Papers Produced or in Preparation by Participants 2000 - 2001


CS Adams, T Winiecki, M Leadbeaker, et alQVD
Sound emission due to vortex reconnection

B Andrews, P Guan, X MaNPD
Christoffel-Minkowski problem 2 Curvature flow approach

B AndrewsNPD
Motion of surfaces by nonconcave curvature functions

B Andrews, P Guan, X-N MaNPD
Deforming convex hypersurfaces to solve Christoffel- Minkowski problems

B AndrewsNPD
On obstructions in generalised Christoffel-Minkowski proble

B Andrews, J ClutterbuckNPD
Interior gradient estimates for graphical mean curvature flow

B AndrewsNPD
Regularity for parabolic equations in two space variables

S AnisovSGT
Towards lower bounds for Matveev complexity

The Development of Chaotic Advection

C Bessenrodt, JB OlssonSFM
Weights of partitions and zeros of characters of symmetric groups

I Bogaevsky, G IshikawaSGT
Lagrange mappings of the open Whitly umbrella

I BogaevskySGT
Singularities of linear waves in plane and space

A BortakovskyiSGT
Optimal control for L-D systems

H Brezis, P MinonescuNPD
Topology and Density for S'-Valued W S,P spaces

H Brezis, S SeifatyNPD
A variational formulation of the two sided obstacle problem with measure data

Z BrzezniakNPD
Stochastic pants

Z BrzezniakNPD
Attractors for SPDE's in unbounded domains

GR Burton, RJ DouglasNPD
Uniqueness of the Polar Factorisation and projection of a vector valued map

A Campillo, J OlivaresSGT
Global structure of singularities of meromorphic vector fields

On Complete Kähler-Ricci solitons of nonnegative bisectional curvature

C Cessenrodt, C CzechSFM
On the Durfee size of Kronecker Products of Characters of the symmetric and alternating groups and their double covers

Y ChekanovSGT
Merging Lagrangian intersections

J Damon, D Siersma, CTC Wall, et alSGT
Nonlinear sections of nonisolated complete intersections

J DamonSGT
Scale-based geometry for nondifferentiable functions, measures and distributions

EN DancerNPD
Real analyticity and non-degenerecy

A DavydovSGT
Generic singularities of limiting directions of high order implicit ordinary differential equations

B Dubrovin, Y ZhangSGT
Normal forms of integrable systems and Gromov-Witten invariants

L.E DurgTrang, R BondilSGT
Resolutions of surface singularities

L.E DurgTrangSGT
Complex frontal hypersurfaces

S Fomin, A ZelevinskySFM
(Tentative) Cluster Algebras II

S Fomin, A ZelevinskySFM
(Tentative) Cluster Algebras III

P Forrester, DS McAnally, Y NikoyalevskySFM
On the evaluation formula for Jack polynomials with prescibed symmetry

Y Fukumoto, HK MoffattGTF
Motion and Expansions of a Viscous Vortex Ring II

Y FukumotoGTF
Asymptotic Expansions for the Motion of a Curved Vortex Filament: Higher order asymptotics

R Ghrist, J EtnyreGTF
An Index for Beltram Fields

IM Gigal, S GustafsonNPD
Dynamics of Magnetic Vortices

IM Gigal, V BuslaevNPD
Hopf-Type Bifurcations from Solitons

AD Gilbert, AP Bassom, K BajerGTF
Accelerated Diffusion in the Centre of a Vortex

AD GilbertGTF
Analysis of Fast Dynamos I: Flux growth in the SFS model

On 321-avoiding permutations in affine Weyl groups

P Guan, X Ma, N Trudinger, et alNPD
A form of Alexandrov-Fenchel inequality

C Gui, N GhoussoubNPD
About the De Giorgi conjecture in dimensions 4 and 5

On the cohomology of fibres

HA Hamm, N MihalacheSGT
Embedded Morse Theory

JF HarperFBP
Bubbles and Drops in Motion

JF HarperFBP
Lagrangian Theory for Distorted Rising Bubbles

K HoustonSGT
On multigerms of covarient one and the Ae codimension one

G Huisken, T JlmanenNPD
Regularity of inverse mean curvature flow

I Itenberg, V ItenbergSGT
Symmetric sextics in the real projective plane and auxiliary conics

K IvochkinaNPD
On contraction of closed surfaces by fully nonlinear law

T Kambe, RL RiccaGTF
Introduction to Geometry of Fluid Flows and Dynamical Systems

T Kambe, R GhristGTF
Geometry of Fluid Flows and Dynamical Systems

TH KoornwinderSFM
Heckman's and Opdam's Jacobi functions as limit cases of Jacobi polynomials

S Kumar, M BrionSFM
Frobenius splitting methods in Representation Theory

S Kumar, J ThomsenSFM
Some Generalizations of n! Conjecture

The discrete Schauder estimate on general mesh

V KuznetsovSFM
On explicit formulas for special Macdonald polynomials

A Lascoux, J-Y Thibon, F HivertSFM
Non Commutative Symmetric functions with two and more parameters

J-L Loday, MO RoncoSFM
Trialgebras and families of polytopes

A LosevSGT
Morse theory and topological quantum mechanics

V Matveev, M TopalovSGT
Metrics with ergodic geodesic flows are completely definite by unparameterised geodesics

V MatveevSGT
Quantum integrability and complete separation of variables for geodesicaly equivalence metrics on the

V MatveevSGT
Quantum integrability and complete separation of variables for geodesically equivalence metrics

