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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Director: Professor H K Moffatt FRS
20 Clarkson Road, Cambridge, CB3 0EH, U.K.
Telephone: (1223) 335999 Fax: (1223) 330508
IP01091-SWW MAC Teixeira , SE Belcher
Linear Dynamics of Langmuir Turbulence

IP01092-SWW F Dias , JM Vandenbroek
Free-Surface Flows past obstacles

IP01139-ITS P Winternitz , D Levi
Lie point symmetries and commuting flows for equations on lattices

IP01140-ITS P Winternitz , MA Rodriguez
Superintegrability and exact solvability in n-dimensional Euclidean space

IP01141-ITS D Levi
Discrete pertubative reduction of the Toda lattice

IP01142-ITS D Levi , R Hernandez Heredero
The discrete NLS and its functions

IP01143-ITS A Hone , D Holm , A Degasperis
A class of equations with peakon solutions

IP01144-ITS B Pelloni
Well-posed boundary value problems for linear evolution equations on a finite interval

IP01145-ITS B Pelloni , A Fokas
The spectral representation of the solution of the exterior problem for the laplace equation

IP01146-ITS B Pelloni , S Delillo
The one-phase burger's problem for the kotv equation

IP01147-ITS B Pelloni , F Leon
The sin-gordon equation on the half line

IP01148-ITS V Matveev
Geodesically rigid 3 manifolds

IP01149-ITS V Matveev
3-manifolds admitting metrics with the same geodesics

IP01150-SWW WK Melville , P Matusov
Measurements of the distribution of breaking waves at the ocean surface

IP01152-MUC P Embrechts , AA Balkema
High risk scenarios

IP01153-MUC Mikosch , C De Vries
Regression in interest rate modelling

IP01154-MUC Mikosch , Chapman , Hall
Modelling dependence and tools for financial data

IP01155-ITS VS Matveev
Low-dimensional manifolds admitting metrics with the same geodesics

IP01156-SWW K Kirchg\"assner
Dispersive dynamics of waves in Euler systems

IP01158-ICB O Ovaskainen , I Hanski
Migration in highly fragmented landscapes

IP01159-ICB O Ovaskainen
How does movement behaviour at patch boundary translate to boundary conditions for diffusion

IP01160-ICB O Ovaskainen , I Hanski
From individual behaviour to metropolitan dynamics

IP01161-ICB NF Britton
Spatio-temperal patterns in activity levels in ants

IP01162-ICB NF Britton , B Bolker
The evolution of dispersal distance and dispersal structures

IP01163-ICB NF Britton
The effects of habitat lesson biodiversity in a metapopulation

IP01164-ICB N Burroughs
Autonomous Proliferation

IP01165-ICB H Levine , A Tucker , M Nilsen-Hamilton
The Role of cell signalling in the modeling of tumor angiogenesis

IP01166-ICB H Levine , BD Sleeman , M Nilsen-Hamilton
Mathematical Modeling of the initiation of capillary formation initiating angiogenesis and in solid tumors: The roles of plasminogens and plasminogen activators

IP01167-ICB H Levine , BD Sleeman
Mathematical Modeling of Tumor angiogenesis and the action of angiostatin as a protease inhibitor

IP01168-ICB H Levine , BD Sleeman
Reinforced random walks with waiting times

IP01169-ICB BD Sleeman
Existence stability and dynamics of spiky patterns in a chemotasis model

IP01170-ICB A Yates , R Callard , J Stark
Density-dependant apoptosis supports memory T lymphocyte homeostasis

IP01171-ICB A Yates , R Callard , J Stark
Cytokine and T-bet/GATA-3 dynamics in helper T cell differentiation

IP01172-ICB F Sanchez-Garduno , R Plaza , P Maini et al
The effect of growth and curvature on pattern formation

IP01173-ICB F Sanchez-Garduno , L Malaguti , C Marcelli
Travelling waves in reactive-diffusive-advective degenerate equations

