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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Women in Mathematics Day

18–19 April 2013

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Audience at Women in Mathematics Day 2013A variety of talks took place from women at different stages of their careers, to provide advice and share their research. Topics included advice on how to get funding for your first postdoc and beyond and discussion groups on subjects such as combining family and career, working overseas and making the next step in your career, and good practice for universities.

Beatrice Pelloni    Gwyneth Stallard
The organisers of the event, Beatrice Pelloni, from the University of Reading, and Gwyneth Stallard, from the Open University

Vijay Teeluck    Vijay Teeluck
Vijay Teeluck, from the University of Leeds, presented a talk on Topographic Rossby waves on a smooth and continuous slope

Jenny Cooley    Jenny Cooley
Jenny Cooley, from the University of Warwick, presented a talk on Rational points on cubic surfaces containing two skew lines

Emek Demirci Akarsu  Kerstin Weller  Sarah Dance
Emek Demirci Akarsu, from the University of Bristol, presented a talk on Short incomplete Gauss sum and rational points on horocycles;
Kerstin Weller, from the University of Oxford, presented a talk on Asymptotic properties of some minor-closed classes of graphs;
Sarah Dance, from the University of Reading, presented a talk on Where mathematics and meteorology meet: maximizing the value of observations for data assimilation across a range of scales

Tahel RonelTahel RonelPostgraduates, postdocs and research assistants attending the event were encouraged to submit a poster for the Poster Session, which took place on Friday 19 April, with a prize of a 50 book token for the best poster. This year, the winner was judged to be Tahel Ronel, from the University of Manchester, with her poster on Inductive logic and rationality based on symmetry.

Women talking at water cooler    Women laughing

Two women with apple    Three women chatting
In addition to the timetabled talks, there were plenty of opportunities for the participants to meet up and have more informal discussions

Display showing the achievements by women in mathematics
Participants were inspired by a display from the London Mathematical Society, showing notable achievements by female mathematicians throughout its history