G Misiolek, B KhesinGTF
Bi-Hamiltonian Systems on the Virasoro Orbits

G Misiolek, D EbinGTF
Diffeomorphism Groups and Hydrodynamics

G Misiolek, D EbinGTF
An a'Priori Inequality for a Pseudo-Differential Equation

AO Morris, M HughesSFM
Root Systems for Two Dimensional Complex Reflection groups
Seminaire Lotharingien De Combinatoire Volume 45 (2001), Aricle B45e

AO MorrisSFM
Macdonald Representations for Complex Reflection Groups

AO MorrisSFM
Projective Representations of Reflection Groups

M Nazarov, V TarasovSFM
Irreducibility of tensor products of Yangian modules

Solutions of the periodic Toda lattice via the projection method and algebra-geometric construction

JB Olsson, G MichlerSFM
Brauer-Fowler Theorem and Alternating groups

JB Olsson, C BessenrodtSFM
Weights of partitions and zeros of characters of symmetric groups

MHB Osman, CF BarenghiGTF
Period Doubling in a Model of Magnetoconvection with Ohmic Heating

RA Pasmanter, H CapelGTF
2D Coherant Structures: Maximum entropy or maximum viscous mixing?

M PolyakSGT
Generalized Crofton formulas

M PolyakSGT
Quantization of linear Poisson structures and degrees of maps

M R/"oslerSFM
Asymptotic analysis for the Dunkl kernel

RL Ricca, DC Samuels, CF BarenghiGTF
How Tangled is a Tangle?

MH Rosas, B SaganSFM
MacMahon Schur functions

MH Rosas, G-C Rota, D SteinSFM
The plethystic Hopf algebra of MacMahon symmetric functions

B Sagan, M Bona, V VatterSFM
Pattern frequency sequences and internal zeros

B Sagan, M RosasSFM
Schur functions in noncommuting variables

S Sahi, A DvorskySFM
Explicit Hilbert Spaces for certain Unipotent Representations III

D Samuels, D Kivotides, CF Barenghi, et alQVD
Kelvin wave cascade in superfluid turbulence

D Samuels, D Kivotides, CF BarenghiQVD
Superfluid votrex reconnections a.. b...

D Samuels, C Adams, CF BarenghiQVD
Energy loss from vortex reconnections

I Scherbak, A VarchenkoSGT
Critical points of the product of powers of linear functions and representations of Lie algebra SL(2)

M Shapiro, M Gekhtman, A VainshteinSGT
The number of connected components in double Bruhat cells for nonsimply laced groups

M Shapiro, A Vainshtein, M GekhtmanSGT
Poisson brackets on upper triangular matrices

E Sklyanin, V KuanetsovSFM
Baxter's Q-operator for Jack polynomials

E SoninQVD
Magnus force, Aharonoz-Bohm effect and Berry phase in superfluids

E SpiegelGTF
Dynamics of Rarefield gases

R StanleySFM
Chains in the Bruhat Order of the Symmetric Group (tentative)

R Stanley, P BianeSFM
Kerov's Character Polynomial for K-Cycles (Tentative)

R Stanley, C BessenroptSFM
The Frobenius rank of a skew partition (Tentative)

J-Y Thibon, A Lascoux, B LeclercSFM
R-Matrices and Macdonald Polynomials

M TibarSGT
Topology of Lefschetz fibrations in complex and symplectic geometry

M Tibar, D SiersmaSGT
Deformations of polynomials

J Toland, B BufforiNPD
Real analytic function and global bifuration

J UrbasNPD
Interior curvature bounds for spacelike hypersurfaces of prescribed k-th mean curvature

E Vallejo, D AvellaSFM
Correspondences between 3-dimensional arrays and certain triples

E Vallejo, A RamSFM
Some branching rules for modules over affine Hecke algebras

E Varoquaux, O Arenel, Y Mukharsky, et alQVD
Experimental Evidence for Vortex Nucleation in Superfluid Helium

VA VassilievSGT
Combinatorial computation of combinatorial formulas for knot invariants

VA VassilievSGT
Resolutions of discriminants and topology of their complements
Proceedings of NATO ASI 2001

C VizmanGTF
The Caunchy Problem for the Superconductivity Equation

C VizmanGTF
Geodesics on Diffeomorphism groups: a survey

M WachsSFM
Topology of matching chessboard and general bounded degree graph complexes

CTC Wall, AA Du Plessis, D Siersma, et alSGT
Discriminants, vector fields and singular hypersurfaces

CTC Wall, AA Du PlessisSGT
Generic projections on the semi-nice dimensions

CTC Wall, AA Du PlessisSGT
Some theorems of Cayley-Bacharach type

J Wei, J NorburyNPD
Stable patterns with Consevation Law

C.D Wensley, A HeyworthSFM
Logged rewriting procedures with application to identities among relators

V Zakalykin, JW Bruce, V GorynonovSGT
Geomertry of families of planer quadratic forms

V Zakalykin, P GiblinSGT
Envelopes of affine chords
I. of differectial geometry 2002

V ZakalykinSGT
Discriminants of convex curves
Funetional analysis and applications 2001

V Zakalyukin, D Siersma, CTC WallSGT
Applications of flag contact singularities
Proceedings of NATO workshop 2001

A ZelevinskySFM
From Littlewood-Richardson coefficients to cluster algebras in three lectures

M ZhitomirskiiSGT
Integral curves in contact 3-space

M ZkitomirskiSGT
Carton-Goursat flags and integral curves

Statistical Appendix 2000-01