IP01174-ITS VM Rothos
Homoclinic Orbids in lattice mKdV equations

IP01175-ITS H Flaschka , J Millson
The moduli space of weighted configurations on projective- space

IP01176-ITS A Pogrebkov , AS Fokas
Inverse scattering transform of the KPI equation on the background of oneline solition

IP01177-ITS A Pogrebkov
Hierarchy of quantum explicity solvable and/or integrable models

IP01178-ITS JA Sanders , PH van der Kamp
Integrable systems and number theory

IP01179-ITS JA Sanders , JP Wang
Number Theory and the Symmetry classification of integrable systems

IP01180-ITS JA Sanders , JP Wang , A Mikhailov
Integrable systems in N-dimensional riemannian geometry

IP01181-ITS JP Wang
A list of integrable equations and their properties

IP01182-ITS P Clarkson
Painleve Equations - Nonlinear Special Functions

IP01183-ITS VM Buchstaber , JC Eilbeck , DV Leikin
Varieties of solutons of two dimensional Lame type equations

IP01184-ITS VM Buchstaber , EG Rees
Symmetric powers as algebraic varieties

IP01185-ITS C Athorne , C Eilbeck , v Enolski
A Covariant theory of genus 2 hpyerelliptic functions

IP01186-ITS C Athorne
Hirota maps for SL(N) representations

IP01187-ITS C Athorne
Covariant series expansions for algebraic ordinary differential equations

IP01188-ITS V Zakharov , A Dyachenko , O Vasiliev
New method for numerical simulation of free surface hydrodynamics

IP01189-ITS L Martinez Alonso , M Manas , E Medina
Reductions and hodograph solutions of the dispersionless KP hierarchy

IP01190-ITS V Zakharov , A Pushkarev , F Dias
One dimensional wave turbulence

IP01191-ITS L Martinez Alonso , B Konopelchenko , E Medina
Quasi conformal mappings and solutions of the dispersionless KP hierarchy

IP01192-ITS L Martinez Alonso , LV Bogdanov , B Konopelchenko
Quasi-classical a-method: generating equations for dispersionless integrable hierarchies

IP01193-ITS L Martinez Alonso , M Mana , E Medina
Reductions of the dispersionless KP hierarchy

IP01194-ITS L Martinez Alonso , B Konopelchenko
Non-linear dynamics on the plane and integrable hierarchies of infinitesimal deformations

IP01195-ITS L Martinez Alonso , A Shabat
Energy-dependent potentials revisited

IP01196-ITS Tsarev , Ganzha
Integration of classical series An, Bn, Cn, of exponential systems

IP01197-ITS Tsarev
Algorithmic solution of ODEs

IP01198-ITS V Sokolov , T Wolf
Classification of integrable polynomial vector evolution equations

IP01199-ITS V Sokolov , A Tsiganov
On lax pairs for the generalised Kowalewski and Goryachev Chaplygin tops

IP01200-ITS V Sokolov , A Tsiganov
Commutative poisson subalgebras for the sclanin bracket and deformations of known integrable models

IP01201-ITS A Kapaev , AR Its
Quasi-linear stokes phenimenon for the second Painleve transcendent

IP01203-ITS A Kapaev , T Grava
On the asymptotics of the bi-othogonal polynomials

IP01204-ITS A Kapaev , A Fokas
On a transform method for the Laplace equation

IP01205-ITS A Kapaev , A Fokas , AR Its et al
Painleve transcendents as nonlinear special functions

IP01206-ITS R Heredero , D Levi
The discrete NLS equation and its symmetries

IP01207-ITS R Heredero
Some quasilinear 3rd irder evolution equations

IP01208-ITS A Shabat
Modernization of dressing method

IP01209-ITS A Shabat
Exact discretization of schrodings spectral problem

IP01210-ITS Novoshenov , A Mikhailov
Analytic representation of DM-solitons

IP01211-ITS A Degasperis , SV Manakov , PM Santini
On the initial-boundary value problems for soliton equations

