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Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

Surface Water Waves

13 Aug--31 Aug 2001

Organisers: Dr SE Belcher (Reading), Professor TJ Bridges (Surrey), Dr SG Sajjadi (John C. Stennis Space Center)

List of long stay invited participants

for the programme Surface Water Waves

Namevisit datesStat
Banner, M (NSW Australia)12 Aug - 6 SepD
Belcher, SE (Reading)12 Aug - 31 AugD
Bona, JL (Texas)11 Aug - 28 AugD
Bridges, TJ (Surrey)12 Aug - 6 SepD
Caulliez, G (IRPHE-IOA)12 Aug - 6 SepD
Craig, W (McMaster)13 Aug - 31 AugD
Dias, F (ENS Cachan)13 Aug - 31 AugD
Hara, T (Rhode Island)12 Aug - 6 SepD
Hunt, JCR (Univ College London)13 Aug - 31 AugD
Kirchgaessner, KWS (Stuttgart)13 Aug - 26 AugD
Namevisit datesStat
Kudryavtsev, V (Ukrainian Academy)12 Aug - 1 SepD
Longuet-Higgins, MS (UC San Diego)12 Aug - 6 SepD
McIntyre, ME (Cambridge)13 Aug - 31 AugD
Mei, CC (MIT)12 Aug - 25 AugD
Melville, WK (UC San Diego)12 Aug - 4 SepD
Nicholls, D (Notre Dame)11 Aug - 25 AugD
Peregrine, DH (Bristol)13 Aug - 31 AugD
Shrira, VI (Keele)12 Aug - 31 AugD
Teixeira, MAC (Lisboa)12 Aug - 1 SepD
Thorpe, SA (Southampton)12 Aug - 31 AugD

Please note: This list contains the names of those attending the programme for fifteen days or more. For information on those attending for fourteen days or fewer please see: Short stay participants.

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