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R Uribe-Vargas

Global theorems on vertices and flattenings of closed curves

NI00015-SGT EA Bartolo , P Cassou-Nogués , I Luengo et al
Monodromy conjecture for some surface singularities

NI00016-SGT IG Scherbak

Boundary singularities and non-crystallographic Coxeter groups

NI00017-SGT K Houston

On the classification and topology of complex map-germs of corank one and Ae-codimension one

NI00018-SGT PJ Topalov , VS Matveev

Geodesic equivalence via integrability

NI00019-GTF S Friedlander

On vortex tube stretching and instabilities in an inviscid fluid

NI00020-SGT VD Sedykh
Some invariants of admissible homotopies of space curves

NI00021-SGT IA Bogaevsky
Singularities of linear waves in plane and space

NI00022-SGT S Izumiya
Generating families of developable surfaces in R3

NI00023-SGT S Izumiya , N Takeuchi
Special curves and ruled surfaces

NI00024-GTF S Friedlander , A Shnirelman
Instability of steady flows of an ideal incompressible fluid

NI00025-SGT M Saito , T Takebe , H Terajima
Deformation of Okamoto-Painleve' pairs and Painleve' equations

NI00026-GTF AA Himonas , G Misiolek
A'priori estimates for higher order multipliers on a circle

NI00027-SGT P Orro , D Trotman
Cône normal et régularités de Kuo-Verdier 

NI00028-SGT M Kazarian
On Lagrange and symmetric degeneracy loci

NI00029-SGT M Kazarian
Thom polynomials for Lagrange, Legendre and critical point singularities

NI00030-GTF D Kivotides , JC Vassilicos , DC Samuels et al
Kelvin waves cascade in superfluid turbulence

NI00031-SGT S Izumiya , D Pei , T Sano
Singularities of hyperbolic Gauss maps

NI00032-SGT VA Vassiliev
On combinatorial formulas for cohomology of spaces of knots

NI00033-GTF DL Rapoport
Stochastic differential geometry and the random flows of viscous and magnetized fluids in smooth manifolds and Euclidean space

NI00034-SGT AB Merkov
Vassiliev invariants classify plane curves and doodles

NI00035-GTF V Vladimirov , HK Moffatt , PA Davidson et al
On the stability of a rigid body in magnetostatic equilibrium

NI00036-SGT V Gritsenko , V Nikulin
A lecture about classification of Lorentzian Kac-Moody algebras of the rank three

NI00037-SGT S Anisov
Upper bounds for the complexity of some 3-dimensional manifolds

NI00038-GTF L Kauffman
Quantum computing and the Jones polynomial

NI00039-SGT M Kazarian
Classifying spaces of singularities and Thom polynomials

NI00040-SGT VA Vassiliev
Homology of spaces of knots in any dimensions

NI00041-SGT VA Vassiliev
Resolutions of discriminants and topology of their components

NI00042-GTF I Mezic
An extension of Prendtl-Batchelor closed streamline theory and consequences for chaotic advection

NI00043-SGT M Zhitomirskii
Germs of integral curves in contact 3-space, plane and space curves

NI01001-SGT S Janeczko , M Mikosz
Generic Geometry of Symplectic Relations

NI01002-SFM JR Stembridge
Combinatorial models for Weyl characters

NI01003-SFM JR Stembridge
A Weighted Enumeration of Maximal Chains in the Bruhat Order

NI01004-NPD P Guan , X Ma
Christoffel-Minkowski problem I: Hessian equations on Sn

NI01005-NPD B Guan , P Guan
Convex hypersurfaces of prescribed curvature

NI01006-GTF AD Gilbert
Magnetic helicity in fast dynamos

NI01007-NPD NS Trudinger , XJ Wang
On locally convex hypersurfaces with boundary

NI01008-NPD J Urbas
Monotonicity formulae and curvature equations

NI01009-NPD OC Schnürer , K Smoczyk
Neumann and second boundary value problems for Hessian and Gauss curvature flows