IP01212-ITS F Calogero
Periodic solutions of a system of complex ODEs

IP01213-ITS A Degasperis , DD Holm , ANW Hone
A new integrable equation with peakon solutions

IP01214-ITS F Calogero
On a modified version of a solvable ODE due to Chazy

IP01215-ITS F Calogero
On a modified version of an ODE due Painleve

IP01216-ITS F Calogero
Solvable three-body problem and Painleve conjectures

IP01217-ITS F Calogero , M Sommacal
Periodic solutions of a system of complex ODEs. II higher periods

IP01218-ITS F Calogero , JP Francoise , M Sommacal
Periodic solutions of a many-rotator problem in the plane. II. Analysis of various motions

IP01219-ITS S Iona , F Calogero
Integrable systems of quartic oscillators in ordinary (three dimensional) space

IP01220-ITS F Calogero
Cool irrational numbers and their rather cool rational approximations

IP01221-ITS F Nijhoff
On the Alder (Lattice knichever-Novikov) System

IP01222-ITS S Ruijsenaars
Reflectionless analytic difference operators III Hilbert space aspects

IP01223-ICB E Cytrybaum
Stability of the travelling pulse and the failure of the restitution hypothesis

IP01224-ICB R Hinch , D Sumpter
A transition from randomness to order in the formation of ant pheromone trails

IP01225-ICB J Feng , F Lin
A modelling approach to discriminate tasks

IP01226-ICB A Mogliner , G Oster
Force generation by actin polymerization: the tethered ratchet

IP01227-ICB Panfilov
Spiral break up on an array of coupled cells

IP01228-ICB Panfilov
Electrophysiological model of the heart and its application to studying cardiac arrhythmias

IP01229-ICB Panfilov
Wave propagtion in excitable mediums with negative restilution

IP01230-ICB N Smith , E Crampin
A molecular based tissue model of cardiac mechanics

IP02001-MTH D Waldram , J Louis
Neveu-Schwarz fluxes on Calabi-Yau manifolds

IP02002-MTH D Waldram , JP Gauntlett , D Martelli et al
Geometrical structures from Neveu-.... ....

IP02003-MTH S Gukov , J Sparks , D Tong
Conifold Transitions in M-Theory on Spin(7) Manifolds

IP02004-HDG Y Prokhorov , V Iskovskikh , V Shokyrov
BSS-ampleness and Zariski decomposition

IP02005-HDG M Shigeru
Algebraicity of certain hodge cycles on product of two K3 surfaces

IP02006-MTH I Brunner , K Hori

IP02007-MTH S Ross , A Dimitriadis
Stability of the Non-Extremal Enhan\con Solution

IP02008-HDG E Mezzetti , O Tommasi
Some Remarks on Varieties with Degenerate Gauss Image

IP02009-HDG S Kovac'cs , S Kebekus
Birationality Thms for Families of RTL Curves

IP02010-HDG S Kovac'cs
Iterated Kodaira-Spencer maps

IP02011-HDG O Fujino
Algebraic fiber spaces whose general fibers are of maximal A Albanese dimension

IP02012-HDG O Fujino
On special termination

IP02013-ITS L Mason , H Braden
The Calogero Moser System in twister theory.

IP02014-ITS L Mason , M Dunajski
Higher Kahler metrics with killing spinors.

IP02015-ITS L Mason , C Le Brun
The Twistor theory of toll manifolds.

IP02016-MTH A Van Proeyen , E Bergshoeff , S Cucu et al
Superconformal N=2, D=5 Matter with and without actions.

IP02017-HDG H Klaus , H Bothmer
Minimal free resolutions of elliptic normal curves.

IP02018-HDG H Klaus , H Verrill
The modularity of certain Calobi-Yau three folders associate d to the A4- lattice.

