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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Director: Professor H K Moffatt FRS
20 Clarkson Road, Cambridge, CB3 0EH, U.K.
Telephone: (1223) 335999 Fax: (1223) 330508
NI01045-ITS VS Matveev
Projectively equivalent Riemannian metrics on the torus

NI01048-ITS VM Buchstaber , JC Eilbeck , VZ Enolskii et al
Multidimensional Schro"dinger equations with Abelian potentials

NI01049-ICB EJ Crampin , WW Hackborn , PK Maini et al
Pattern formation in reaction-diffusion models with nonuniform domain growth

NI01051-ITS SNM Ruijsenaars
Reflectionless analytic difference operators III. Hilbert space aspects

NI01052-ITS A Degasperis , SV Manakov , PM Santini
On the initial-boundary value problem for soliton equations

NI01053-ITS D Levi , P Winternitz
Lie point symmetries and commuting flows for equations on lattices

NI01054-ICB HA Levine , S Pamuk , BD Sleeman et al
Mathematical modelling of tumour angiogenesis and the action of angiostatin as a protease inhibitor

NI01055-ICB PK Maini
Making sense of complex phenomena in biology

NI01056-ICB D Iber , PK Maini
A mathematical model for germinal centre kinetics and affinity maturation

NI01057-ITS A Degasperis , DD Holm , ANW Hone
A new integrable equation with peakon solutions

NI01058-ITS B Konopelchenko , L Martinez Alonso
Nonlinear dynamics on the plane and integrable hierarchies of infinitesimal deformations

NI01059-ITS M Manas , L Martinez Alonso , E Medina
Reductions and hodograph solutions of dispersionless KP hierarchy

NI02001-ITS ANW Hone
Tau-functions and special solutions in a coupled Painleve' system

NI02002-MTH D Marolf , SF Ross
Stringy negative-tension branes and the second law of thermodynamics

NI02004-HDG S Kov\'acs
Vanishing Theorems, Boundedness and Hyperbolicity over Higher Dimensional Bases

NI02005-MTH JP Gauntlett , N Kim , S Pakis et al
M-Theory solutions with AdS factors

NI02006-HDG S Kebekus , S Kov\'acs
Are minimal degree rational curves determined by their tangent vectors?

NI02007-HDG K Hulek , GK Sankaran
The nef cone of toroidal compactifications of A$_4$

NI02008-HDG VV Batyrev , EN Materov
Toric residues and mirror symmetry

NI02009-MTH M Cveti\v c , ND Lambert
Effective supergravity for supergravity domain walls

NI02010-MTH M Cveti\v c , P Langacker , G Shiu
Phenomenology of a three-family standard-like string model

NI02011-MTH M Cveti\v c , P Langacker , G Shiu
A three-family standard-like orientifold model: Yukawa couplings and hierarchy

NI02012-MTH C Bachas
Asymptotic symmetries of AdS$_2$ Branes

NI02013-MTH G Moore

NI02014-MTH G Moore

NI02015-MTH W Taylor
Perturbative diagrams in string field theory

NI02016-MTH M Cveti\v c , GW Gibbons , H Lu et al
Special holonomy spaces and M-Theory

NI02017-MTH FA Brito , M Cveti\v c , A Naqvi
Singularity resolution and gravitational Chern-Simons terms

NI02018-MTH M Cveti\v c , GW Gibbons , H Lu et al
Bianchi IX self-dual Einstein metrics and singular G$_2$ Manifolds

NI02019-MTH JM Drummond , PS Howe , U Lindstr\" om
Kappa-symmetric non-abelian Born-Infeld actions in three dimensions

NI02020-HDG C Madonna , VV Nikulin
On a classical correspondence between K3 surfaces

NI02021-HDG E Gasparim
Two applications of instanton numbers

NI02022-HDG VV Batyrev , EN Materov
Mixed toric residues and Calabi-Yau complete intersections