NI01010-SFM M Olshanetsky
Solutions of the periodic Toda lattice via the projection procedure and by the algebra-geometric method

NI01011-SFM A Ram , A Shepler
Classification of graded Hecke algebras for complex reflection groups

NI01012-SFM A Lascoux
About division by 1

NI01013-SFM A Lascoux
The Newton interpolation formula, with more variables

NI01014-SFM S Fomin , A Zelevinsky
The Laurent phenomenon

NI01015-SFM JF Van Diejen , VP Spiridonov
Elliptic Selberg Integrals

NI01016-SGT M Tibar
Connectivity via nongeneric pencils

NI01017-SFM G Duchamp , F Hivert , JY Thibon
Noncommutative symmetric functions VI: Free quasi-symmetric functions and related algebras

NI01018-SGT V Vassiliev
Combinatorial computation of combinatorial formulas for knot invariants

NI01019-NPD EN Dancer , S Yan
On the profile of the changing sign mountain pass solutions for an elliptic problem

NI01020-SFM M Haiman
Vanishing theorems and character formulas for the Hilbert scheme of points in the plane

NI01021-NPD H-D Cao , G Tian , X Zhu
Kähler-Ricci solitons on compact manifolds with c1 (M) > 0

NI01022-NPD C Beck
Dynamical foundations of nonextensive statistical mechanics

NI01023-NPD C Beck
Non-additivity of Tsallis entropies and fluctuations of temperature

NI01024-NPD C Beck
On the small-scale statistics of Lagrangian turbulence

NI01025-NPD C Beck
Chaotic strings and standard model parameters

NI01026-SFM C Kriloff , A Ram
Representations of graded Hecke algebras

NI01027-SGT M Tibar
Singularities and topology of meromorphic functions

NI01028-SFM A Sergeev
Projective Schur functions as a bispherical functions on certain homogenous superspaces

NI01029-SGT M Tibar
Topology of Lefschetz in complex and symplectic geometry

NI01030-SFM A Lascoux , J-Y Thibon
Vertex operators and the class algebras of symmetric groups

NI01031-SFM CF Dunkl , EM Opdam
Dunkl operators for complex reflection groups

NI01032-SFM R Orellana , A Ram
Affine braids, Markov traces and the category 0

NI01033-SFM A Sergeev
Superanalogs of the Calogero operators and Jack polynomials

NI01034-SFM AU Klimyk
The q- deformed algebra U'q(SOn) related to Macdonald symmetric polynomials

NI01035-SFM F Hivert , A Lascoux , J-Y Thibon
Noncommutative symmetric functions and quasi-symmetric functions with two and more parameters

NI01036-SFM S Fishel , I Grojnowski , C Teleman
The strong Macdonald conjecture

NI01037-NPD NM Ivochkina
On evolutionary laws, inducing convex surfaces to shrink to a point

NI01038-NPD EN Dancer , Y Du
On a free boundary problem arising from population biology

NI01039-SFM P Hanlon , M Wachs
On the property M conjecture for the Heisenberg Lie algebra

NI01040-SFM A Björner , M Wachs
Geometrically constructed bases for homology of partition lattices of types A, B and D

NI01041-GTF T Kambe
Geometrical theory of dynamical systems and fluid flows

NI01042-SFM JF Van Diejen , VP Spiridonov
Modular hypergeometric residue sums of elliptic Selberg integrals

NI01043-NPD JF Rodrigues
Reaction-diffusion: From systems to nonlocal equations in a class of free boundary problems

NI01044-SFM T Halverson , A Ram
q-rook monoid algebras, Hecke algebras, and Schur-Weyl duality

NI01046-NPD U Cegrell
Convergence in capacity

NI01047-GTF AD Gilbert
Advected fields in maps: I. Magnetic flux growth in the stretch-fold-shear map

NI01050-NPD H-J Kuo , NS Trudinger
Schauder estimates for fully nonlinear elliptic difference operators

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