IP02019-MTH N Papadopoulos , J Gutowski , S Ivanov
Deformations of generalized calibrations and compact non-Kah ler manifolds with vanishing first chern-class.

IP02020-MTH N Lambert , D Tong , P Yi
Supertubes from dyonic instantons

IP02021-MTH KS Stelle , PS Howe , M Petrini
A paper on divergences in supergravity

IP02022-MTH KS Stelle , JL Lehners
A paper on Kaliza-Klein corrections to brane worlds

IP02023-MTH KS Stelle , J Kalkkinen
A paper on large gauge transformations, anomalies and brane worldvolume actions in M theory.

IP02024-MTH W Taylor
Perturbative diagrams in string field theory

IP02025-MTH A Sinkovics
Supersymmetric completion of the R4 term in 2B supergravity

IP02026-MTH K Skenderis , M Taylor
Open strings in the pp-wave background

IP02027-MTH S De Alvis
Cosmology in string moduli space

IP02028-MTH S De Alvis
Potentials from fluxes

IP02029-MTH C Pope , GW Gibbons , SA Hartnoll
Instabilities in bohm black holes

IP02030-MTH D Tong , S Guhov , J Sparks
Conifold transitions, spin(7) manifolds and condensation of five branes

IP02031-MTH J Russo , A Tseytlin
Exactly soluable plane wave models

IP02033-MTH C Pope , GW Gibbons , SA Hartnoll
An N=4 flow in D=4 and its M-theory lift (provisional)

IP02034-MTH C Pope , NPW Warner
An N=4 flow in D=4 and its m-theory lift

IP02035-MTH N Nekrasov , D Gross
Two dimensional noncommutative gauge theory

IP02036-MTH A Sen , P Mukhopadhayay
Decay of D-branes with electric field

IP02037-MTH A Hanany , B Feng , Y-H He et al
Quiver theories, soliton spectra and Picard Lefschetz transformations

IP02038-MTH A Hanany , S Franco
Geometric dualities in 2d field theories and theor 5d interpretation

IP02039-MTH A Hanany , B Feng , S Franco et al
Quivers and superpotentials for non-toric del-pezzos

IP02040-MTH M Douglas
D-branes on Calabi-Yau and superpotentials

IP02041-MTH M Douglas
D-branes, homological mirror symmetry and stability

IP02042-MTH M Douglas
Selberg duality for Euclid gauge theories

IP02043-MTH A Sen
Time evolution in open string theory

IP02044-MTH S Pakis , JP Gauntlett , D Martili et al
G-structures and wrapped NS5-branes

IP02045-MTH S Pakis , C Hull , JP Gauntlett et al
Supersymmetric solutions of minimal supergravity in D=5

IP02046-MTH T Banks
Critique of pure string theory

IP02047-MTH T Banks
Gravitational effects on and of vacuum decay II

IP02048-MTH H Reall , JP Gauntlett , C Hull et al
Supersymmetric solutions of minimal supergravity in five dimensions

IP02049-MTH S Giddings , Lippert , Freivogel et al
Towards a theory of precursors

IP02050-HDG S Barannikov
Quantum periods-3

IP02051-HDG PE Newstead , J Biswas , L Brambila-Paz
Deformations of the Picard bundle

IP02052-HDG PE Newstead , SB Bradlow , O Garcia-Prada et al
Coherent systems and Brill-Noether theory

IP02053-HDG J Sawon
Twisted Fourier-Mukai transforms for irreducible holomorphic symplectic manifolds

IP02054-HDG T Luo
Differential forms on varieties of general type

IP02055-HDG EV Flynn , J Redmond
Covering collections of curves

IP02056-HDG J Johnson
What is the biggest multiplicity of a root of a degree n polynomial?

