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Topological Crystals and the quantum effects

Tanda, S (Hokkaido University)
Thursday 06 December 2012, 12:05-12:25

Seminar Room 1, Newton Institute


We report the discovery of Mobius, Ring, Figure-8, Hopf-link Crystals in NbSe3, conventionally grown as ribbons and whiskers.

We also reveal their formation mechanisms of which two crucial components are the spherical selenium (Se) droplet, which a NbSe3 ber wraps around due to surface tension, and the monoclinic (P2(1)/m) crystal symmetry inherent in NbSe3, which induces a twist in the strip when bent. Our crystals provide a non-fictious topological Mobius world governed by a non-trivial real-space topology. We classified these topological crystals as an intermediary between condensed matter physics and mathematics. Moreover, we observed Aharonov-Bohm effect of charge-density wave and Frolich type superconductor as electronic properties using topological crystals.


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