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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Quantized Flux in Tightly Knotted and Linked Systems

3 - 7 December 2012

International Scientific Committee: Natalia G. Berloff (DAMTP, Cambridge), Jason Cantarella (University of Georgia),

Anne-Christine Davis (DAMTP, Cambridge), Thomas W. Kephart (Vanderbilt University),

Paul Sutcliffe (Durham University), and Tanmay Vachaspati (Arizona State University)

in association with the Newton Institute programme Topological Dynamics in the Physical and Biological Sciences
(16 July - 21 December 2012)

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M Arrayás (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid) Torus-Knotted Electromagnetic Fields Poster
A Baggaley (University of Glasgow) Vortex density fluctuations in quantum turbulence
J, Garaud (University of Massachusetts Amherst and KTH Stockholm) CP2 Baby-skyrmions in three-component superconductors Poster
M Kobayashi (University of Tokyo ) Vortex tiling in Spin-2 Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates
A Taylor (University of Bristol) Topology of Dark Tangles in Light
J-L Trueba (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid) Exchange of helicity in a knotted electromagnetic field Poster
A White (Newcastle University) Topological Stirring of Bose-Einstein Condensates
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