IP02057-HDG J Kollar
Specialization of zero cycles

IP02058-HDG P Horza
Mirror symmetry and derived categories of coherent sheaves on Fano varieties

IP02059-HDG A Langer
Higgs bundles and Bogonadov's instability

IP02060-HDG M Mustata
On multiplicities of graded sequences of ideals

IP02061-HDG M Mustata , I Ein , T Yasuda
Jet schemes and inverse of adjunction

IP02062-HDG G Sankaran
Moduli of Abelian surfaces with bilevel structure

IP02063-HDG M Popa , R Lazarsfeld , M Mustata et al
Asymptotic invariants of linear sizes

IP02064-HDG C Van Enckvort
D-brane categories for tori

IP02065-HDG H Uehara
Calabi-Yau 3-folds with infinitely many dimensional contractions

IP02066-HDG T Bridgeland
D-Branes, triangulated categories and K3 surfaces

IP02067-HDG N Yui
Update on the modularity of Calabi-Yau varieties

IP02068-HDG N Yui
Arithmetic geometry and physics around Calabi-Yau varieties and mirror symmetry

IP02069-HDG N Yui
The modularity of certain non-rigid Calabi-Yau threefolds

IP02070-HDG N Yui
The L-series of Calabi-Yau orbitfolds of CM type

IP02071-HDG M Andreatta
The projective space

IP02072-HDG C Shoen
Torsion in the cohomology of fiber products of elliptic surfaces

IP02073-HDG C Shoen
The Tate-Shafarevich group of certain elliptic threefolds

IP02074-HDG C Shoen
Geography of surfaces

IP02075-HDG H Takagi , A Corti , J McKernan et al
PL flips after Shokurov

IP02076-HDG H Takagi
Classification of primary Q-Fano 3-folds with genus 6

IP02077-HDG Y Ito
Minimal resolutions via Grobner basics

IP02078-HDG Y Ito
G-Hilbert scheme and Grobner basis

IP02079-HDG N Tziolas
Terminal 3-fold divisional contractions at a surface of a curve II

IP02080-HDG E Materov , V Batyrev
Toric residues and Grothendieck residues

IP02081-HDG M Gross , D Joyce , D Huybrechts
Calabi-Yau manifolds and related geometries

IP02082-HDG M Gross , B Siebert
Affine manifolds and mirror symmetry

IP02083-HDG H Nakajima , J Beck
Extremal weight models for quantum affine algebras

IP02084-HDG H Nakajima
Holonomy groups of moduli of sheaves on K3 surfaces

IP02085-HDG J McKernan , Y Prokhorov
Threefold thresholds

IP02086-HDG J McKernan
Confined divisors

IP02087-HDG J McKernan
Boundedness for long terminal Fona pairs of bounded index

IP02088-HDG J McKernan
Cone of rational curves

IP02089-HDG B Szendroi
Euclidian gauge symmetry and generalized braid group actions

IP02090-HDG B Szendroi , M Reid
Geometry and topology

IP02091-HDG B Szendroi
On the ample cone of an ample hypersurface

IP02092-HDG Y Kawamata
D-equivalence and K-equivalence

IP02093-HDG K Wendland , D Roggenkamp
Degeneration phenomena in series CFTs

IP02094-HDG A Kovalev
From Fano 3-folds to compact G2 manifolds

IP02095-HDG A Kovalev
Coassociative K3 fibrations of compact G2 manifolds

IP02096-HDG G Brown , F Zucconi
Sarkisov links from Fano 3-folds in codimension 3

IP02097-HDG A Corti , M Reid
Weighted grassmanians

IP02098-HDG A Corti , F Ambro , J McKernan et al
4-fold flips

IP02099-HDG F Zucconi , G Brown
Sparisov links from fano 3-folds in codimension 3

IP02100-MTH JP Gauntlett , C Hull
PP- waves in 11 dimensions with extra supersymmetry

IP02101-MTH JP Gauntlett , N Kim , S Pakis et al
M-theory solutions with ADS factors

IP02101-MTH JP Gauntlett , N Kim , S Pakis et al
M-theory solutions with ADS factors