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Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Seminars given outside the Institute

4 Jun 1001 Yan
On the profile of the changing sign mountain pass solutions for an elliptic problem
maths newton institute

15 Jan 2001 John Toland
Stokes waves & Riemann Hilbert problems
International centre for mathematical sciences Edinburgh

17 Jan 2001 Dancer
Peak solutions
Mathematics Heriot-Watt University

26 Jan 2001 Christian Beck
Application of generalized thermostatistics to fully developed turbulence
Applied Maths University of Bristol

30 Jan 2001 Plotnikov Pavel
Gradient flows of entropy
Mathematics Heriot-Watt University

9 Feb 2001 Ben Andrews
Colloquium "Applications of nonlinear heat equations to 3-manifolds"
Mathematical Sciences Institute University of Warwick

15 Feb 2001 Denis Labutin
Potential estimates for fully nonlinear equations
Department of Maths Imperial college, London

16 Feb 2001 Trudinger
Affine maximal hypersurfaces
Mathematics University of Warwick

19 Feb 2001 Plotnikov Pavel
Quasisteady phase field models
Mathematics University of Sussex

28 Feb 2001 Cao
Frobenius manifold structure on cohomology of k\"ohler manifolds
Pure maths and mathematical statistics University of Cambridge

14 Mar 2001 Trudinger
Affine maximal hypersurfaces
Mathematics University of Sussex

21 Mar 2001 Denis Labutin
Singularities for fully nonlinear elliptic equations
Department of Maths University of Sussex

23 Mar 2001 Plotnikov Pavel
Globalsolvability of penrose-fife model
Mathematical University of Hull

4 May 2001 J.F Rodrigues
Variational & QuasiVariational inequality for crit ical state models in plasticity & super conductivi
Department of Mathematics University of Durham

7 May 2001 Trudinger
Non-linear elliptic equations with measure data
Mathematics University of Oxford

9 May 2001 Trudinger
Monge Ampere equations & related topics
Mathematics Kings College London

11 May 2001 Trudinger
Affine maximal hypersurfaces
Mathematics University of Bath

11 May 2001 Dancer
Application of real availabilty
Mmathematics Univeristy of Bath

16 May 2001 Christian Beck
Generalized statistical mechanics and fully developed turbulence
School of Mathematical Sciences London

24 May 2001 Cao
K\"ohler-Rizei Flow
Mathematics institute University of Warwick

28 May 2001 Cao
K\"ohler-Rizei Solutions
Mathematics institute University of Oxford

1 Jun 2001 Brezis
Topology and sobolev spaces
Meeting of Edinburgh Math Society St Andrews University

8 Jun 2001 Cao
Recent progress on the k\"ohler-rizei flow
Mathematics institute Imperial College

16 Jun 2001 Christian Beck
Generalized statistical mechanics and fully developed turbulence
Maths University of Warwick

18 Jun 2001 Niremberg
Eliptic estimates for composite media

20 Jun 2001 Niremberg
A problem of differantial forms arising in economics
Maths Oxford University

21 Jun 2001 Krylov
Diffusion of approximation with discontinuous co-efficents
Maths Imperial College

25 Jun 2001 Dancer
Application of real availability
Mathematics University of Surrey

25 Jun 2001 Dancer
Real volume
Mathematics Univeristy of Sussex

29 Jun 2001 Ching
An evolution of minimal surfaces with Plateau condition boundary
Maths Sussex University