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Quantised Vortex Dynamics and Superfluid Turbulence

Seminars given outside the Institute

11 Aug 2000 Leahy, JV
Controlability of Quantum Systems
Quantum Processing Group Open University, Milton Keynes

22 Aug 2000 Stringari, S
Scientific discussion with Ch. Foot and his group on recent experiments with BEC cases
Physics Claredon Institute, Oxford

24 Aug 2000 Berloff, N
Nonlinear Schrodinper Equadious as model of superfluidity
Department of Mathematics Bristol University

24 Aug 2000 Koplik, J
Molecular simularities of Polymer Mel\beta
Pheo2000 Conference Robinson College

29 Aug 2000 Leahy, JV
Controlabity of Quantum Systems
Department of Computer Science University of Wales at Cardiff