimm type functionals and spreading of rarefaction waves

IP03025-NPA K Trivisa
Qualitative behaviour of solutions to systems of conservation laws

IP03026-CPD T Barth , P Houston
Finite element patch post processing on irregular meshes using super convergent functionals

IP03027-NPA CQ Chen , P LeFloch
Global entropy solutions to the relativistic Euler equations in special relativity

IP03028-NPA CQ Chen , EF Toro
Central schemes for nonlinear hyperbolic equations

IP03029-CPD M Costabel , M Dauge , S Nicaise
Singularities of eddy current problems

IP03030-CPD M Costabel , A Buffa , M Dauge
Algebraic convergence for anisotropic edge elements in polyhedral domains

IP03031-CPD M Costabel , M Dauge , S Nicaise
Corner singularitites of Maxwell interface and Eddy current problems

IP03032-CPD M Costabel , D Boffi , M Dauge et al
The discrete compactness for the p-version of rectangular finite elements and other stories on one element

IP03033-CPD Z Chen , RH Nochetto , A Schmidt
Adaptive finite element methods for diffuse interface models

IP03034-CPD Z Chen
Sharp L'a posteriori error analysis for nonlinear convection diffusion equations

IP03036-CPD F Brezzi , LD Marini , E Suli
Upwind-induced viscosity in DG approximations of hyperbolic problems

IP03037-CPD F Brezzi , LD Marini , S Micheletti et al
Stability and error analysis of mixed finite volume methods for advective-diffusive problems

IP03038-CPD PJ Davies , DB Duncan
Stability and convergence of collocation schemes for retarded potential integral equations

IP03039-NPA P Marcati , D Donatelli
Convergence of singular limits for multi.......

IP03040-NPA P Marcati , D Donatelli
Relaxation approximation to the Navier Stokes equation

IP03041-CPD IG Graham , BD Bonner , VP Smyshlyaev
The computation of diffraction coefficients in high frequency acoustic nave scattering

IP03042-CPD IG Graham , A Spence , E Vainikko
Parallel iterative methods for Navier Stokes equations and application to Eigen value computation

IP03044-CPD C Johnson , K Eriksson , D Estep
Explicit time-stepping for stiff-odes

IP03045-NPA G Sergey
Average description of sharp interfaces

IP03047-CPD B Guo
The approximation theory of the p-version of FEM in three dimensions

IP03048-CPD B Guo , M Ainsworth
A posteriori error analysis for the p-version of FEM

IP03049-CPD X Feng , A Prohl
Finite element numerical analysis for the harmonic map heat flow

IP03050-CPD X Feng , J Barrett
Mathematical and numerical analysis of Erickson's model for nematic liquid crystal

IP03051-CPD X Feng , J Barrett , A Prohl
Convergence analysis for finite element approximations of the Erickson-Leslie model for nematic liquid crystal

IP03052-CPD A Hill
Multistep approximation of linear sectorial evolution equations

IP03053-CPD A Hill , WL Wan
Analysis and numerics for a parabolic equation with impulsive forcing

IP03054-CPD A Hill
G-Stability for A alpha-stable methods

IP03055-NPA S Wu
On the motion of finite depth waterwave with a variable bottom

IP03056-CPD C Carstensen
Convergence of adaptive finite element methods for convex minimisation problems

IP03057-CPD R Scheichl , M Ainsworth
Spanning tree techniques and conditioning for mixed finite element systems

IP03058-CPD RG Duran , G Acosta , MG Armentano et al
Neumann problems in domians with cusps

IP03059-CPD R Rodriguez , A Bermudez , P Gamallo
Finite element methods in local active control of sound

IP03060-NPA M Slemrod , M Feldman , SY Ha
A geometric level set formulation of a plasma-sheath interface

IP03061-CPD RH Nochetto
Adaptive FEM for diffuse interfaces

IP03062-CPD RH Nochetto
A duality approach to a posteriori error control for the Allen-Cahn problem

IP03063-CPD RH Nochetto
Finite element methods for surface diffusion

IP03064-CPD CM Elliott , K Deckelnick , G Dziuk
Fully discrete second order splitting for anisotropic surface diffusion of graphs

IP03065-CPD CM Elliott , G Dziuk
Finite element approximation of transport on evolving surfaces

IP03066-CPD CM Elliott , JW Barrett
Finite element approximation of Cahn-Hilliard Navier-Stokes and Hele-Shaw fluids

IP03067-CPD E Süli , F Brezzit , D Marini
Discontinuous Galerkin methods for first order hyperbolic problems

IP03068-CPD E Süli , JW Barrett , C Schwab
Existence of global solutions for kinetic models of polymeric fluid flows

IP03069-CPD E Süli , I Mozolevski
Interior penalty discontinuous Galerkin finite element methods for the biharmonic equation

IP03070-CPD E Süli , P Houston , C Schwab
Sobolev regularity estimation for hp-adaptive finite element methods

IP03071-CPD M Ainsworth
Dispersive properties of high order Ne'de'lec/Edge element approximation of time-harmonic Maxwell equations

IP03073-NPA LF Dinu
An example of interaction between two gasdynamic objects: a shock discontinuity and a model of turbulence

IP03075-CPD P Plechac , MA Katsoulakis
Mean-field approximation of micromagnetic models of finite temperature

IP03076-CPD P Plechac , JG Liu
Symplectic schemes for Landau-Lifschitz equations